Augmented Reality in Retail 2017

AI’s Move to Business

Artificial Intelligence is a marvel of human design that continues to improve throughout the years, garnering praise from people around the world. An AI that can post on Twitter has become something short of a miracle, but how much further can it reach in the next five years? Life-like robots, smart homes, and intelligent software are already here, so what’s next?

Industries Where AI Would Be Beneficial

Over the last couple of decades, advances in engineering and programming have led to many developments that seem to be popping up at exponential rates. One of these applications and uses is with artificial intelligence which is being used for corporate advances as well as developments in peoples day to day lives privately and professionally. We already see its use today in the form of self-driving cars and for fun like AI programs that are able to beat the Snake Game.

The Future We Can Face With AI

Improved speech, voice, image and video recognition will change the way we interact with our devices. Over the next few years, we will continue to see vast improvements in the quality and fidelity of speech, voice, image, and video recognition, and our ability to classify results will improve significantly. Cheap and omnipresent sensors and cameras will provide ever-increasing streams of data for processing in real-time.

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Apple Smartphone Market Strategy Is a Key to Its Continuing Success

Apple is a follower in the smartphone market, a strategy it seems to have embraced. This approach appears to be working. Although it’s making huge gains with its services, the smartwatch, and other products, the iPhone will be a centerpiece of its business for sometime. So, what must it do to stay competitive in the highly competitive smartphone market?

Tips to Play the Role of a Wedding Emcee Like a Professional

Why an EMCEE is needed at reception ceremony: Being a wedding EMCEE is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of planning. A wedding is like a fulfillment of a dream for every bride and groom and also for their families and friends. So, if you are assigned the role of playing the wedding EMCEE for your best friend or any immediate relative, then you must realize that it is no less than an honor.

Suggestions for Hiring an Emcee for Your Event

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How to Become an Effective Corpoarte Event Emcee-

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Selecting the Best Emcee Is Pivotal

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Types of Automatic Spring Making Machines

Automatic Spring Making Machines are beneficial inventions of technology. These types of equipment are being used in factories for manufacturing springs of various kinds. It is extremely easy to operate these machines.

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