Breakthrough Marketing Blueprint

Breakthrough Marketing Blueprint

This is going to be a ad clinic and what I’m going to do here is I’m going to show you take you through a process that I use every single time that I sit down to create an ad over to my look at an ad to critique it or to make it better I’m looking for some very specific things and I’m going to share those with you as they’re kind of like the the foundation to creating compelling direct response ads and I call them the seven question test for writing compelling ads and it’s really just seven questions that I ask every time I sit down if I’m looking at an ad I’m in my mind going through these seven questions so what I’d love for you to do is think about or look at the ad that you’re using to compel your prospects to call you or use this as a guideline for creating the ad that we’re going to use to compel your prospects to call you so right now you’ve been doing a lot of work to get ready for this moment where we’re actually going to create the ads so let’s start with our 7 question test question number one is have I selected a single target market now you hear me say that again and again and again and the reason that I do is because once you’ve selected a target market it makes it so much easier for you to tap into the conversations that are going on in their mind it makes it easier for you to understand what’s going to compel somebody to call you and remember what we’re looking to do is compel them we’re not looking to convince them to do anything we want to tap into that already-existing motivation that they have regarding the information that they need to start the process of doing whatever it is that you do so have I selected a single target market i’m going to show you some samples of some ads here we’ll take a look and talk about where they are and are not using these seven questions so this was a postcard at one of the members at our platinum event just a couple of weeks ago had submitted for the ad clinic that we did in Phoenix so when we look at the postcard here we look at the front of this we see that there’s a young girl in school and we see that headline on the front of the postcard great job Annie you had perfect attendance this year how’d your parents make that happen and then the logo with the howl and the pencil there now when you look at this and the reason I’m pointing it out is that every element of an ad is either supporting your main compelling message it’s speaking directly to your target audience or it’s not it’s confusing the issue so you know the the consensus when we were talking about this ad in the group was that this ad sort of looked like an ad for a tutoring service it looked like something where you could send your kids after school to to get them excited about school but in reality this was an ad for a chiropractor’s this is the back of the postcard here so you see at the very top cafe of life chiropractic and wellness center now when we look at this you know we had a whole discussion about it and when the the headline of the ad cafe of life chiropractic and wellness center is kind of all about all about them but the more important thing that sort of illustrates what I’m talking about was selecting a single target market is that the within the body here we start talking about that they can help people with a DD or ADHD they can help kids with asthma with allergies with colitis or Crohn’s disease with ear infections headaches and migraines sensory disorders and many other conditions now it’s trying to convey the message that we can help you or your child with all kinds of different things but it does it at the expense of being crystal clear to one target audience so in the discussion that we had about the the most effective thing or the thing that they could do that would be a significant difference for someone was in helping their kids with ear infections so what we talked about was turning this into a postcard that was very specific about only ear infections and how if you had instead of a cafe of life atlanta com URL there was a website called no more ear infections calm and it talked only about a free report that you could get if your child has recurring ear infections not doing anything other not trying to convince people to come in for a test or to come in for any type of an adjustment or complimentary consultation anything like that the only thing that we want to do is to get those invisible prospects remember we talked about the difference between visible prospects and invisible prospects parents of children with ear infections are invisible prospects so we have to get in front of them with a message that’s already on the front of their mind and so if we if a parent with a child with an ear infection or to see something that offered some hope or some answers as to how to cure your child of recurring ear infections or something along those lines that offer invaluable information to solve a problem or to enter a conversation that’s already going on in their mind that’s going to be so much more compelling so we had a whole conversation about that and you can see how just those two things when you select a single target market it makes it easy to create something is compelling only to that person so we also want to look at if you’ve got a whole list of people that you can help that we focus in on one of them at a time now question number two is do I have a compelling offer so our compelling offer is what’s going to get somebody to raise their hand and that’s going to be based on what we talked about when we went through the exercise to understand the conversations that are already going on in your prospects mind and those would be the clues as to what would make somebody compelled to raise their hands so we’ve been talking about at all through this exercise our target market of lakefront home owners in Winter Haven Florida and what’s the conversation that’s already going on in the mind of your prospect and we mentioned that the conversation would be I wonder how much my house is worth that’s kind of the beginning conversation that’s the overriding thing so when we offer a headline free july two thousand twelve report on Winter Haven lakefront house prices and it’s delivered right to the door right to the mailbox of the 2180 lakefront home owners in winter haven we’ve selected a single target market and we’ve got a compelling offer where they can get their free report by either calling and listening to a free recorded message or going to winterhaven lakefront report com to pick up their report so that’s how easy it can be it’s very simple especially when you have visible prospects like the lakefront home owners now question number three is does my headline engage my target audience see the headline of the ad the big portion at the top is really the part of the ad that gets your prospects attention lets them know oh this might be for me this is something that I should pay attention to so you know we talked about the lakefront home owners as one possible target audience the visible prospects and then we talked about lakefront home buyers being more of an invisible prospect but here is an ad that we run in the homes and land magazine and the real estate publications that we use to find those invisible prospects of buyers so when you’re looking through that homes magazine and you see a half-page ad like this with a headline free summer 2012 guide to winter haven area lakefront house prices plus get weekly updates of all the new lakefront listings they can find out what lakefront homes are selling for get updates on all the new listings as soon as they come on the market they just go to free lakefront guide com and get their copy or call the phone number and listen to a 24 hour free recorded message we’ve got a picture of a beautiful lakefront there so all of this ques people that this is for you if you’re looking for a lakefront home so everything about it is kind of queuing them that this is for you and we’ve can only do that because we’ve selected a single target market now we could do that same thing if we were looking for condo buyers we could put a picture of a condo in there and say free summer 2012 guide to winter haven area condo prices or if we were looking for people who were looking for horse farms we could save free summer 2012 guide to winter haven area horse farm prices or orange grove prices or whatever at target market we could imagine some of these are very very versatile and you’ll see that the format’s that i use and i’m going to give you templates for these formats that you can use are very very similar they’re very versatile you can change the the words and the pictures but the format always looks like valuable information and that’s our question number 4 does it look like valuable information or does it look like an ad now there’s something very important to realize here and that is that when people are looking through publications they are looking for valuable information they’re not looking for ads when people are reading the newspaper they’re looking for the article same thing when they’re looking through magazines and you know part of our brain is actually tasked with helping us filter out those things so the cues to your brain that something is an ad are things like having a big logo in there things like having starbursts lots of exclamation points having you know lots of different colors and overly graphic design something that looks like an ad is perceived differently than something that looks like news so let me show you a couple of examples here’s one of the gentlemen in our case study program who is a painting service but when you look at this ad right here does this look like an ad absolutely it does it looks like all of the other ads because it’s got the name of the company right there it’s got the logo it’s the center of the attention you know experience the different of a truly serving service business and I mean it’s all great intention but it looks like an ad and your brain perceives something differently when it knows that it is an ad here’s another one this is another gentleman in our program the Reeves construction roofing siding and gutters storm damage if you had hail you have hail damage now these guys have a very compelling offer they’ve got a very specific target audience I’ve been talking with Jeff all through the the case study program here and you’re going to see the evolution of this because we’ll show you what actually comes of of some of these examples here when I show you in our second ad clinic the before-and-afters of people who are actually applying this to their own businesses here so this if somebody received this along with all of the other Flyers from people from other construction companies that are vying for the same business they’re all sending a different-looking flyer that’s essentially the same thing saying choose me for your for your free roof replacement because all of these are based on the fact that you know the roofs can be replaced by the insurance companies with very little cost to the homeowner so we’re gonna talk a little bit about how to elevate the reception of these when somebody sees another flyer they just lay all the fliers out on the table and it doesn’t you know there’s no real difference between any of them jeff had said himself that they’re all saying the same message so coincidentally just when I was talking with Jeff we got in the mail because we spend the summers in in Canada our absentee ballots for the elections coming up here that the look at how official this envelope looks it looks like something that is very important and when you look at the when you look at the ad there you know we’ve got the same thing that everything looks the same but when we’ve got the this important looking envelope it’s perceived very differently and so I was thinking about for for Jeff that what if there were an envelope that arrived that looked very official like that that started out with you know free roof replacement claim kit or something in the envelope that looked like this is the process to start the and start the ball rolling on getting your roof replaced and you know we’ll talk a lot about the intention of what that is supposed to do what the communication Jeff would like to have with people and when when it’s perceived as valuable information as something that they’re entitled to that this is how we start the process here it might be more valuable and now here’s an example of the back of that envelope and I can imagine something very similar for Jeff going to homeowners after the storm has arrived with an envelope with a cover letter and maybe a picture of the affected area that’s been approved for roof replacements by the following insurance companies of listing all the companies that ensure homes in that neighborhood so when you look at things like this there’s a lot of psychology going on and how can we make something seem like valuable information raised elevate the status that it gets in the mind of the people who are reading it so pay attention in the future here as we talk a little bit more about that but look at your ads look at the things that you’re doing right now and ask yourself does this look like an ad or does it look like valuable information and even one little thing can tip something off to make it not look as official as it could to make it not look as important as it could question number five is am I using conversational language the important thing about this is that we want to imagine that you’re talking to one prospect at a time not that you’re talking to the whole group there’s a difference between broadcasting a message to an audience and speaking to one person often the the tendency that we have when we’re creating ads is to imagine that we’re broadcasting this message to a stadium full of people when the reality is especially with print ads or any type of reading type of media they’re reading it one person at a time it’s actually a very intimate form of communication so we want to only speak to one person at a time and we want to do it in a really kind of conversational way here’s an example of an ad that we’re currently running in winter haven here this is for a new reverse mortgage program that allows seniors over the age of 62 to buy homes in Florida with fifty percent down and live in the house with no monthly payment for the rest of their life so as long as they live in the house so when you but we put this ad in here just listen to how conversationalist sounds we’ve got two pictures of an identical house up there and the headline is can you spot the sixty two thousand five hundred dollar difference in these identical Winter Haven lakefront homes did you spot it here’s a hint it is the roofing shingles or the special nails it isn’t the gold-plated faucets or anything you could even see with the naked eye the difference between these identical winter haven homes is that any US citizen over 62 years old can buy this one hundred twenty-five thousand dollar lakefront home with sixty two thousand five hundred dollars and no monthly payment as long as they live in the house for instance the house in this picture above qualifies for the program it’s a beautiful two bedroom lakefront home right here in winter haven it’s on over half an acre with a sandy beach and mature oak trees now do you hear how conversational this sounds it sounds just like you would say to somebody if you were having a conversation with them then we go on to explain just a little bit about what this is and offer them the opportunity to get a free report with all the details so it’s easy to find out more information about this government-backed mortgage program you can get a free report with all the details by going to half price retirement homes com or just call the 800 number for a 24 hour free recorded message and we’ve got a very compelling URL half-price retirement homes com that sounds pretty compelling to the people who are 62 years or older or coming to Florida to buy their retirement homes in winter haven it’s a pretty compelling offer and we’ve done it in a very sort of compelling way so when we look at this this is a very successful ad that we’ve been running now and I’m excited that it’s it’s a winner and we’re rerunning it again and again and that’s what’s great about once you create something that addresses all of these seven questions once you create something that’s a compelling engine something that’s going to attract your ideal prospects you can run it again and again and again and it’s it’s very easy question number six is it absolutely clear what I’m asking them to do next see so often people run ads they create ads that are that leave it up to the prospects to take the initiative and just you know the most compelling thing that we hear people say is call us today and you know but they’re not saying to call for anything specifically we’re not saying what to say when you call or who’d what to ask for when you call or who to talk to when you call we want to make it absolutely clear what we’re asking them to do next because nobody likes to take the initiative unless they’re perfectly instructed to do so see that’s one of the advantages that we have is the knowledge that people are silently begging to be led and if you lead them if you give them crystal clear instructions they’re more than happy to oblige they’re more than happy to follow those instructions especially if it’s something that’s compelling to them that’s something that’s going to be driven by their self-interest here’s an example this was an ad that I used as a real estate agent had this format down to to sell individual homes very quickly we would tell a story until the truth about and add and you’ll notice these formats here again with the picture the headline the two columns that look very much like a feature story in the newspaper rather than an ad but here is one we need to sell our kings mill town house this weekend and we’re willing to sell it for five thousand dollars below current market value and I’ll tell you the story about what happened with this because it ends up selling for more than market value but we don’t put the date line here Georgetown my name is Tim Albert’s my wife and I have lived in Georgetown for three years now and it’s always been our dream to get a house in the country well last weekend we found the house of our dreams and we made an offer to buy it here’s our dilemma we had to make our offer conditional on selling our kings mill town house and we only have two weeks to get it sold we have a beautiful Holly model with a finished walkout basement in a big deck off the kitchen where we sit and watch the sunset over the escarpment my wife is a bit of a perfectionist and our town house is immaculate if we had more time we’d be asking 140 79 and it would probably sell for 145 I know this because the last two Holly models sold for 142 5 and 1 42 but they didn’t have finished basements or a deck anyway that’s what we’d do if we had more time but we don’t we need to sell our house this weekend that’s why we’ve decided to sell it for 139 nine so we can be sure to sell it in time to get the house we really want we’re having an open house this sunday at two p.m. sharp and we’ll be accepting offers on Sunday night after the open house our real estate agent is set up a recorded message with all the details about our house and directions on how to get here you just need to call one eight hundred or if you’d like to see it after the open house you can call our real estate agents name is Dean Jackson and he’s with rural a page at to be fair to everyone though we’ve agreed not to show the town house before Sunday now this was a very successful ad we ended up selling this townhouse we ended up we had 18 couples come through the open house we had three offers on the property and we ended up selling it for a hundred and forty-seven thousand dollars so market value prevailed we ended up getting a little bit more than what it may have sold for otherwise but we did in a very compelling way addressed all of those seven questions here and we made it very specific on what to do next we told them exactly what to do that would be having an open house but all you need to do is call this recorded message to get all of the details and the directions to get there and very successful that’s an example of something that worked now here’s this format looks very familiar and I did this you know lots of times we use visa to get it again this format but here was another situation with a developer in Muskoka which is a little bit further outside of Toronto but he had you know six building Lots remaining in a development and it was after Labor Day and so we went through the process of doing the same at I need to sell these last six Muskoka home sites in the next 30 days and I’m willing to sell them for thirty-three percent below their current appraised value and I had him get the properties actually appraised because he truly was selling them for below their appraised value just to get the money so that he can make a lump payment balloon payment on another property that he had an option on and so he ended up over the next two weekends selling all six of those Lots but we had you know specific instructions again I’ve had each of the lots of praise this week and if you call my voice office voicemail same another way of saying a free recorded message I’ll send you an information package with a copy of the appraisal certificates a survey of the lots and a detailed map of how to get there and then he went up to the property two weekends and ended up selling all of those Lots so you know after he had unsuccessfully tried to sell them with big ads that look like ads all summer long with big star bursts that said blowout sale thirty-three percent off all that kind of stuff which until you say a relative to what you know we said the important thing was knowing that it was the September 1996 appraised value that made it current that gave you a reality of what you were using as the benchmark there so then question number 7 is have I used the words free recorded message and a compelling URL see often when you look at this out using just the words free recorded message lets people know that it’s safe to call then call any time they’ve always got their cell phone right there beside them and having a URL that is outwardly focused that reinforces the benefit that people are going to get by going to your website that’s going to increase the response that you get so let’s put this ad right here to the seven question test and this is what I would recommend every time you sit down to to look at your ads have we selected a single target market yes our our target market is US citizens over 62 years old looking for homes in Winter Haven Florida that’s our that’s our target audience do we have a compelling offer the opportunity to buy half-priced retirement homes and getting more information easily on how to do that that’s a pretty compelling offer for our target audience do we have an engaging head one can you spot the sixty-two thousand five hundred dollar difference in these identical Winter Haven lakefront homes you’d have to read that to find out what the difference is does it look like valuable information or does it look like an ad now you notice there’s no logos in this ad there’s no starbursts there’s nothing but the information just the valuable information at the very bottom of the ad we’ve got Julie Matthews information there because she’s the real estate agent that is running the ad and it’s required that we have the information on there but if it wasn’t required I wouldn’t even put it on there because it’s not relevant it doesn’t matter who’s running the ad in a lot of cases you know if you are something that’s not a regulated industry where you’re required to have identifying information then why not just run information with just a compelling URL on there that looks like valuable information are we using conversational language remember we’re just talking to one person at a time that’s all we can ask as you go through you know creating your advertising here think what would you say to somebody if you had the opportunity to sit right down with them you imagine that your headline is the way that you get their attention you can imagine if you’re sitting in a cafe and you you know somebody sits down beside you who’s you know over 62 years old and they’re looking at a homes magazine and you take out of your pocket two pictures and you lay them right down on the table you say can you spot the sixty two thousand five hundred dollar difference in these identical Winterhaven lakefront homes and you would imagine that they would look at you and you could go on and have this conversation with them do you have a clear next step our clear next step here is to call and listen to the free recorded message or go to our half-price retirement homes com website number seven have we used the words free recorded message and do we have a compelling URL and we’ve got both of them here we’ve got the free recorded message and we’ve got the half-price retirement homes com URL so we’ve got all seven of these are addressed and that’s what it looks like when you do that now you know i’m showing you live ads here and i’m just going through this and i’m just imagining now everybody calling and you know fill out information for Julie Matthew so I’d ask if you want to go and look at half-price retirement homes that’s great i’ll put up what we what we send for people but do me a favor and don’t go in and confuse poor Julie with all kinds of requests for her half-price retirement homes report i’ll put it up here for you but go ahead and look at the at the URL if you want to and just keep these seven questions in mind here as you’re going through your ad creation process and then I’d love to see what you come up with you know if you’re ready to give it a try our next module is going to give you the templates and give you walk you through the process of creating an ad for you and I’m really excited to see what you come up with I just got an email from from a gentleman who’s going through our case study program who was very excited that he put a headline on his ad he ran it in a in a publication in a 50 plus section of the newspaper and he got I believe a hundred and eighty something calls so far on his ad which was fascinating him because he said its highest record before was 40 calls on an ad so I’m very excited to see what you can do and stay tuned and look for the templates and the instructions on how to go ahead and create your compelling ads you

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