$300 A Day On Pinterest? – Simple Affiliate Marketing Tutorial!

Let’s do this! In this training you will learn a super simple way to make money with pinterest and affiliate marketing.

This is super simple… you can make helpful pins in markets and keywords you know you can get traffic for… lead them to stuff that makes you money… and bam… you can make money on pinterest.

$300 A Day On Pinterest? – Simple Affiliate Marketing Tutorial!

All right here we go let’s upload this bad boy here to pinterest put our title in our text our website address and publish oh my gosh over a thousand dollars in just one day you gotta be kidding me yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen today i’m gonna show you how to make 300 a day or more using nothing other than pinterest but i gotta warn you things aren’t always what they seem for example just last night i was watching some clown talk about how to make money online and the guy said to go and spam comments which is ridiculous not to mention ineffective this guy actually put comments to something he was trying to promote touting how you can make 600 or more and 18 hours later he still only has six views two of which were from me then i saw some girl that was saying you could make 300 a day on pinterest in the baby sleep niche now this was a little closer and it is possible but what they’re showing is misleading i actually did some digging into the stats of one of the top sites in this niche on pinterest and we could see that that site is getting 4.8 million visitors a month there’s got to be 300 a day in there somewhere probably a lot more but if we scroll down and look at where the traffic comes from we could see that over 88 percent comes from search engines and only 0.55 percent comes from social media of the point five percent less than half is coming from pinterest and if you do the math that’s less than eleven thousand visits from pinterest and they post tons of pins over 10 million monthly views 175 000 followers but only 11 000 visitors get out of here and if you’re anything like me you’re probably sick and tired of all the lies hype and strategies that just plain don’t work which is why in this training i’m gonna show you two strategies that work every time first how to get your pins recognized so you actually get traffic and second how to get that traffic to go to your website or affiliate links so you can get paid now the first thing you need to understand is that just posting images on pinterest is not a business but using pinterest as part of your marketing strategy can be quite effective and if you think you’re just gonna post one pin a day and make 300 overnight you’re in for a rude awakening remember that screenshot at the beginning where i showed you how i made a bunch of money from posting the pin yeah i did that just to get your attention in fact that pin didn’t even link to a website and it didn’t even get any traffic but i’m about to reveal something shocking that’ll help you get lots of traffic using pinterest now first it’s important that you understand pinterest is a freaking powerhouse according to alexa there’s only 146 websites on the entire internet that get more traffic than pinterest this is a billion dollar company and according to similarweb they’re getting over 1.1 billion visitors a month the average user spends about 4 minutes and 45 seconds on the site and they look at quite a few pins here’s where it gets interesting most of the traffic is coming direct which means they’re going straight to pinterest.com one percent comes from referrals meaning other sites linking in and 39 is coming from search engines yep that’s right people search google find an image and go to pinterest which means if your image can be found you can make money and according to broadband search over twenty percent of the two trillion searches done on google each year are for images so armed with that information let’s take a look at the stuff that pinterest actually ranks for we could see here they rank for walmart ebay home depot google classroom best buy and all kinds of brands and stores and things like that we don’t want to focus on this we want to get more specific something like pdf where you could see people are actually looking at and landing on pinterest looking for various pdfs that they want to download they’re also looking to get a bunch of templates worksheets remodel ideas and all kinds of things to help them with their budget and apparently their babies have really big feet because they’re looking for big booties oh wait what wrong type of booties let’s continue on we could see here they’re looking for all kinds of plans for how to build different things out of wood different types of spreadsheets so they could stay organized and even product reviews just a quick little story the other day i was looking for a new webcam this little guy right here that follows me around and actually keeps me in the frame i found a little review on pinterest and ordered it through amazon and the guy was using an affiliate link so he actually got paid when i ordered my new webcam using a simple post on pinterest now before i show you the magic secret and the magic word that makes all this work i want to talk to you about how we are doing pinning with a purpose or how to pin with a purpose you see we don’t want to just go out there and put a bunch of pins and hope something works we want to deliberately find people that are looking for things that can lead them to stuff that makes us money for example if we were to take these keywords which are about different plans for woodworking we would want to go ahead and make a pin that gets their interest and shows them what the end result’s going to look like after they build this thing and once we know the keywords they’re looking for and how many times they’re searched for we need to go and find a way to make money before we even create the image in the first place so i could go over to clickbank or any other affiliate network and find something that ties in maybe the woodworking tool chest or something about ted’s woodworking that pays 64. a sale or anything that fits my market obviously if you’re doing budget spreadsheets you could link to something on offerval like a credit check a loan offer or even some kind of budgeting software if you’re doing something for all these people looking up coloring pages maybe you could link them to like some free trial of color crayons or something like that or even a michael’s gift card or a software where they can download tons of coloring pages or even amazon coloring books if you’re going for a product review obviously you’re gonna sell the product you’re reviewing if you’re going for something like home renovation cost we can go on offervault and find all kinds of offers that pay us when they fill out a form for a free renovation quote so now that we know our keyword how we’re going to make money and what we’re going to pin about it’s time to create that pin we’re simply going to open our favorite image editor and create a new image that is 1000 pixels by 1500 pixels we add some text telling them what we’re going to show them place our main image in here like this we could also have like little before and after pictures then we’re going to tell them where to go this is where the magic word comes to play we’re gonna say download my chair building plans plan pdf then you’re going to put your website name right here like this make sure you size it up so it looks nice and boom there we go and most people doing this method are just going to put images and link to affiliate offers which leaves a lot of money on the table and in the long run it probably won’t work that good anyway so what we’re gonna do is the magic secret and that magic secret is to take people from your pin to a website you can create yes you could create these websites in like 15 minutes if you want to go over to gohubsite.com i’ll teach you how to start a simple website and set it up in like 10 minutes what we’re going to do on that website is create a mailing list so let’s say i’m in the makeup market and we have like smokey eye smokey eye makeup and these are all rankings that pinterest has so this would be one that’s actually really easy to get traffic in what i’m going to do is i’m going to take my website here beautysupplyonline.net right now looks like this because all i did is go to gohubsite.com set it up and now i have wordpress so we’re going to need to make a theme what we’re going to do is go to simpleblog theme.com and we are going to download our blog theme now when you download your blog theme at simpleblogththeme.com you’re going to want to pay attention to these files here mainly aweber and the images folder first we’re going to go into the images folder and we’re going to replace the page.jpeg file we’re going to find something that’s not lettucey like this one i did for gardening but something that’s more makeupy i can use an image like this which would make a nice background for my site i’m going to save the image right like this i’m going to click all images and i’m going to save it over top the page.jpeg now it’s important that when we have this image we want to make it so it’s going to work on our website so we’re going to get rid of all the extra stuff on the side so we’re gonna go like this and open that image in our favorite image editor right like this we’re gonna crop all that junk off the side here shrink it up a little bit and save it then we’re just gonna make a logo to do that we’re just gonna open my logo right like this we’re to open it in our favorite image editor and then we’re going to replace all this with some white space and we’re going to get some kind of logo or image graphic like this one i got at clipart.com we’re going to take a little screenshot of it right like this put it on the logo file right like this then we’re just going to add our site name can fancy up the colors a little bit to make it match the colors of the image and boom now we’re done we save this image over top of logo and logo large then once we’re done we’re going to go back to the root folder select everything and export it as a compressed zip file name it beauty1 or something like that then we go back to our blog go to appearance themes add new and we simply upload our theme right like this activate and once we’re done you could see what your new blog theme looks like pretty cool right then we’re just going to get rid of all this extra stuff over here in the widget area right like this then we set our home page to be a static page and now we can create as many simple opt-in pages as we want and build a mailing list using pinterest traffic so if i wanted to make a simple little pin about a smokey eye makeup tutorial i could just set it up like this put the i in here and maybe put some little instructions on how to get your smokey eyes and then i could say something like download my smokey eye tutorial then put a link to the opt-in page i’m about to create then i simply create a page that corresponds with that pin we’ll say something like smokey eye makeup tutorial then i’m going to go into all this junk that’s automatically put in there i’m going to delete it and i’m going to go back into my theme and get the aweber file we’re going to take the aweber file like this copy everything go into text paste it right like this and then we can edit it up and then we can make it fancy i can do that by creating a little mock-up book of what they’re gonna get with the pdf that they download put the little eye in here like this tilt it a little bit put our logo on it add a little headline like this save it and then just drag and drop it right here into my page where i’m going to collect the emails then i could say download your smoky eye makeup guide give them some bullet points of what they’re going to get then then i just add my autoresponder list name here and bam we’re ready to go they put their name and email in the box they join my mailing list i can email them tons of other makeup tips that link them back to my blog where i can have tons of offers i found on offervault clickbank amazon or any other affiliate network that pay me money then it’s just a matter of creating lots of different pins about these different types of makeups and makeup instructions and tutorials and everything like that lead them back to the page that corresponds with the category of makeup tip that i’m offering they opt in i send them to stuff that makes me money and bada bing bada boom we’re in business and it’s very important always to send people back to a tip on your blog so instead of emailing them hey i found this cool offer go buy it i want to say check out today’s makeup tip on my blog then they’re going to click go to the blog get the tip then they can use the affiliate offers that pay me money it’s very important that you do it this way because your list is going to know like and trust you and actually anticipate your emails about makeup or whatever it is every single day plus you don’t have to deal with suppression lists and all that other email nonsense because at the end of the day you’re just sending them helpful tips and the key to making this whole thing work is to give them a reason why they need to leave the pin and go to your website this is why we want to create pins that are teasers we want to tease them with a little guide about how to do makeup or how to build a chair or a budget spreadsheet they can download or a calculator and then we say the magic word go to my website to download this free thing and that word download will increase your clicks tenfold and remember rome wasn’t built in a day and your first pin probably won’t go viral and retire you you need to be steady you need to focus on the keywords you know you can get and you need to focus on the traffic that pinterest already has plus you could use some of my keyword boosters that you can learn more about by subscribing and watching the other videos on this channel this is a very systematic approach and if you do it learn and grow you should be able to get some decent results again don’t over complicate this focus on the keywords create a valuable pin that people are going to like then give them a reason to go to your website to put their name and email in so you can build a list and make some money and the cool thing is this works in just about any niche market so try it out get some results i hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and i hope to see you get some results using pinterest and again remember it’s all about consistency the more you post the more chances you have for traffic the better you’re gonna get the more you’re going to grow and the more money you’re going to make and if you like this video make sure you subscribe click the bell and check out the next video that’s going to go into some seo tactics that’ll make this whole thing go crazy

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