Business Consulting Camberley – Call To Action (CTA)

Business Consulting Camberley – Call to Action (CTA)

What is a CTA, or call to action?

And how can you use them to get your Instagram followers to visit your Smart.Bio?

Clay breaks it down step by step in this week’s Customer Success Sunday video.

Back with another video for you all about ctas call to actions and how they are going to be the key to getting people from your stories or your feed posts to your smart bio link because just because your smart bio is inside of your instagram profile does not mean that people know that it exists so you need to use what are called call to actions or commonly used phrases to get people to navigate to your instagram profile so they can check out your bio click the link go to your shop your site your blog sign up for your newsletter whatever it may be okay so today i’ve got my draft pulled up on our desktop publisher this is only going to be available on our desktop publisher it’s not available in our mobile app okay so once you’re inside of the draft publisher all you need to do is go right down here to where it says smart bio link if you don’t see this make sure that you have auto post enabled because it won’t show up unless it is all right now from here all you need to do is add a link label for the post links like we’ve talked about in previous videos we’re gonna go here and we’re gonna say i’m gonna say newest um workout program because i am well hello i cannot spell i’m gonna say newest workouts because i have to keep it condensed right uh and then from here i’m just gonna put in my website for the workouts okay and then after i do that you can see these buttons pop up and they say hey add a cta to caption or i can also customize the cta so if i customize it i can literally make it say a whole host of things like click the link in my bio to learn my secrets or find out more in my bio like it says here i like find out more in my bio so i’m going to leave it there i’m going to say add cta to caption now you’ll notice it adds it at the front part of my caption we’ve actually found that whatever you put at the very beginning of your caption is actually going to mitigate more action on behalf of your users plus within instagram you know you get a very short amount of preview for your post as people are scrolling through right so that’s one strategy we’ve actually found that works really well if by preference you don’t like it at the front you can always copy paste at the end and then have it your way as they might say so i hope this has been helpful if you guys have any questions please let us know we’d love to hear from you what you want these videos to be about so please let us know in the comments below otherwise have a great day and we’ll see you next time

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