Advice for Every Young Entrepreneur Who Feels “Stuck” Right Now

Advice for Every Young Entrepreneur

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Video Transcript

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable for a period of time is actually a great life skill you got your perspective i just want to be happy don’t you want to be happy i’m so happy for you to meet gary thank you i’m really happy as well before we started so i i was telling maha all about um how i relate to you in the way that you used to think about school a lot and i i really feel like the same and i have that entrepreneurial mindset that that you have and i when i i always i follow you on tech talk and instagram when i i watch your videos every day uh and every time i i hear you talk about something that i can relate to like i i completely relate to it and and me and my parents always have this debate about school and i tell them like i want to i want to start a business i want to get into drop shipping i want to do this and then mother’s like no do chemistry and then you know all of that so it’s uh so when i heard that my dad was was working with you i was like that i watch gavi every day he’s one of my idols like really and then he was like i’ll try my best to get him to meet you and when he told me that that he organized the meeting it was like this is like the best thing i could ever ask for and so i want to really thank you so much for this amazing opportunity of course you can’t imagine how that feels to be heard so thank you so much for those kind words is there anything you want to focus on on this conversation i mean i just i want to i want to get your your perspective on on on what i should do your advice on on how i should and how i should act because like obviously there’s the side of my parents telling me one thing and the side of what i really want to do and then there is also this like middle place that it’s like my parents are providing me with everything and they’re really amazing and i love them so much and and they give me great advice but on this specific thing i i really feel like i wanna i wanna try and and explore my my strengths and my weaknesses and learn from my mistakes if i if i start a business or drop shipping or whatever it is early and i just i can’t i get that across my parents i think a lot of times people in life think about or when the answer is actually and you know i i wasn’t able to convince my parents either to not go to college you know i didn’t want to and i went for four years because i loved my parents so much and i just you know i think you know i’m sure maha can tell you the same thing and anybody who’s lived a little bit getting comfortable with being uncomfortable for a period of time is actually a great life skill and honestly you know no matter how much including myself one loves entrepreneurship the vacation that is being young and just going to school is you know that’s what i the reason i was able to be okay the last four or five years mentally was i basically said well this will be my last real vacation before i go into my real life and so you know i think what i was fortunate enough was my parents didn’t stop me from doing business stuff on the side obviously i worked for my family’s liquor store business and i was doing my sports card and flipping and garage sailing and so you know yeah if you’re in a position where your parents aren’t completely stopping you from doing things on the side and saying no you can’t you you you’re forbidden you must only study if you’re lucky enough that you can do both i would tell you that you have plenty of time in front of you yeah what you want but i do think the sooner you can start tasting you know drop shipping uh influencer marketing nft cryptocurrency all this stuff looks easy on paper it’s good in theory but then when you do it it’s much harder than people think and i think the sooner you can taste the ups and the downs it’s kind of like exercising you’ll be more prepared for when you do it full-time it’s like prepping for a fight you’ll be ready for that fight so i think you know are you are you in a position where you can start doing some of this stuff on the side um i think i can what i spoke to my dad about was doing this in summer um and and one of my and my dad had a meeting with the with an american businessman uh and he um he’s based in arizona and he has a lot of friends and real estate and and everything and he came to our house a week ago and i have um plans to go and visit them in arizona and and expand my knowledge about because i’m really interested in real estate as well doing real estate in the future so so i basically planned my whole summer to do that and um and what what my my dad tells me a lot is that he feels that i’m lazy and i don’t disagree with him uh i can be i have the tendency to be lazy but i also you’re lazy because you’re disinterested exactly exactly 100 when i was 13 to 18 i was told by many many people that i was lazy they just happened to be people that were at school you know yeah and maybe my grandma sometimes around the house because i didn’t want to hang a picture but you know i uh you know it makes me laugh so much because people thought i was lazy yet my life’s destiny was to be synonymous with work ethic yeah like i i really feel like if i had something interesting like when i watch all those videos about uh business and marketing and real estate i expand like three like hours like just just watching and just listening and it’s so interesting and i’m so captivated in the moment but as soon as i switch back to my chemistry class and they start talking about all this other stuff like in two minutes i’m so disinterested so uninterested in whatever they’re talking about i lived your life my friend i understand i i it got so bad for me that i started bringing wine magazines to school and i would read them in the middle of class like literally i i basically realized something i realized that my high school was more interested in me passing because they were going for a blue ribbon status in new jersey which required everybody graduating i realized that i could as long as i showed up for school that i was going to pass and the second i realized that i basically read wine magazines in class or fooled around or daydreamed or doodled or whatever you know i i think the key here is perspective one you’re gonna have you’re not missing out today it’s nfts tomorrow it’s vr the next day it’s something that not the three of us could even imagine so i think you’ve got to make sure that you don’t have anxiety of missing out once you have a good relationship with that what you need to do is just focus on learning as much as you can around the things that you’re passionate about you know ultimately your parents will be okay no matter what as long as you’re healthy and happy but you might have to have a little bit of pain in between now and that success yeah i mean i um what one story that about that you that we were talking about that that really sort of got me really interested was um i remember when you said that it was it was i think around christmas time and you were in the working in the liquor store and you were making crazy amounts an hour and this lady that lived like two hours away you had she ordered this um pink rose bottles or something and then you had to get in your car and drive all the way in the snow and then i i thought like i was when i when i watched that video i literally i said out loud like this is like so genius this is so what i want to be doing i want to i want to have my business i want to have i want every customer to know that that whatever the order is going to be there that like that that quality like that that’s what i study and and i’m in a better position than than maybe you were when you were in school next year um i only do three subjects that i like so i’m going to do business economics and politics so i i always i told my dad like that next year i can i can full i can get like everything that all the grades that i would need and everything because it would be interesting and i told my dad like i’m going to go to university maybe not but it’s like more of a safety net so if so if something happens i have a plan we have a degree to fall back on something that that people look for when when when they’re hiring by the by the time you’re hiring and succeed let’s say you go through that and it’s university four years for you is that how it works or three or yeah four years yeah by the time you that’s that’ll be five years of school it sounds like because you have one more year is that what you said earlier and then university i have two more years two more years more years i mean that’s six then you try to do your thing let’s say it fails after two years in eight years the amount of businesses that are going to be hiring without university is enormous i would tell you to think about it differently and perspective matters instead of thinking about it as your fallback plan because the reality is if you keep networking i mean if you just stay in touch with maha just her just her for the next eight years every six months hello tex whatever she’ll be more likely to help you get a job that’s meaningful for you than your universe i promise you getting a job with me is more about your relationship with maha than some piece of paper of some school that i’ve never heard of promise yeah i think the key is perspective i think if you think about university as something that you want to do for your parents because they’ve done so much for you you’d be surprised on how it feels going through university i believe that if you think i believe that you know in your heart that it being a fallback piece of paper is but i don’t believe that you think going for four years for your parents is as a matter of fact based on the way you’re talking i think that it would make you happy to do that for your parents it will make me happy and i and i know that because the thing is that my dad he he went through the normal process and it was really hard for him and and um and he had to and he had to work so hard and he was such a disadvantage because of his circumstances there was civil war and everything when he was going up so for him the fact that he he made success like as um as an employee and as like working for for a company after so many years and the growth of the company with while he was with them exponentially grew so i am so that’s why i i always completely understand my dad when he tells me like you have to go to university this is the only way uh like what else you’re gonna do um no no job is gonna look for you without a degree and then i i always tell my dad like that take a quote from from elon musk the people that i didn’t go to harvard but the people that work for me did and then my dad was like and then always ask me how many elon musks are there in the world and i told that the problem is there’s a lot more they don’t they’re not elon musk but the amount of people that are entrepreneurs that were not built for school that have gone on to successful but more importantly happy lives that have far more college-educated students literally almost everybody that works for my companies the 1500 current employees and the tens of thousands that have worked for me in my life literally almost all of them outside of a couple scrappers at wine library stock boys have been on paper more educated than me forget about my financial success in comparison to the majority of them it’s the sheer happiness of living what’s in your dna that is so important yeah i view entrepreneurship like i view art i really do i really do i believe that artists who are truly artists are happy to live by financial humble means to be able to draw or to doodle or whatever they do and if that means they’ll make 60 63 000 a year scrapping by a side job and selling a couple of paintings that if they truly are a true artist not one who thought they wanted to be an artist to become banksy or make money or be famous or be a rock star and date models i mean truly i am an artist and i love it i believe they’re happier than than than a you know chemical engineer making 800 000 a year and i think i think that’s why i associate with entrepreneurship so much more about the freedom of being happy about doing your true mission than the financial success that’s associated with it because when i got into it it wasn’t cool like it is right now do you understand how crazy it is for me to have young men like you say that i’m your idol there was no thought that businessmen or women were cool when i was your age athlete musician but never even you know the most famous businessman that was doing something progressive was bill gates and his glasses were the size of my head you know it was the furthest it was culture for the progressive businessman or very old people like a businessman on tv would be a 70 year old man with white hair right you know so so you know you know it’s very fascinating how things evolve but i would tell you that i think because i have to run right now i just realized i apologize but you know i think hey let’s stay in touch b b converted to the fact that you’re doing it for your parents and i think you’ll enjoy it a lot more the next six years and thank you so much just keep talking to your father about what you believe thank you thank you so much history will prove you right and the end yeah that’s cool for your side hustle it’s it’s it’s ann it’s and yeah i saw you recorded this let’s let’s chop some of this and put in my content and we’ll make it exactly i was gonna send it to the team such good stuff cheers thank you so much thank you youtube watcher what’s up it’s garyvee first of all thank you so much i hope you’re doing super well during these times i also want to ask you please subscribe because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories polls more content more engagement more surprise and delight this is the time to subscribe i hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon you

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