Sneak Peek Into What Marketers Are Pinning – And Insights to Improve Results

Hot Tip: A Sneak Peek Into What Marketers Are Pinning – And Insights to Improve Results

Would you like to know what other Pinners like you are doing on Pinterest? How about a glimpse into what kinds of content are working across the board and for accounts of different sizes? What about a look into what the big, established accounts are doing and what’s working for them?

If you love a good exposé (and you know you do!), tune in for an exclusive look at what we can learn from over 20m (!?) Pins shared last month.

Pinterest marketing unleashed with uh i can’t even speak marketing unleashed enunciate jeff marketing unleashed with tailwind uh with my friend elisa meredith we are going to be talking all about what is working right now on pinterest and we’ve got some really cool stats to show you guys but before we get started uh we would love to know what’s working for you so this is a time to kind of showcase yourself we would love for you guys to drop in your highest performing pin right down below let us know what one is working for you just copy that link in pinterest and drop it down below because we’d love to know what your most popular pin is for the last 30 days because we’re going to be doing some stats and sharing what uh what is it 20 million what was it what was it yeah we looked at over 20 million pins sent out by paid talent users whether on tailwind or on pinterest for a month period february to march yeah it’s a lot yeah so if it’s a video pin if it’s a image pin let us know drop it down below let us know because we want to know about that but oh as always we’ve got um our awesome uh templates that you guys can go check out if you go to forward slash tw pinterest toolkit that’s all lowercase all smashed together you guys can check that out april’s i’ve been told are right around the corner like it’s true they’re coming so if you didn’t happen to get last months they’re still good they’re still hot grab those because they’re going to be swapping out to the april ones will be dropping pretty soon so bit.o forge tw pinterest toolkit uh we’ve got some friends we got jen from let’s see she goes hey there let me pull some of this stuff up so she is very happy to make it live we are happy that you made it live too so drop in your most the one the pin that uh was most popular for you um and on your account uh down below we’d love to know what that is and we’ve got some people coming jennifer laura our friend jennifer is uh did you have her back on because she was uh yeah i think so too so jennifer laura she says hello from georgia uh barcelona brian from barcelona very cool uh emma from sweden awesome thank you for tuning in and trona is here as always hello trona thank you it wouldn’t be the same without so she made it of course and our friend sally howe from the uk the incredible jewelry designer uh from the uk she is awesome so thanks she does make beautiful things and her video pins are pretty impressive so i think they’re pretty cool so anyway if you’re just joining us we are talking about what’s working on pinterest uh with a new study that uh tail new data i don’t know if it’s a study is it a formal study what would you call it lisa i don’t know i guess you call it a study if you pull some data and yeah make some conclude draw some conclusions from it yeah but for the study for you guys who are just joining in we’ve asked you if you would like to kind of showcase your own stuff like let us know drop it in the comments below the pin url of the your most uh popular pin that you had uh last month because it is like this is not april fools this is a really thing we really want to we really want to know so we really do really do so take us away at least this is going to be exciting oh yeah yeah so we have we have a data guy at tailwind now which i feel like you know in the big time um jacob he i like to say he’s one of my favorite new tailwind features because he just turns out this great stuff so what we kind of wanted to know is what types of pins are marketers posting so what we did was we looked at um paid tailwind users that way it would kind of exclude anybody who’s just has a personal account is just pinning for fun we wanted to know which are best for engagement and when we say engagement we’re talking about saves or repins so we also wanted to know does follower count matter for the success of various pin types um spoiler alert yes it does matter yes and how can marketers improve their performance based on what we found so there’s always more to dig into but this was 20 million over 20 million pens shared from february 12th to march 12th of this year so really recent stuff then it was from paige hill when users so we know they’re marketers um and it was pins sent via all methods so whether it was tailwind or right on pinterest or something else it was all of that very cool so i want to bring up some some comments uh this is interesting because we’re going to talk about this a little bit later jen says my most popular pin in clicks and impressions is a real shared from instagram four reasons why i love tailwind for pinterest so that’s cool we’re gonna talk about that in a little bit because there is some stuff we figured out uh and some things that have been said by pinterest that we’re going to talk about um also jennifer goes yay for getting a data guy next level um jen goes your curls are looking especially pretty today well thank you are you talking to me or is it oh it’s probably alisa okay gotcha um so uh very very cool um it’s uh yeah so thank you guys for dropping in your your pins we’re going to look at those yeah feel free to drop a link too if you want to yeah they are they’re doing it so it’s really cool so wonderful all right so this new thing 20 million pins 20 million talk about what people are sharing and what you found out from that okay so this is mainly we’re talking about pin types we’re talking about images videos and stories um and we’re talking about pay tail when users again so we know it’s all marketers in this study and what they are sharing are mainly static images 95 of what people are sharing are static images so the next thing video pins right four percent of what people are sharing are video pins one percent of what people are sharing are story pins so i mean that makes for kind of a a crazy looking graph right um now what we learned though is that image creates and when we say creates we mean okay even making a brand new image that that is the best you can do for uh an image pin they don’t perform anywhere near as well as creating a video or a story pin so the number of saves you get on a video or story pin is 8 to 41 times higher than an image pin so and this is from uh just in february for these 20 million this is mid february to mid march okay okay so it’s that’s a kind of a big deal i mean that video yeah a really big deal um now another interesting thing is that that saves of images right so that creates that first time that you save an image a save is like a repent so the next time you save the image the saves actually perform pretty well like they get decent engagement um so i mean there’s always going to be a place for static images on pinterest i don’t think we’re saying not to save static images but but if you’re looking for more saves which means more distribution for your content which also means a higher follower count which all then kind of builds on itself to become a higher distribution you want to look beyond images yeah so what we found with yeah this is a good question for jennifer laura she’s going to ask what are we using for our definition of performance is it saves it clicks is it so yeah it’s okay yeah okay that’s a great question we’re looking at kind of like the distribution potential for your pins um when we go to video pins there is you know like we said like 8x performance for for saves compared to images um when you first put your your video out but there’s also a decent performance when you share it again um your video again is that what you said yeah yeah so it’s kind of the best of both worlds like you have good performance for that first time and you still have good performance if it goes out again so let’s talk about this for a little bit because i want to let people because there’s some people like who are asking um can you add a link to a story pin you cannot right now no but you cannot so and but you can’t have video in your story pin and so there it’s kind of confusing you can have video in a story pin you can’t have a link but you can do a video pin and you can’t have a link so we want to make sure that was clear yeah yeah and and i think you know as we talk about these numbers all right people are when they’re saving 95 of their of their pins are our static images four percent our video pins one percent are story pins we’re not saying that it should be 100 story pins by any means right and i think that the reason why was is clear from that question no they they don’t have links there for a different purpose um but when we looked at story pins and again so that one percent of what marketers are sharing on pinterest they had the best performance for that first time they go out right so you get 41 times more saves on a story pin that first time it goes out when compared to an image pin but the performance for repins or saves on those stories is terrible it’s really really low and i think that that makes a lot of sense because uh pinterest wants to give the creator of that content the bulk of the activity right because uh sorry pins were meant for pinners to engage with creators right so if if i save your story pin jeff um it doesn’t do a lot for my audience it it really needs to be all about you as as the creator so that kind of makes sense why the saves on story pins would be very very low which is interesting that so many this stat was so high because like brian says still no story pins here he still doesn’t have story pins right and so i mean tailwind doesn’t have it do they do they still nope yeah so there’s still people who don’t have it which is crazy to me that the stat is that high because we i’d like to know what percentage of you know these groups of people who don’t have story pins in you know in this study that would be interesting it’d be hard to find it out yeah but it is still rolling out so if you don’t have it now you’ll have it soon um and we should definitely use them but again story pins are meant for more of that kind of connection with your audience and they’re really good for building followers right so that’s that’s kind of the only action you can take on a story pin is to then follow that account creator um which again is is going to boost the um the distribution of your static pins and your video pins going forward yeah let me let me bring up some of the uh trona has a great uh question or comment she goes could that be influenced by people sharing directly to pinterest video and story pins i always upload mine story and video and my clients straight to pinterest it’s good because this is a tailwind study could that be could that throw something into it as well um because she’s saying she’s not using tailwind to do it she’s using it right right video well we can’t like we don’t we aren’t able to schedule stories via vietnamese yeah yeah yeah so um although that is um the you know we’re hoping to as soon as we can um so no um we’ve done studies before because that question always exists is a third party scheduler hurting your performance you know it’s not we we wondered the same thing because we wanted to be responsible about it are we are we doing something that’s hurting people no it’s not about how they’re shared um it’s about what you’re sharing right and how like not not the method but like are you saying it the first time are you showing it the second time those things make a difference so sandra has a great uh comment she goes um i have no idea what worked on a couple of my videos that i have been that have been crazy since last year so i’ve noticed the same thing like videos that it used to be you throw up any video on pinterest and it would do really well now it’s starting to be like okay this one didn’t work why didn’t it work and i still haven’t figured out why some of this is happening um go ahead well i think we’re going to get to that with um with some of the updates and stories i think uh but an interesting thing we found as well is it does it matter what size your account is would that change their recommendations um yeah it kind of does so if you have fewer than 10 000 followers create more video pins that seem to be like the magic the magic ingredient for getting more saves if you’re under 10 000 followers if you are over 10 000 followers that’s where stories are just killing it yeah so so what i have been doing is i usually i create content for you know vertical video for pinterest for that i usually save it as a story first and then wait a couple days and then do it as a video pin that seems to be giving me the most bang for my buck so are you sharing it’s a one panel story no i’ll actually use there’s an app called cut story because a lot of times mine will be a little bit longer and so i use an app called cut story to spit it split it up because you have so many panels you can use on on pinterest so i usually try to keep the content short because i want it to be as short as possible but that seems to be working so if you guys want to know what that app was because i’m sure somebody that’s going to ping me about that it’s called cut story the thing is you have to do it on your phone and then you i mean it can be a little wonky but that’s what i’ve been using to cut them up so they fit yeah so i just want to kind of reiterate a little bit that yeah most people are sharing mostly images but video for friends video pins perform eight times more in terms of getting saves and story pins perform 41 times more in terms of getting saves and we’re going to talk about saving an image or a video or story more than once saving an image more than once it performs okay saving a video more than once performs pretty well saving a story pin more than once i just don’t it performs terribly yeah i i think of it like i wouldn’t do that on instagram like or facebook stories i wouldn’t like repurpose i don’t i mean i don’t i don’t think i’ve ever done no i think other people do though right yeah i just because to me it’s more of a behind the scenes you know it’s not as it’s and it’s just like it’d be weird sharing it again that’s just my feeling yeah it would be weird for you to share your own story again but it’s not weird for other people to share your story and i think it’s perfectly fine to share someone else’s story pin if you like if you want to collect it yourself on your board but it’s yeah it’s not something you’d want to do for your own story pen right just yeah just like you said it’s and it is kind of the more instagram like feature than the others right because it’s meant to be about that connection so that yeah completely makes sense um so yeah can i bring up a question because i think this is really interesting because we talked about saves and this stuff so lisa asks and this is a great question should i be reporting on saves or outbound clicks for my clients or both what would you say what would you do for your clients lisa yeah so i think saves is a great indication of if you’re if you’re hitting the mark as far as how to make your content go further and it’s a really good indication that you’re going to continue to grow down the line because that’s the kind of thing that just keeps building and building and will impact your saves but of course as a business owner what you really want ultimately is going to be the the outbound clicks yeah yeah yeah we all want the clicks and here’s another question because this sally is this a great one and she goes can i ask oh hit the wrong button here where it is uh there it is can i ask about analytics for some of my high ranking pins why do some of my pins say your pin and others others pins it’s definitely something i’ve pinned from my website that’s a great question yes i have noticed this as well so in your pinterest analytics and overview there is that option and when you’re looking at your pins that is yes a pin that you shared if you switch over to other pins it means this is yes your pin which you may have saved as well but this is someone else sharing it so when i look at at that information um in my analytics i almost always see a lot of other pins right someone else has shared this and this is giving me this kind of activity so it’s interesting to me that yes uh we should be sharing our own content but it’s obvious that the impact of other people sharing your content is um not negligible right it’s pretty meaningful when other people share your content it’s a it’s a sign to pinterest that your content is engaging so yeah so another question because we’re talking we talked about story pins and this is a great one from jen she goes i heard going around where have you heard it going around i want to know that you shouldn’t use a link or text for the final slide of a story pin that pinterest lessens the views on it is that true that is entirely true so uh that was one of the updates we wanted to talk about and it was released in the pinterest community um yeah they came right out and said it that adding links in the text or directly importing watermarked videos from other platforms hinder distribution so we said it was it was great because we’re talking about video pins a couple weeks ago like yeah it’s great because all these other platforms are they’re starting to de-emphasize them on instagram and facebook pinterest loves it it’s okay that is all changed folks so uh if you’re doing tick tock and you’re repurposing them over on pinterest save that video first so it doesn’t have that watermark it’s i think it’s okay to repurpose stuff and it’s i think it’s smart to repurpose your content but don’t put that watermarked logo on it either yeah and a thing you could maybe even like if you don’t have that and you forgot or something you could maybe scale it up so that watermark doesn’t show up on pinterest but all these platforms are you know they know how popular tic toc stuff is they want to have people creating their own content for them on the platform so they’re de-emphasizing it and pinterest jumped on the bandwagon and it’s no longer a good idea just to shoot that up to pinterest oh i lost your audio alisa there you are yep uh i am back yes that is entirely true but there are little apps that will remove that watermarked video from your video yeah so yeah go ahead and do that but but i think the other key point in that one little bullet and this announcement is that adding links in the text might hinder the distribution of your content so and this is specifically about story pins so do not add a link in your text thinking oh i can’t have a link i’m going to add a link because it’s going to hurt your distribution uh the other thing is you you mentioned earlier how used to be all your video pins would do really really well and then i’ll and then it became more kind of more selective um i it sounds to me like the same thing is happening with story pins so um they’ve made a change in the distribution for story pins so the announcement kind of was distribution depends on how pinners engage with and take action on your story ping content so um that’s we’re used to that kind of thing when it comes to uh image and video distribution right that it depends on engagement from your followers but now that’s also being applied to story pins so i i have seen a lot of people say oh my story pins used to do great and now they’re not doing so well well now there’s there’s an algorithm yeah yeah and that and we knew that was this is the way it always is when they roll out new stuff you get that first big bang you get all this stuff and then it starts to be like okay if people aren’t gonna watch this then i’m not gonna show it because that’s right you got to remember that everything they do is for the end user and we forget i know i do is like marketers like this genius they should love this but if people aren’t it’s like youtube if people aren’t watching your content or they’re dropping off halfway through the middle that tells people that you know it’s not it tells the algorithm it’s not something you know i need to show to other people because it’s not that great and i know it’s hard to hear and i hate hearing that with my stuff too because i do some youtube stuff i’m like oh it was great it’s funny and they didn’t like it they left halfway through it’s just data so we would never yeah so i feel like it’s kind of maybe was kind of a wild west like give us the story pins we weren’t we’re going to share them all we used to see a lot of like one panel story pins but i don’t think those are going to be distributed very much either but they had some suggestions as always like include video early and often in your story pins um have that cover photo that’s really compelling like spent the most time on your cover and a lot of times that can be done with video as well um and tagging so you can tag people in your stories and they will see in their mentions in the engagement tab which is cool the thing is don’t be spammy people please we would never do that i know but there are i’ve been tagged in things and i’m like what that’s that happens everywhere right i know people tag you on facebook or or instagram and it has nothing to do with you but so why are they doing this why are they doing this well i think anytime you think about people connecting with people right and and kind of the aim of pinterest shifting a little bit to being more of a way to connect with people you start to think about um influence or marketing but are we really connecting with okay i’m sorry are we really connecting with people over on pinterest really are people really going to pinterest trying to connect with people are they trying to like look at those cool sofas for my new edition kind of a thing right that’s the thing i i agree i think it’ll be interesting to see how it how it plays out but i do think this is a maybe a first step in kind of enabling that influencer connection so if you think about maybe i’m doing um a how-to video how to use a certain product and i i mentioned the person who made that product you know that gets me on their radar possibly maybe it helps me to get an influencer deal um so i i feel like that’s where that’s going interesting well here’s a question a good question from uh heggy i think asked can you create a blog post with somebody else’s photos can you still create a story pin well for first of all i’m assuming that you’re like you have somebody who took the photos for you for that blog post and use it that way you never want to take somebody else’s photo even put it on your blog post that’s just that’s uh you could get in a lot of trouble for that um but if it’s something you paid a photographer for or you found it on unsplash or one of those free um photography sites by the way some news unsplash was bought by getty not sure what that’s gonna mean so um that’s kind of crazy how long are we that’s going to be we’re going to be charging for that or they’re going to sell it’s getting stuff on there um but yeah always you know make sure you have permission no matter where you put images to use that so i’m assuming your blog post you’ve gotten that stuff if it’s on your blog post and you’ve paid a photographer or you’ve got it from a a royalty-free photography site it would be great to put on the story pin because that would tie it to your brand and all that yes and if you’re doing a roundup post or something and you want to use images from someone else’s pin what you could do instead is embed that pin and instead of just like copying the image and putting it in which is basically stealing um you want to just take that embed code and put it in your inside your blog post so that will um instead it lives still inside of pinterest not on your blog post technically um and allows them to get the saves on that so i wanted to talk a minute about how tailwind can help because you know we we see pinterest has changed and and it’s becoming harder and harder for people and it’s not just pinterest right it’s basically every marketing outlet seems to want more and more and richer and better content and it’s like it may take more to succeed but that doesn’t mean we necessarily magically have or probably definitely don’t magically have an extra 10 hours a week to do this right right and we don’t have uh our va doesn’t have an extra 10 hours a week or maybe we can’t afford to pay an extra 10 hours a week to get the content that we need in order for it to work so like we’re aware and we’re aware of the success of story pins and we really want to help with that as soon as we can um but like for now like how can taiwan help right now so definitely tailwind create helps with new images and we’ve talked about it before that um yeah even though like video pins and story pins definitely are getting more saves uh than image pins when you create a pin with tail and create as opposed to just saving that same image again you’re gonna get 373 percent more saves more repins so that’s that’s one way we help is with just this tool that makes it so so easy to just drop in your link it pulls in your title pulls in your images or you can use other images and jeff and i are using tail and create images for for tailwind blog posts and i’m seeing those rising right they’re some of our top performing pens so that that definitely works another thing you can do um if you’re making videos for pinterest um is to use tailwind create for your cover photos so what i mean by that is if you just have a video let’s say it’s jeff jeff talking and being funny um if you start out with just kind of a still shot it might work but what i i think works a lot better is to have more like a cover photo that shows what you’re going to get from the video yeah so you can use snow and crate for that hookum exactly so i want to talk about story pins for a little bit so um one of the things is and i see what people and i now that it’s starting to have an algorithm and you’re it’s going to be you need to create great content they’re called story pins for reason you need to tell a story and that’s the thing if you have multiple panels you need to have a reason for those people to go to the next one and i’ll tell you a place to look and and find out some some really um there’s there’s some good ones out there the guys who are doing um carousel posts really really well there’s some accounts that all they are carousel posts on instagram look at those and study them because those are doing really well because the way they’re creating their graphics and their content is moving people to click that to go to the next arrow which instagram loves which makes their you know rise higher on the algorithm people stick longer on the platform which is what instagram wants and so they’re hitting all those buttons and so go study um not just stories but like the instagram carousel post guys that are doing it they’re really popular some really um cool accounts but you know what they’re called people no they’re careful no yeah yeah there’s not a specific i’ll try to grab a couple that i really like um i’ve had them on a couple shows before but and we should maybe get them on because there’s some things that they could teach us about keeping content but but how they’re doing it to get people to go to the next panel and how they’re telling a story throughout those multiple panels i mean there’s stuff there that you could study and really kind of take away get on the cutting edge for i think story pins on pinterest um because there’s a great here’s a great question from uh maria asked this she goes can you give us some ideas for the last slide of the story pin since we can’t have you know links like what’s a good call to action visit my website and search for keyword that’s creative what do you think yeah that’s asking a lot right i i i’m not really sure okay i’m looking at one right now which has six reactions on it which again if you remember the last data study we talked about showed that that all of the pins in our in that had 5 000 reshares or more uh had reactions photos or comments so this one has some reactions on it and the last the last image i think is really cute it’s um it’s just a picture of the creator uh on kind of a blurred out picture of her and it says copy link for full printable recipe you can’t do that so what would i do instead oh this is interesting because right in the in the release it said don’t put text right links in the text so could you go to my could you say like could you do like an instagram thing like go to my profile and visit my website for the most the latest thank you you could i wonder because barbara says she goes she goes i invite them to click on the profile picture to get them to the pinterest site and see everything that’s available to them so that’s interesting yeah you could do like a little arrow that says follow you know follow me as well um to kind of grow your engaged followers which is what we always want is people who already like our content i wonder if in trying to think if you could use like a smart dot bio link in your profile yeah so i i have noticed because on my pinterest bio i use a text based service tool like i want people to text me because i want to get past the algorithm it’s almost like a email subscription list so i’ll put that on my show and i’ll put that it’s actually in my pinterest bio so i have people actually connecting and signing up to get text updates for me like when i go live or something so you could do something like that if you could do this maybe a smart bio link or you know um i wonder if you could even do like the call to action click the link in my bio which people are used to on instagram right i wonder if i don’t think pinterest would flag that because that’s not a text link right i i think that would be okay why don’t you try you could also have it because because some of the stuff like i’m thinking of like how youtube people do it when they have the next video watch my next video kind of thing and they’ll have an arrow pointing to it on that last panel because you could have you know your little profile comes up in the middle you could have an arrow like and say click on my post profile for more information kind of a call to action you could even animate it if you wanted to do it i mean you could do some cool stuff for that last panel i think that key to whatever you choose to do is just remember why pinterest likes story pins right so people can um can connect with you so anything you can do that’s along those lines as opposed to what they’re now cracking down on which is kind of that that work around to get copy my link kind of thing yeah so be creative think of cool stuff i mean uh we’ve had um oh oh um she does pans in hand stuff i can’t remember oh uh amy lacrydo yeah she does really cool um story and because she’ll say like you know find me here i mean i think she’s she may have done some text things but i’m sure she’s changing it if this is happening but yeah look at some of those good stories and kind of like think of some cool creative calls to action you know yep you know completely agree yeah so the other thing is you could use tail and create for story panel creation and right i think what i would recommend with that is that find one you like and save it as a favorite and then you can kind of create kind of a cohesive look for your stories yeah interesting yeah yeah so it’s all about stories these days i think it’s interesting that um just as we’re finding out like how incredibly useful they are now they’re saying okay we love stories we we’re gonna show more stories but like people have to be engaging with them and i think one of the big engaging factors is going to be like you were saying like get them to go to the next panel and here’s this is a great uh thing from jennifer laura she goes last slide visit our easter board for more easter diys hacks and ideas that’s really good that’s really good because it goes to profile then they can go find out more your content in there and inside of your easter board those pins should have links back to your content so smart that’s why we like jennifer because she’s so smart that’s right you guys all have great ideas so that that’s kind of the overview of what we have um i think it probably wasn’t a huge surprise but it’s really interesting to me to see just the massive difference in engagement depending on the kind of content that you’re sharing and even um when you look at by follower count jacob came up with this idea based on a on a study that came out on instagram content and did it matter what follower size you fit into like what you should be doing yes it does so the same thing on pinterest like create more video pins if you are under 10 000 followers if you’re over create more story pins so wherever you fit in there um that is definitely the recommendation yeah yeah so should we look at some of these well i want to we got some questions i want to ask we got some stuff and this is good because we have a new uh pinterest user and i always like to let help them out and this is kev and he goes hello question as a beginner i just started out to create pinterest pins and i’m struggling with how many pins daily i should pin of my own and how many pins should i repin of other folks pin if this makes sense thanks well kev you were coming to the right place because alisa is chock full of knowledge so what would you say alisa i feel like i can hear our collective audience answering this question um i know a lot of them know the answer so the question comes up because in tailwind courses and many experts gurus they talk about um the 80 20 rule which says either you should share 80 of your own content in 20 of others or the other way around that was never really a thing right it was just an easy way to give people a guideline on how to share content elisa i lost you i think you froze up so are you guys still seeing the broadcast i just want to double check that we’re still live because lisa is not there so if you could drop in the comments down below i want to make sure that it’s not me who yeah okay live is freezing i am still here elisa if you’re i’m gonna leave you up until you come back so um yes we’re still live so very very interesting so we will um we’ll answer some of your questions while waiting for elisa to refresh let me while we’re here see if we can uh get her back her dog may have unplugged the he um her internet so oh there she’s gone so i’m gonna go to full screen on me and by the way this is a great time while we are waiting um because we had mentioned before that we have these brand new templates that are coming out the april ones are just around the corner but we’d love for you guys to go to forward slash tw pinterest toolkit that’s forward slash tw pinterest toolkit to check those out and we will try to get elisa back as soon as possible so it’s just me lisa says lisa harvey says in the comments so that is very cool i’m gonna pull up uh some other things here really quickly um let me get this out of the way so um let’s see so becky says um let me go here to some of the the questions so he was talking about the significance and how much to pin or repin like lisa was saying that there’s a lot of old data out there that was a percentage i still like to pin other people’s content because i like to help them out and i also think it’s valuable to my audience but it there’s no set formula um if you have content to and it depends on um you know the frequency you want to pin it depends on you know how big of followers you have it also depends on how much content you have like my friend kim garst she has tons of content she could pin stuff only her stuff all day every day and so her frequency of pinning other people’s content versus mine is different uh and also depends on what your end use is oh here she’s back so let me bring her back here um let me go to at least i was vamping there for a while are you are you back uh i hope so something happened my lights flickered there was a huge boom and my wi-fi went out so i’m on um there’s not any lanes outside or anything is there’s like there there very well could be okay um but i’m gonna use my hot spot and hopefully that will hold up okay cool so finish up the content i i was kind of vamping i told i was talking about how you had mentioned that you know there’s old data is a certain percentage you had to pin i and i said that it depends like like for kim garst she’s got tons of content she can pin her stuff all day every day and never repent anybody else’s stuff i like to repent other people’s content because i like to help them out i think it helps my audience a little bit i pin elise’s stuff tailwind stuff thank you um just because um but if i had more content i’d pin more of my stuff too so i think it just depends on what your goals are for pinterest i don’t think it matters really um as long as you’re active on the platform what are your thoughts the the thing that you do that will have the biggest impact on your success is sharing your own content right because it’s links back to your site right yeah that’s right but if everybody stops sharing everybody else’s content i mean it would be hard that’s pinterest is built on that right pinterest is built on saving ideas that you want to use later you want to read later so it’s a natural behavior i think if you just um don’t overdo it right especially when you’re talking about re-sharing your own content um but when it comes to sharing other people’s content like you said we most of the time we do we just want to do that that’s what we do on pinterest so if you want to fine but but realize that it’s not like people are gonna and i think the argument used to be people will go to your profile and see that you’re only sharing your own things and think oh well that’s spammy right that’s not a thing it’s not a thing but there is also a little bit of i share elise’s content because i wanted to share mine kind of too totally right and when we looked at yeah yeah go ahead we looked at the analytics and we could see the impact that it has when other people share your content so if all that completely went away that would be a problem yeah so if you’re in so let’s go back to the original question here’s the new pinterest junior what’s you know i would i would concentrate most of my time on creating content that from my blog and you know creating new pins i would use the time like if i’m repenting some other people’s stuff that makes sense for my audience but also it would help me learn like oh that pin looks great it’s coming up in search and like oh i’m going to pin that because i want to see i mean but i would concentrate most when i’m starting out is learning the platform you know seeing what is resonating with your audience and creating content that goes on pinterest that is yours completely completely agree and we’ve talked about that formula before where okay maybe you don’t have 10 000 blog posts so you don’t have five new things to share every week but but do you have a piece of content that’s still relevant that you could frame in a way that would appeal to a new audience in a new search right right and then you go in detail and create it takes 1.8 minutes to create a pin right so this is a great so everyone goes well isn’t this the idea of communities because tailwind has communities and so we still do communities at taiwan because of the reasons we said was that it sounds like you have a war at your house are you you know i i’m telling you there was a huge boom and then a lot of emergency vehicles and now i’ve got military uh jets flying over so i don’t i don’t know what’s going on well be with elisa so she had to mute because it’s so bad but those are all good questions so i mean we still we pin uh we community content on tailwind’s account because once again i think there’s a little bit i’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of thing virtually of course um well i think the other thing too is that in communities we find a lot of content that’s written about tailwind right right so you might find something like that i the the other thing is that i really have gotten to know bloggers that i didn’t know existed because they’ve joined my community and then when we need like a content collaboration or something those are the people whose content you know and trust so you can go to them right anna asks this question she goes should we look at pinterest as a search engine are we trying to get followers this is a great question i love this question so much and if it seems like um six months ago it would have been a really simple answer yes it is a visual search and discovery engine however pinterest has said recently several times publicly that they want to make it a place for pinners to connect with content creators so yes followers are going to become more important but there’s still that search and discovery mechanism there so you want to make sure you’re using your keywords and putting those into your descriptions your titles your board names and board descriptions and just making sure that you keep that consistency so pinterest knows how to distribute things in search that’s search is still there and it’s still what people are using for the most part i think that’s great what do you think i think so too and i think that it’s still the it’s built as a search engine the the backbone of pinterest has not changed they’re adding some of this stuff on top of it this is just my opinion and they would love to be a little more like instagram but it’s still based as a search engine i don’t see them going away from that anytime soon because that’s what people that’s what their followers and users use it for and so i still i mean i think they’ll layer some engagement and like influencer stuff on top of that but i still think it’s as base it’s going to be that visual search engine so uh kev kev says this he’s the he says thanks for your input your thoughts and help is much appreciated well kev thank you for asking that question let us know i love your hat if you have any questions yeah if you have any questions you get stuck somewhere tailwind’s always here to help with that so yeah very very cool absolutely so oh has something cara who we had on last week she goes function is different than purpose it functions like a search engine but it’s moving towards purposeful connection that is a great way to put that’s why we have cara on so much because she’s so smart she can say she should be hosting this show not me what am i here for she’s so good so i know our audience is pretty smart yeah okay so we have some interesting social news yes we do so we’re going to add a section each time because a lot of this stuff i think will eventually apply to uh pinterest and where you know most of us as marketers are not one-dimensional and so this stuff i think is kind of important but i don’t know if you guys know this but uh social audio is kind of hot right now uh clubhouse uh if you haven’t heard about clubhouse then you’re probably on an android and you don’t really care but it’s a big thing right now um where it’s a place if you don’t know what clubhouse is it’s a social it’s a uh ios only a platform it’s audio only and you get a jump in these rooms and a lot of times you’ll be able to talk with like bigwigs like grant cardone amy porterfield i mean all these big people are having these rooms where they can invite the audio up on stage and speak and so there’s a little less friction when you don’t have to be camera ready but you can go in there and you can ask your questions interact with people you can start your own room it’s really really popular they got another round of funding really a lot of stuff going on there well come to find out uh facebook’s coming out with their own club clubhouse version spotify is coming out with its own uh clubhouse kind of killer linkedin is uh coming out with one and also um twitter twitter spaces is already out and so elise and i have been on there before doing one of those so this social audio thing is here to stay now will pinterest ever come out with one i never thought they would do the stuff they’re doing now we don’t know i don’t know they could you know they could instagram was talking about it too right right instagram’s gonna but it’s kind of weird because facebook’s owned by instagram instagram’s owned by facebook and they’re coming out with one yeah so i don’t know how it’s gonna integrate but have you guys been on clubhouse let us know uh and yeah so uh people are that’s the problem i have with clubhouse like tanya says i’ve heard about clubhouse but it’s it’s uh you need an invite yeah they’re selling them on ebay for goodness sake no way if you need one email me i have i have several at least at yes and so it’s really crazy everybody’s doing it it’s like what ryan said what everybody’s doing gets better come on do we need everyone to do it though i mean if you have that many platforms it’s hard enough to be everywhere now i’m not going to be on all those audio platforms and i imagine everyone’s going to pick one i hope well here’s so cara once again cara has a great comment she goes love i love the idea of it but i personally would rather spend time on creating value with content that lasting can be repurposed preach it totally here’s the thing i like i think clubhouse was what we needed at the time we’re all locked down we can’t go to conferences it was a way to connect and people found connection there i mean my business was built on google plus that’s where i met people and it’s not around anymore so even if it doesn’t if even if it doesn’t last i’m not discounting the relationships and business and all the stuff you can oh for sure from networking with people and doing it in the right way so i think it’s great yeah we’re about to have two two facebook live guests that i met on clubhouse i mean there it really is great for connections but i feel like clubhouse is just too broad and i the the one that really caught my attention jeff is the linkedin the linkedin audio platform because there’s context there yeah right i think they should have bought clubhouse i think that clubhouse is like valuable billion stuff so yeah so uh but see jen is saying i’ve been i got six clients in the last two months from clubhouse so i totally get it right i totally get it my only problem is it’s invite only and it has it’s ios and i mean there’s hope so i’m talking about this all tomorrow on how to network on clubhouse and these social audios on social media news live so i think it’s going to be it’s a great conversation because networking is important whatever you do but it’s just interesting uh and i agree with brian here i think it has a lot of new fake experts which is very very true yeah so yeah there’s something missing with the interaction too like the interaction we get here is so much fun it adds so much to the conversation to have your comments come up on clubhouse you have to raise your hand and actually speak in front of the audience and a lot of people just don’t want to do that yeah i i honestly this is just me speaking out my beard is that i think twitter spaces will eventually rule the roost because you already have an audience there there’s no friction when i say hey after the show let’s all get on uh this platform if i say clubhouse i lose half of the people and that some people may not even have an invite but if i say twitter spaces most people have a twitter account most people will go there it’s a lot easier they have emojis you don’t have to raise your hand it’s a little cleaner i think but that’s just my opinion i may be totally wrong so and twitter was built for for making connections with people you wouldn’t get to in real life right and plus there’s there’s some context behind that as well like if you see somebody interesting you can then go follow them and find out so much more about them than you could in a clubhouse bio um it just seems like i don’t know the same with spotify it’s like yeah it’s turning it into a radio station almost and if it’s it brings me back to the days right there’s only so much time in the day yes ryan yes but it reminds me of the old times when you would be waiting for your favorite song on the radio and you’d have that tape in your tape deck and as soon as it came on you’d hit record like i want to be able to listen to what i want to listen to when i want to listen to it because that’s what we have on every other platform which is what i find really missing with these audio socials that are all live and if if you don’t get it live you don’t get it i like the friction because i’m a podcaster i love being able to use audio and connecting with people that way and if it makes it easier for people to connect with me when we’re talking and have a conversation and not have any like location boundaries i love the idea of this i really i but i really like the twitter spaces thing because one it’s built on periscope one i think they’re eventually going to let you download your conversation so i can keep it to kara’s point and also already they have a transcript for people who have harder hearing they can turn on the transcript and it’s automatically generating that is a big deal for being inclusive i think i just think right now i get the scarcity kind of thing that they’re trying to do in clubhouse and it’s beta and stuff i get that but i in the end of the day i want to have something that i can right now i can go in clubhouse right now and re i do it all the time is record the conversation with my sound board because i hate having it go away and so that’s why i love pinterest is because it’s such long-term content which is why it’s not out of the possibility that they could do an audio only thing i just it wouldn’t nothing pinterest does surprises me anymore because of the way they’re going with becoming instagram partner you know i don’t mean i mean it’s r you know they’re doing these things that i never thought they would do because it’s a search thing so they could layer social audio on i haven’t heard any rumors but everybody else is but now you’re starting once so let’s yeah i did i’m not starting it i just it wouldn’t surprise me it would not surprise me if they do it yeah i agree i agree very much so so next week jeff we are starting something special and different as long as they don’t bring back hashtags oh the hashtags yes don’t even cara yeah please don’t don’t start that okay so next week we’re going to start something we’re going to be doing facebook lives every week for a while we’re going to see how it goes and this was our our pinterest show uh alternating weeks will be everything else yeah so we’re going to talk about like a lot of visual instagram live shows you know we’re real visual marketing so there’s going to be a lot of that twist to it i think um but yeah so we’re going to we’d love for you guys to tune in next week same time same channel so uh yeah and we can go off on hashtags with kara but yeah there’s so much stuff to do and a lot of the things i mean you have to know what’s going on in other platforms i mean just like i talked about today um learning what’s going on and working on instagram some of the times you can take some of those lessons and apply them to what your your strategies that you’re doing on pinterest that other people aren’t they’re still stuck in like i’m just gonna upload this the way it looks like i’ve always done it when you can go and see okay why is that working over on youtube why is that connecting um over on instagram for these people and apply it to your pinterest strategy you know jennifer priest does a lot of this kind of stuff too is where she she looks and sees how people are getting hooked how they’re staying on the platform why is that working why is it standing out in the feed those kind of things you can apply on those other ones and and apply to your picture strategy i think is going to be invaluable so i mean we’re going to dive into all sorts of stuff on these every other show yeah so it’s so fun and i think a huge part of this is that we know this we ever you guys all know this that we can’t we can’t rely on one platform for everything right it just doesn’t work that way so if we can find ways to be have complimentary efforts have our pinterest feed into our instagram our interest in instagram feed into our pinterest find ways to do it faster and smarter that’s what we’re going to do so yeah so oh my gosh it’s all we see it’s so much fun we have so much fun with every everybody cara of course uh says love you guys such great insight and perspective thanks for doing this every week yes it is going to be every week so we’re excited for this and trona yes you are such a good and you support us so well um we appreciate you coming and we wouldn’t do this without you guys so make sure you show up ask your questions if you find something like hey by the way we just saw pinterest going using audio whatever it is you know let us know because we would love to talk about it and you know feature you on the show or whatever we want to make this all about you what’s working for you what will help you most in your business if you’re like i don’t know anything about email marketing i need help with that let us know maybe we can do a show about it just sure we want to make this all about you guys so yeah absolutely with something are we gonna do a little twitter spaces jeff oh you want to code now in twitter spaces yeah let’s go to twitter spaces um drop people find it yeah at jeffc can i can i let me see if i can add one let me change this really quick let me see let me see i’m gonna pull it up here um we’ll do it over here on my on my thing here it is that is it right there that’s my twitter handle we’re going to go and do a twitter space if you guys would like to talk with us that would be a lot of fun we’re going to pop over there uh cara was in it with us when we did it last last week wasn’t it did we do one i think we did it we’d love for you guys to see over there don’t forget about those uh templates that i just brought up and uh with that we’ll see you guys next time next week by the way see you later

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