Client says, “Let Me Think About it.” and You say, “…”

There are several reasons why a prospect can tell you, “Let me think about it.” And if you watch this entire video, you’ll have a good understanding of these reasons and how to overcome their objections and close the sale as effectively as you can. Today I’m going to break down when a customer tells you, “Let me think about it.” And I’m going to teach you what you should say so you can close them.

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Once a customer walks out your door, do you think they’re going to really come back and buy? The chances are slim to none. Odds are they’re not going to even give it a second chance, and they’re going to go somewhere else or not go anywhere at all.

Just like that, all the work that you put into that perfect pitch has gone right down the drain. So what you want to do is avoiding that let me think about it objection. When someone tells me that they’re going to think about it, it either means two things, they’re not interested at all, or they’re interested but they’re just not sure.

So it’s like which one is it? Now, you’re going to be giving them a option. You need to really figure out which one it is so you can help give them the answer they need to make that decision. If they’re just not interested, then you’re done.

The only thing you can do is ask, “Why aren’t you interested?” And this will give you feedback so that way you can continually adjust your approach. This is super important. It could be that you’re wasting your time selling to the wrong person. It could just be that the way you’ve explained your message is just super confusing, that that way they’re not interested, and there’s some mishap in communication that’s causing some issues.

Now, sometimes they’re like, “Hey, I’m interested, “but I’m not just sure.” So what I like doing when they end up telling me that they’re not sure, I ask them, “Why aren’t you sure? “What’s your biggest concern?” When you figure out what their concern is, it typically falls into one of these three reasons.

It’s either not a fit for them, or it’s functioning not there, or it’s financially related. If you’re not sure if the product’s a fit, just ask them, “Hey, does it fit your needs?”

They’re going to probably tell you, “Yeah, it does fit my needs.” If it’s not, then again, you’re done and then you can save your time. If they say, “Hey, what about functionality” right, if there’s something there that it doesn’t have, well, you can go into, “Hey, we can create these features for you,” or you can break down why they don’t need it and those features are a waste of time.

Or if you find out that you need those features and you just don’t have it, you can either tell them when you’re going to add those features or how your solution to plug in with other companies who also offer that feature, so that way in theory you can solve all their problems with your product by tacking on another solution from another provider. That’s why in the tech world you see all these integrations.

People integrate because they know their product doesn’t solve all problems, but by integrating with others, you can. And this helps you re-engage a conversation and get them over the line.

Now, if you’re not missing any features, well in that case the chances are it’s usually going to be financially related. You can introduce payment options, whether it’s paying in 30, 60 or 90 days, or adjusting the feature set to reduce the pricing, so that way they can afford what you’re selling them. Or sometimes it’s a key stakeholder who may not be there, right, you may not be talking to the right person.

Another thing that you want to do when it comes to pricing is you want to go find other people within the company, talk to them as well where there’s not just the decision maker, the leader, but other people within their organization and their department. The more people you can get on board to like your product or service, the more people you can get excited, and there’s also a higher chance that they’re going to say yes.

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