Amazing! 5 Tips to go Viral on Pinterest in 2021 (Pinterest Algorithm CRACKED!)

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Amazing! 5 Tips to go Viral on Pinterest in 2021 (Pinterest Algorithm CRACKED!

Do you want to go viral on pinterest in 2021 i have got some awesome news for you pinterest is opening up about their new algorithm changes and how you can use the platform to get the best results for your blog website or business and today i’m going to run you through five viral strategies you can implement as of today so you get hundreds of potential customers to your website in no time hi there i’m katie of what’s and i’m a swiss blogger and pinterest expert and today i want to teach you how to go viral on pinterest there are many strategies how you can increase your reach on pinterest but today i want to go into five strategies specifically that you can use to go viral in 2021 and if you’re new to pinterest make sure you grab your free guide on how to get 10 customers from pinterest to your website in the next 10 days in the description below okay let’s jump into the five things you can do today to go viral in 2021. all right so let’s jump in so the first tip that i am going to cover is what is a fresh pin and why is it important so the pinterest algorithm continues to focus on fresh pens in 2021 so if you’re new to my channel let’s do a quick recap what are fresh pins so we’re just here inside of pinterest and you can see all of these pens now you could go ahead and re-pin them so for example i could go to this pen and say i want to save this to one of the following boards here so this is a repin when i pin this pin for the first time to pinterest so i create a pin in canva for example and i upload it to pinterest here then it’s a fresh pin so new pins are fresh pins and repins aren’t counted as fresh pens let’s quickly jump over to tailwind and i will link this article for you to check out because it’s super important and you can see here that they say the following fresh pins are defined by pinterest as images or videos that they haven’t seen before so new images count as new content even if it’s an old blog post or old article when saved to pinterest for the first time so what are duplicate pins then you can see it here duplicate pins are pins with an exact image url combination that has already been pinned to pinterest before by you or anyone else so this sounds super complicated but all it means is that if you have um this pin again you can see that this pin goes to this url here so this is meant by pin url combination and if pinterest has seen this before then so if for example if you do pin this pen to your board pinterest has seen this pin before so it is a duplicate pin and not a fresh pin so my first tip is to not focus on re-pinning other people’s pins anymore focus on creating more pins per blog post per product per article that you write and i actually recommend you create three to ten unique pins per blog post product or article and if we jump into a blog post that i wrote for example you can see here i wrote about the six reasons why your business needs a blog and if we go to the tailwind extension here you can see that i actually created tons and tons of different unique fresh pen images for that single blog post because the more fresh pens you can put out to pinterest the more opportunity you have for people to see your pins and click over to your website and create viral pins alright so tip number two how much pinning is right now for a long time pinterest was not giving guidance on how much you could pin to pinterest and how much they would consider as too much pinning per day for example now this has changed a little bit and according to pinterest and tailwind and you know tailwind is a pinterest scheduler that is working with pinterest they’re fully you’re fully allowed to use tailwind to pin your pins to pinterest and they have analyzed a ton of users using tailwind and they have found that as a guideline tailwind has found that our most successful members pin around 15 to 25 pins per day so this is a good range to aim towards so this also means that pinning at much higher rates such as for example 50 pins a day especially if most of these pins are duplicates so repins then according to pinterest you’re exposing your account to unnecessary risk and hurting the distribution of your content on pinterest and this could lead to less engagement for your pens and less traffic to your website so you’re not giving your pens the opportunity to go viral now if you are using tailwind which i really do recommend and you can find a link to tailwind in the description you can start with them for free and i schedule everything all my pens with tailwind it makes my life so much easier so if you’re using tailwind to schedule out your pins then they also help you out a lot with being compliant with these guidelines that pinterest puts out so to make it easier for you they have developed a tool called smart guide and smart guide helps you to stay updated on all the pinterest guidelines so whenever there is a blue heart sign something like this this means smart guide is analyzing your activity and guiding you on whether you comply with pinterest guidelines or if you should adapt your strategy so for example here you can see all clear your printing frequency is in line with current best practices smart guide will keep monitoring your account for opportunities to increase your reach so this is really super helpful so my tip number two how much pinning is right i would go for and aim for pinning around 15 to 25 pins a day as a maximum okay so my tip number three has to do with boards now as re-pinning becomes less and less important i don’t recommend pinning a fresh new pin over and over and over again instead i want you to pin it to your three to ten most relevant boards now pinning the same pin to too many boards again can reduce its effectiveness and limit its potential to go viral so you don’t want to pin your pin to too many boards so let’s make an example for this i have um a pin here about the brave at business bundle that i am speaking in this november and you can see that i have just uploaded it to tailwind drafts and here you can select your boards so i told you i recommend to pin this pen to three to ten boards and what i would do first is choose the most relevant board first so the first time pinterest sees this pen and connects it to a board it’s the most relevant board for that pin so i actually went ahead and created a special board for this event called the brave at business bundle summit and you can see it here so this just tells me that tailwind is going to pin this fresh pin to this board which is the most relevant board in my opinion and then i would go ahead and choose two to nine additional boards so for example this could also be relevant for business so for example business marketing or blogging for example something like this now you can see that here if i go into this information bar you can see again the blue heart as you saw here so this is tailwind smart guide helping you to comply with pinterest guidelines so if i hover over this you can see that it gives me some helpful information um that i have already pinned this pin for example to this board but remember this is just an example and in your case the idea would be that you haven’t pinned this to this board now if i just add another couple boards and this is again just an example to show you what happens if you pin to more than i don’t know 10 boards so i have my 10 boards here which is what tailwind and pinterest recommends and if i pin it to the 11th board and now you can see that this warning sign showed up which says more than 10 boards selected so this is smart guide helping you out again and it just says heads up when pinning to multiple boards pinterest best practices recommend choosing only the most relevant boards for your content avoid more than 10. pinning the same pin to too many boards can reduce its effectiveness and limit its potential reach so it basically just tells you don’t do it you can still do it i don’t do it i don’t recommend you to do it so my tip number three for boards and scheduling your pins is that you pin your new fresh pins to your most relevant board first schedule these pins to 3 to 10 relevant boards 10 is the maximum and spread each of the pins you post two days apart using the interval setting i usually do three to seven days apart so just to show you um if you scroll down here you have this use interval section here and then you can choose um six days 18 days whatever and you can see that if you’re pinning it to less than two days again you can see the tailwind smart guide giving you a heads up again that you should really pin your pins at least two days apart so this just to reiterate um my last point here to spread each of the pins you post to the different boards at least two days apart okay now in tip number four i want to talk about re-pinning and re-sharing your content on pinterest so is it never okay to re-pin anything ever again so according to pinterest and tailwind and an interview that they did together so you can see it here and i will link that in the description below for you to check out as well if you’re interested and what they said is that you can reshare your pen once or twice a year if it is relevant to your audience they also said that there is a natural rate of duplication of pins and that there are some very legitimate cases for re-sharing for example you can share timely seasonal pens once or twice a year and that you should focus on creating and pinning your own content rather than re-pinning but that there are cases where you could go ahead and re-pin content that is seasonal so let’s jump over here to tailwind again and you can see that i have uploaded um a christmas cookie recipe and for me this is the one case where i would go ahead and re-pin pins that i have already hinned before so for example this could be a cookie recipe that i created in 2019 now this cookie recipe is still relevant in 2020 for christmas right so i would go ahead and pin this pin in 2019 and then not pin it for maybe 11 months or 10 months until we close into christmas 2020 and then i would go ahead and pin this pin again to maybe two to five boards that are relevant for this pin in 2020 again because this pin is still relevant for my audience even if it’s a year later so for me seasonal content is the exception when it comes to re-pinning your content okay so let’s do a quick recap for tip number four seasonal repins so you can share timely and seasonal pens once or twice a year if it makes sense for that time and if you pen a new pen to pinterest then i would go ahead and after the first batch of pin is out i would not repin this pin for at least six months if it isn’t relevant so i wouldn’t go ahead and pin a blogging pin that isn’t seasonal for at least six months okay so my final tip has to do with pin design now as i’ve mentioned before a fresh pin is defined as having a new image a new pin image and as i’ve said this could mean that you go ahead and create multiple pens per blog post but this could also mean that you create new pen images for old blog posts pinterest only cares about the image pinterest doesn’t care if your blog post or product is two years old as long as your pen image that you create for this post or product is brand new so i would go ahead and create unique new images that you can create either with canva or i’m also going to show you an option with tailwind create and go ahead and create new images for existing blog posts or multiple pins for new blog posts or new products now i love using canva to create my pins and what i do is i went ahead and i created templates for myself and my brand and if you go into here you can see that i created 10 templates that i can use every time i create a new blog post or i create a new product and then i would just go ahead and adjust those images according to the blog post that i created so for example for here if we go into this template here i would just go ahead and duplicate this pin then i would go ahead and change the title to the new title of my blog post i would go here and they have a really good stock library if you’re on the pro plan but you don’t have to be on the pro plan you can use canva totally for free i did this for years and you could just go ahead and switch up the image change the copy for this pin and change the image now this would be considered a fresh pen and you can see i just used the exact same template i just switched up the text and i switched up the image and pinterest will see this as a brand new fresh pin now the second option that you got is using tailwind create now this is a paid product that is inside of tailwind that you can just upload an image and tailwind will create dozens of pin images that you can schedule and change straight inside of tailwind it’s a really cool product you can test it out for free and i’ve also created a one hour free master class about tailwind create that you can join and just learn everything that you want to ever know about how to use tailwind create and i will link it in the description if you are interested in using it and as i’ve said you can start tailwind create for free but this is a paid option versus canva option where you can start totally for free so my final tip tip number five relates to pin design so what i would love you to do is create several pins with unique new images for every new blog post or product you put out now they can have the same description to be a fresh pen all you have to do is create unique images pinterest only cares about the image now for creating these pen designs i use either canva or tailwind create and you can find more information about both products in the description of this video below now these are the exact tactics i follow to create viral pins and keep my pinterest account consistently between 700 000 and a million views each month i know that if you follow these five tips your next viral pin is around the corner now that’s it from me for today don’t forget to click that bell and subscribe button below so you don’t miss any of my videos i post a new video about pinterest every tuesday see you soon cheers

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