Amazon Affiliate Marketing through PINTEREST | $12,005 DOLLARS FAST!

You Can Earn Money: Amazon Affiliate Marketing through PINTEREST | $12,005 DOLLARS FAST!

UPDATE: Promoting Amazon Affiliate Links directly on Pinterest is not working anymore, you need a blog or website, write helpful contents and promote relevant products on your post- and then share the blog post link on Pinterest, it will be safe now.

Marketing through Pinterest is very easy thing to do. I have been using pinterest for marketing for few years now, and shared the pinterest marketing strategy.

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest | Pinterest Affiliate Marketing | If you are trying to start affiliate marketing for free without a blog or website, Pinterest is the platform to go. It is one of the best ways to start making money with affiliate marketing fast without investing a penny!

Hello viewers this is Rafi once again welcome to this new complete Pinterest marketing tutorial video where you are going to learn how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest step-by-step from A to Z process for completely free and you know Pinterest is the goldmine of generating high-quality traffic’s from United States Canada United Kingdom this Heitor country base peoples are using Pinterest and as you can see I have got a completely new account which has only 7 days old and I have got 20 pins and if you just notice here the top country base audiences 33.6% peoples from United States 2.2 percent from United Kingdom from Canada I have got five point five percent peoples and I just have to optimize my boards pins and the profile to generate more leads or more audiences from united states so in this video I’m going to show you the step by step process from very beginning I have just got an email addressed only and I’m going to create a complete set up of Pinterest marketing so that you will learn everything so after watching this video you will never ever be in need of purchasing any course any Pinterest marketing course from any so-called gurus or Pinterest marketing gurus so to learn all the steps that I follow please watch this video till the end and before you continue to going forward I request you to give this video a like and share this video to help others right now all right without further ado let’s just start by talking about our profitable niche which I had found on Google Trends just make a search on Google Trends on Google and you will find this page here good trends dot and I just visited this page and I put it here baby clothing and if you just notice this interest over time just take a look how consistent is this keyword ninety-eight percent 100 percent on the November to December period and then we have got 98 percent on March April figured and it goes a little dawn but not so much as you can see it’s never ever touched the 50 okay never ever touch the everies below all right so this is a great niche that I have just researched and if you just notice here on let’s make it to past five years just take a look it has never ever gone down to 50% or maybe it’s never ever gone down to 60% I believe okay never ever gone down to 60% this is a great niche that I have just selected and now I am going to how so I have also created this logo to use on my Pinterest or on canva if you want make a video about how to create a beautiful logos on Ken Bob for your affiliate marketing website stores YouTube channel or Pinterest boards please let me know by commenting below all right and as I’m planning to promote my Amazon affiliate products or affiliate links throw this Pinterest account that we are going to create so let me make you clear about Amazon associate programs guideline regarding promoting your affiliate links draw Pinterest if it is allowed or not allowed so I’m going to make a Google search here to make you fully clear so Amazon associate Pinterest okay so let’s make this search and here it’s links are now allowed on Pinterest so I’m actually going to open this link and just take a look here from directly from Amazon Associates they have made this post how to use affiliate links on Pinterest on 2016 as you can see here is the date and here in the past Pinterest removed affiliate links from its platform because primers were have using them now that Pinterest palm detection system more sophisticated affiliate links are back this means you can earn money by pinning your favorite products and recommendations from affiliate networks and getting clicks on those pins so we are completely clear to promote our Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest all right so you’ll be able to promote our Clickbank and any other cpa offers or any other affiliate programs as well on Pinterest so this is a goldmine as I have already mentioned so let’s just begin by creating our Amazon nursery Pinterest account here so I have as I mentioned I have got a completely new email address and now I’m going to to start our working process here okay so I’m going to cross this out and let’s use this information here first of all I have to click on create a business account and remove the previous details that I had okay I have to create a new account here so just copy this email address which I have created for my store not copied and here’s the email let’s put it here so if we need in further then I can use it from here okay so let’s put the email address here and then we have to put our password and click on create account click on save for future use alright so after coming here set up for success we’ll help you get started so here our language is English but the location is showing Bangladesh as I’m residing in Bangladesh but as we are going to promote products and drive cells we are actually going to use an address or location of United States okay so I’m going to click here and port United sorry United and let’s see United States here click on next and here add your business name very important for because we want to get our account to be ranked on Pinterest so that we’ll be able to generate more sells easily and in a fast forward mode okay so what we have to do we have to find the keywords so let’s see baby clothing so I’m going to copy this part from here baby clothing and we are going to add some other relevant keywords there sir outfits baby clothing and outfits okay so this is my store name or actually I’ve got the logo which has bed B so we are going to keep it baby sorry let’s put baby and okay baby clothing and outfits this is my store name okay and tell us about your business we want to put here online retail or marketplace okay so I’m going to select this one click on next and as you don’t have any of these services so we are going to click on skip and here link to your website if you have a website you can edit here and if you don’t have one it’s completely nothing to be worried about okay this click on letter and then connect to your other accounts to Pinterest so if you want to add your Instagram it’s your YouTube channel link then you can click on this claim option and you’ll find the further instructions to add these profiles into your Pinterest account so I’m actually going to click on next sorry letter to skip this part and then would you ever be interested in running ads on Pinterest I’m going to select I am not sure yet then click on next and here we have to choose at least one topic that is in our interests so as you are going to promote products of babies claw things then we are actually going to find anything monsters like hairstyles let’s see if we can find anything of baby-related all right so nothing is for babies so what we are going to do we can select this dresses or casual outfit so I am actually going to click on dresses and it’s all fine click on done and here they are suggesting us to add their browser extensions so that will be able to easily pin any image from any website alright so I am actually going to click on get it now to get it add it on our browser here so click on continue to install and and it’s been added here alright so I’m going to click cross this out and where do you like to start actually we want to build our profile first to get it organized optimize to get higher ranking as fast as possible within few days alright so we are actually going to click on this showcase your brand how people on Pinterest to get to know your brand by adding your picture location and other helpful information so we are going to select this one right so after coming here on this page we have to click on this business name and then click on business hub never allowed for now ok and then click on this pen icon to make all the necessary changes so click on this pen icon and let’s make the change on the profile picture so click on change chose for them and we want to add our profile picture which I have created on canva and here we go it’s looking nice nicely fitted here and display name baby clothing and output outfit and here we are going to actually make some change we don’t want this Debbie to be appeared here because it is going to it is not actually going to help us to get our profiles ranked on Pinterest so what we have to do we have to go to Pinterest from here we have to open a new tab on of Pinterest and then we have to make a source baby clothing here baby clothing and let’s see this one okay so we are actually going to use replace this BB to place one buchen so baby clothing outfits okay so this is going to help us get it more organized and help us get our profile ranked in certain time after after certain time period for it and in the about your profile page we have to find some of the keywords okay and then we have to optimize the about About section to make it super friendly to read but we have to enter all the keywords that’s that’s trending on this this place okay on Pinterest so so the peoples are using to search to get these products alright and to get these keywords what we can do we can click on these analytics then audience insight and then we have to click on this create campaign alright so we have to do the settings here next and click on accept and again we have to click on analytics then audience insight and click on create campaign and click on this targeting here and after coming a little bit down you’ll find this option okay so here we have to put keywords as you can see chose relevant keywords to increase ad impression so this is for creating ads but we’re actually going to use or utilize this feature to optimize our About section here okay so I’m actually going to cross them out so they are not going to be doing at a disturbance okay so let’s take your baby clothing is our main keyword so let’s copy and paste it here and make a search our baby clothing so you can make change baby clothing and here you go here you go just take a look we have got lots of keyword suggestions cute baby stuff glottis baby girl fashion outfits baby bloomin outfit baby girl’s dress baby girl plotting so it seems like girls are in the priority in Pinterest okay fashion baby ooh baby clothes cute girls clothes and just take a look here 100k to 500k girl cute trendy baby dog cloth is 100 to 500 k so we are going to use this keyword because as this keyword has the low search volume peoples are not going to use this one soft and so we will have the will have the opportunity to outrank some of the virtual you will have the option to get the opportunity to get higher ranking for this keyword so I’m going to note this keyword here down and let’s move back maybe Christmas outfit so we are getting the Christmas within the next month so actually it would be a good keyword to keep but let me decide within few minutes baby hospital or no he chilling outfits and let’s see how many baby dog locusts and I’m actually going to collect five keywords from here and now newborn baby girl out face chick baby closest fall big fish and baby girls fashion baby closest ideas okay so we can take this one as well or actually here babe adorable baby closest alright for keywords has been selected now let’s move to the top and if you just take a look here cute baby stuff plot is two million three million searches so if you just just notice or if you just just make calculation here so if 36 or 40 percent of the people so coming from united states of be skewered just just gas or imagine how many you how many audience you are going to get and how many clicks you are going to generate how many sales it will lead us okay so that’s a great opportunity here on Pinterest guys you don’t have to spend on ads anymore okay you just have to spend some times and you have to build up your boards your account to generate lots of free high-quality traffic’s and high quality sales all right so baby girls fashion outfits though I am actually not going to put girls in baby blue my outfit and Italy we are going to create separate boards for girls boys and infants as well so let’s take baby girl clothing fashion baby okay so let’s take this one fashion baby ten deep trendy baby clothes okay so I have already got the five keywords and now let’s make it here we have got trendy baby plot this you will find let’s put our keyword here trendy baby closes okay so this is the first keyword that I’m going to place here and I’m going to trendy black baby clothes and then make a comma then let’s see if we can find baby kismat outfit cute children outfits okay so we have got these sentences going to be looking nice here a durable baby clothes is just take a look we have got closest let’s see how many times only one times two times here that’s all fine it’s not keyword stuffing so you have to be careful about these things as well cute baby stuff okay so I’m not actually going to use glottis anymore here so baby clothing an outfit is an online store he’ll find trendy baby clothes cute children outfits adorable baby clothes and cute baby stop all right keep this as it is and now if someone just make a search on Pinterest let me open a new tab here again so I might have to open a new tab and then I have to remove this one just to make this tutorial friendly here okay so if someone just make a search here now trendy baby clothes make a search let’s see here we go these are the top top performing pins these are available right now on Pinterest and if you just notice here we have got some other keywords as well xx baby clothes plus boy trendy baby clothes girls so we can actually going to be able to create more balls and we’ll be able to separate all of these contents in separate boards and it will help us delete the board as a top trendy or top ranking board and it will lead us more traffic store Pinterest account or actually traffic to our affiliate links or product links which will lead us more sales alright so I’m actually going to show you the full process step by step so let’s just open or click on the first image and let’s say here this pin has got three hundred and fifty three pins so it’s quite a good product but not that much let’s fly try this one 125 so as I have just mentioned on trendy baby closes it has only trendy baby closes 100 K to 500 K to be low competitive niche okay low competitive keyword so just take take these examples here take these examples it has only 350 ribbons but these floaties are coming in front of the search results of whenever we are going to work on our image work on our products our image will glaze our ornaments will get placed in base places and people start going to click on them and if the like or product they are going to purchase from here alright so now let me show you what exactly is a saturated keyword so I’m going to put this one and let me show you baby clothing if we just click on this first link just take a look 31k ripping okay so there are lots of people’s who are already doing lots of free pins for these keyword based products which is let me get back again baby clothing so if you just work with this keyword that we are not going to get a rank on Pinterest to faster it will take a long long time will so we are not going to work on these short keywords we are going to be a little bit smart here so that you’ll be able to get over success faster alright so this video might going a little longer but it’s really important to talk this much to give you better understanding of this person alright so here I have I’m done with the spurts so if someone now clicks on these cute children outfits this this QR also has let me show a let me see how many views cute chilling outfits or escutcheon yes this one also has a less competition 100k – actually less search volume which means less competition because people people don’t like to work on less competition so relax less search volume based keywords and this is the opportunity for us to get our pins ranked on Pinterest alright so let’s make a search here again to explain the thing our face ok let’s open the first result oh this one is in a video only 30 depends ok so very very easy to rank our products as you can see 172 so that’s a great opportunity for us guys so I hope your if you haven’t yet like this video you are going to like this video right now as I have just showed you a hidden trick that most of the marketers do but even on the paid tutorials they are not going to tell you this thing alright they are not going to actually they will tell you they might going to tell you but they’re not going to show you live examples okay that’s the bad thing of people of courses out there alright so now here we have to give a location which is situated in United States so we’re actually going to put New York and that’s good no problem then I have to click on this done option and let’s say for else we have on this account settings page we have baby clothing contact name and we can change the contact name to our name but it’s all fine to keep it as it is maybe they’d be clocking an gender not binary as this business here you can change the business type if we need some sometime and we don’t want to include our login options with Facebook Google on end or any other option so and as we have just created this one here this one is Google Google user control again messaging option so something else I have to show here TURN RIGHT missing from your business profile so we always have to keep this option turned on so that people will be able to reach out to us for any inquiry and sometimes we get a lot of very good offers from people’s okay so now let’s click on done and claim option we have here so we have two bits about heading your website and other social media profiles so we don’t want to add our website right now so in this case both Kate pain we don’t want this as well notification privacy security I am actually looking for an option about getting ranked on Google search result again you sites you visit improve search recent revision okay okay okay so here is this one search privacy just make sure always you have this one uncheck if you just check this one then you are not going to get a source rank on Google all right so always make sure that you have this option unchecked okay so this was the very important part and now let me talk about these features on about give you the idea of these options in case if you are a beginner so as I have mentioned this video is going to be a very beginner friendly and four eight night for an intermediate person who are interested to make money online by using Pinterest for free alright so here on this analytics page you’ll be able to find this overview page where you’ll find how many viewers you have got software on your Pinterest account how many audiences and how many engagement you have got alright and from this audience insight you’ll be able to learn about from which country based peoples are on your on your profile visiting from and what is their age gender location device and as the president their their categories and interest based information also be available here alright from this audience inside and this is very important feature to to just give the reporting of your Pinterest growth progress alright and to determine which type of pins are generating more traffic to your products and which types of which sets of pins are being successful here on Pinterest for and which product which pins are generating sells for you as well so this is really important and then here we have got video new feature will be able to add videos from now on Pinterest and from ads option we are not actually going to talk about ad in this video because this video is about generating traffic’s and sells for completely free from Pinterest alright and let’s just move back to this Pinterest option and here we have got the home fit so if you click on home fit then you will find all the pins from the peoples who have who we have followed so we have followed one one category or one pin based on one board which was Grace’s and we are getting days this pins that Pinterest has generated for us and from following if you follow any profile then it will get the option as you can see here we have got some of the features to follow or some of the boats and accounts to follow so this one has 1.1 million followers let let’s just follow a few of them as they’re from our niche or category and this one okay that’s it we are not going to follow any more right now so click on done so this is the page to find people’s to follow alright and the place where you’ll find all the peoples that you have followed suffer and then I have got your option here your business hub and profile so if you click on this profile section then you will find all the boards and pins that you have created so far so here is the overview page here you’ll get the top-performing or the yes the top-performing pins and then you have got the boards which are more most important that we are going to create few boards within few minutes so one important thing whenever you are creating a Pinterest with an intention of generating traffic’s and sales you have to create at least ten boards here on Pinterest okay ten boards with ten different titles of the boats and I’m actually going to show you in a few minutes by creating maybe three or five votes here alright and then I am actually going to show you how to add the pins and why you should add the pins here on each of the boats alright then we have got the pin section we are going to talk about this soon and followers if you have got if you if people start going to start following you then you will see them here and from the more section on following sokham so we can see them here as well and from profile section we have just talked about this and from business hub you will find this option of how many people’s or sorry how many impressions you have got software on your Pinterest pins and profile how many saves people’s has done on your pins and how many clicks you have generated software on your products or affiliate links from your Pinterest pins alright so these are the options and you’ll find these featured pins here top performing pins and if you just create any khead then they’ll be appeared here okay so that’s it for these overviews answers the chat option we have we have just activated our chat option so that people will be able to reach out to us and here’s the notification bar you will find the notification you have got 18 new ideas waiting for you soon you’ll receive so many notifications here on Pinterest they are so good at giving you notifications alright and here’s the plus sign to create your pin or product pin all right and then create an ADD we are not going to use this feature from now but we are going to use this one create pin or product pin and here’s the option 14 your home feed if you want to like more categories then you can do this by clicking here edit settings so that the same thing we have just already talked about at support and these are actually not the things we can we should be worried about and this one if you want to add multiple account at the same time or actually if you want to manage multiple Pinterest account at the same time then you can click on this add account to add your other Pinterest accounts as well along with this one alright so this was the basic things and now let’s just move back to profile page to get started about the most important part which is creating our board so they are suggesting creating pins here on the first stage but we don’t want to do that because we are actually here to generate cells all right organically so we have to do these things here on the boards and here we have got the keywords trendy baby clothes so copy this first keyword we are going to create five bolts with all of these keywords here okay so click on create board give the name trendy baby clothes so already this video is too long so but it’s going to be worth it watching till the end you guys so just click on create and never ever keep any board secret if you don’t want to intentionally if you have got an intention to build up a board first then just make it live then it will take more extra more extra time to be searchable and findable through Pinterest alright so I don’t I never use this feature I just keep this concept and the reason here we are on Pinterest is to get exposure not to be hidden okay so trendy baby clothes of the year let’s see if it is a keyword here No so plot this summer we have got summer and other options maybe but there is no option for of the year so we don’t want to make it this complex so trendy baby closest which is only 100k to 500k views and the competition is last so we are going to get high ranking faster ok so save some pins to your new board so we are actually going to save at least 15 pins here ok so these are the top pins as yes we have just already seen previously so I’m going to click on save save save ok just do the top 15 or some more if we can the more you’ll be in the more your account will get discovered by Pinterest search results ok so that’s enough click on done and here we have Wow 28 pins have done 28 pins okay no problem all the more we can share people spin the more we are going to get exposed on Pinterest as result ok so now we have to customize or organize optimize our board here ok so click on click here on this pen icon again click here on this pen icon and then we have to give a description here trendy baby clothes should be here in the first place is the bold or you will get let me work again here cute children outfits sorry cute children outfits and then a durable baby clothes we’re going to use all of these keywords here adorable baby closest but make sure it’s not being a keyword stuffing task otherwise your your board will be unbearable all time okay Pinterest will give the strikes okay so cute baby stuff Lotus alright so that’s it I just put in all the key words but they’re actually looking like a nice sentence trendy baby closest is the boat where you’ll get cute children outfits adorable baby closest cute baby stuff closest alright so I’m actually going to remove this one and just copy this one so your going to use this in our next boat as well so what kind of board is it so this is going to be kids and printing so I’m going to select this one and if you want to make it cover photo then if you have a cover for actually you can change it or edit here but it’s not a mandatory thing so I I don’t care about this one Pinterest will take some pictures from here to make color photo for us and visually visibility it should be always a public person relationship inspired by this board in your home feed and collaborate collaborators learn more so here if you want to hire someone to manage this board to add more pins or if you’re busy enough with other stuff then you can hire someone to add more pins for you and repin from other people’s pins okay so this way you will be able to do other stuff but your Pinterest account really true in FA zoo camp so it is really helpful so if you if you have someone to hire or if you have someone to help you then you can add them here and they will do the work for you okay so now click on save and we are done with this with this board optimization and now we are going to go again to profile page so click on boards and our first board has 28 pins which is a great thing and within two three days you are going to see the results here okay and now click on this again and create second board which is baby Christmas outfit so as christmas is coming so we should have a board this baby Christmas outfit and then click on create’ and here we go we had just entered one name and Pinterest already found some Christmas products just click on done it that’s all good no problem let’s that’s enough for this bowl okay and now it’s time to customize this board or actually optimize this board for Christmas season and I am poor as Christmas season is coming what I’m going to do I’m not actually going to use all of these things from here instead I’m going to put this part on the first sentences from here is a board or you will find let’s make a search here baby Christmas outfit Grace’s fine dresses so whenever someone puts like baby Christmas outfit dresses will this board will appear okay but it will take some time we have to give the time to Pinterest baby Christmas outfit let’s say photos pictures outfit curd clothe this cloak is closest girl boy clothing okay so let’s make it your baby kiss mother crazy boat where you’ll find dresses closest or cute little baby boy and those babies must be the board how to find dresses closes for lovely cute little for it for cute little baby boy and girls there are all the Christmas gifts for your and yes okay so here baby Christmas outfit is a board where you’ll find dresses cloth so we have got lots of keywords but these are not looking like keyword stuffing this is looking nice description and I also inserted this one Christmas gear gift for your angels some people’s actually use this keyword as well and that’s it for this board and then we are happy we have to click on this category and let’s select again parenting parenting kids and parenting and I don’t want to make the change in cover photo and again these are the same features to click on save and I actually don’t want to spend more further times here to waste your time I’m actually going to show you straight forward this is the process how you have to optimize your Pinterest boards and now let me show you how you can clean any image from Amazon directly from Amazon and after that I’m going to show you how to make a pin by uploading an image from your computer or from your phone to Pinterest alright so first of all let’s get the mo agent product link and I’m going to put like various Christmas Christmas baby Christmas outfit so let’s make a search here on Amazon and let’s put this one for Forester and up this one let’s take this one okay as an example so I have to open this link in a new tab and so this is the actual product page okay so now what we have to do to get the direct direct affiliate link we just have to click on this text link here click on text and then you will find this shortened link just copy this link from here okay and now let’s go back to this portray I have signed in with your Pinterest account and we don’t need this day’s image holiday steps any more just open your link on Pintrest page here okay so a person reason we have to be hm we have to type out these keywords here okay so here if you just notice then you will notice that I have got my referral ID here let’s see this one again our ography is my referral code so now I have to click on this pin button and then we have to select the board that you have created so i as i have created like baby Christmas Christmas outfit and this product is for Christmas outfit for babies so I’m going to select this board and then click and it will be saved and I have to make some change it’s not yet done so click on see it now and after coming here we have to click on this pen icon and we have to give the title and it will remove this part from here Amazon okay it’s not allowed so let’s see what is the name let’s take the name from here bonk is your Christmas forget cotton pajama for baby and input okay so this would be a good name okay and then one Christmas put it cotton below for baby an infant my first in front then a full-stop my first Christmas jumper with matching Santa head clothing alright so this is the actual actual description from the product page directly but we want to add some keywords here so the keyword is this one okay copy get this baby Christmas outfit for your adorable baby okay so this is our keyword placement and now we can click on save and that’s it if now if someone clicks on this link okay so one thing I have to mention if you just didn’t copy the your link okay there if you just copied this link directly and pasted it here and then just just saved it in your board from this feature then it wouldn’t track your link okay so you always have to be clear or you have to be careful about these tracking links that actually containing your affiliate link alright so first of all come to the product page get the link get the link copy the link from here copy and then paste it in we just reload this page again we load this page and after that you have to save the pin alright so this was the option of adding any product directly from a product page on Amazon but now what if you want if you have an image already downloaded on your computer and you want to upload it to your Pinterest account or Pinterest boards then how you can do that so let’s just download this image let’s see if we can download this one okay so I’m actually going to take a screenshot oops so I’m actually going to take a screenshot from here just to show you how it will work and then I’m really going to remove this one okay just keep it as it is and now let’s just come back here okay so now we are on the Pinterest board and to upload or upload a photo from our computer directly then what we have to do we have to click on this plus sign or this plus sign okay we have just have to click on this plus sign and then create pin and and you’ll be landed here on this page just have to click on this icon and then click on the image that you want to upload so click open it will be uploaded here add your product title so I’m going to give the title this most footed code on baby in front this part and I’m going to copy this whole thing here on the description again and I’m going to put these parts when possible okay actually we don’t we don’t want to just make it complex here oh it has some keywords as well so I should keep it as it is but unfortunately we are already out of the keyword limp so Chi to limit so suitable for taking photograph this most birthday family day or any occasion so I don’t want to keep this one super cute and funny design make your baby out sending in casts Christmas so this will help us get drinks often computer sweet when you baby like it it would be special and you don’t want this part okay so we can keep all these things and we have to put our original keyword here baby just must outfit alright and then we have to add our destination URL which is or affiliate URL so to get our fill it a whirl again we have to come to any product page and then if we click on this text icon or text option and then you will find this URL here so click copy and paste it here now you can you’ll be able to publish this post immediately or you’ll be able to schedule this post for a later time publish meant so I’m actually going to click on this publish immediately and select the board from here so our board is here on baby Christmas so selected now click on publish and here we have got something okay they are actually asking us for a ad campaign creation but we don’t want and our post has been already been saved so what we can do we can just go back here go to profile and choose pin to promote okay so they’re actually trying to sell their ad campaigns so they sell their ad to us but we are not interested so click on boards and if you just notice here is the post I’m going to open and where it goes we load this page alright so here this one we have just created and this one we have got directly from our our Amazon product page again so I usually use this use this method okay and if you just click on any of these image and now someone clicks on this image then they will be redirected to the product page directly from here okay and if you just notice here then you will find our tracking URL which is this one as well Rafi and they spirts okay so this is how you have to promote your Amazon affiliate products through Pinterest I am going to delete this phone okay so here is the delete option if you want to delete any pin first of all if you click on the pin then click on this pin icon and you will find this option delete all right so that’s his that’s it guys and if you want to create any section on any particular board so here is the feature create a section edit section you’ll be able to add like boys section girls section or maybe toddler section in front section whatever you want to write so I don’t to do that in this video because it’s already been a long video so this is what you have to do to optimize your Pinterest account Pinterest boards to get higher ranking on Pinterest to generate lots of traffic’s and which will lead us to get more sells on Amazon Clickbank or cpa networks or whatever promotional product that you have but always keep it in mind that you have to do 40-40-20 – you have to maintain this rule 40% informational or other other people’s products which are really beautiful 40% inspirational this will help people to just get a good idea about your profile and only 20% your promotional contents okay so keep it mind to be successful on Pinterest that was my proven method or proven strategy that I have been using to generate lots of sales and lots of success getting lots of success so this was it guys so I hope you will love this video we’ll find this video helpful as it is a complete Pinterest free marketing tutorial video so if you have found this video helpful and if you haven’t tuned to like this video please give this video a like and share this video to help others and if you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel please consider subscribing to get more helpful videos in your future I have to see in the next video thank you very much for watching

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