Complete YouTube Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2021 ( How I Spent $106,352 On Ads )

Complete YouTube Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2021 ( How I Spent $106,352 On Ads )

Learn How To Create Youtube Ads Step By Step For Complete Beginners.

In this youtube ads tutorial, ill show you to advertise on youtube. You dont need a youtube video to get started and you can market your own website. Il show you how to use display ads and also youtube ads and talk about how you can set different audiences and also advertise based off location.

Welcome back party people my name is daryl wilson and today in this video i’m going to teach you how to use youtube ads step by step so i’ve been using youtube ads for years and i’ve spent around a hundred thousand dollars on youtube ads entering this video i’ll give you my personal recommendations on marketing strategies for your youtube ads i’ll show you how to create ads i’ll show you how you can properly market your ads i’ll then show you how you can market your ads based off of time off of location or even country so first what happens if you don’t have any youtube videos that does not matter you can advertise your website or any service you want here on youtube now what if you want a video ad but you just don’t have any don’t worry i got you covered now you can use your youtube videos to advertise plus i’ll show you how you can get a professionally detailed youtube ad for as little as 25 so you can be a complete beginner who knows nothing about youtube ads and by the end of this video you will have enough information and resources to just create some really professional looking youtube ads so let’s get started so step one we will create a google adwords account you will need this in order to advertise on youtube step two i’ll show you how to create a custom campaign now we will go through all the options i’ll show you how to create a text ad and also a video ad here on youtube and step three i’ll show you how to update your campaigns and observe the data to see how your ads are performing here on youtube okay so step one let’s create a google ads account now google ads is what you use to advertise on youtube so there’s a link to google ads in the description or you can just go to google type in google ads and it should bring you to something like this page so you will go to start now now you will need to make a new gmail account now this is required for everyone trying to advertise on google’s platforms because they want you to create a specific gmail account so just go ahead and create an account all right so i’m logging in with my account okay so once you actually make an account you go to the process you will be brought to this page so this is your overview so you’ll see we have these different tabs and also we have this black area tab right here if you want to close this you can just click on this little arrow and that will close that section so this is your current overview so this is your clicks and your impressions now remember impressions are how many times the people actually saw the ad and then they just give you some other general info like ready to serve and locations where i’m currently advertising now i find this to be a little inaccurate when you are using youtube ads and i’ll go through my account and i’ll show you everything also on the left side the next tab we have recommendations now personally i don’t recommend following google’s recommendations because all they tell you to do is just increase your budget every time you go to google the recommendations they just say uh put more money in and i don’t want to so i don’t recommend following the recommendations from google because they just tell you to spend more money and then we have ad groups where you’ll find some of your ads and then you have your current ads now we have these other tabs here but these do not apply to youtube ads so i will not be covering a lot of these other tabs like landing pages or products there are keywords and i’ll talk more about keywords a little bit later and then we do also have audiences which we will talk about as we create the ad essentially it’s the type of people that are watching your ad so you can kind of select a niche of people who are currently watching your ad or you want to watch your ad so before we make our first campaign i just want to show you all how to update your billing info so you’ll see that we have this notice at the top saying our ads cannot display so what we can do is go to tools and settings and this is where you can always update your building information so you can go to billing and go to settings and this is where you can add your credit card where you can start advertising on youtube so you’ll enter in your building country and all your info and then once you’re done you’ll click on submit so to create a campaign what you’ll do is you’ll go click on campaigns and these are the current lists of all the ads running so you’ll see the budgets you’ll see the current status so it’ll say active pending or ended and then you’ll just see other stats like the clicks impressions and also click-through rates and we’ll talk more about all of this as we go but if you want to create a new campaign just click on this plus button and click on new campaign so now we’re going to create our first youtube ad okay so first we’re going to run a display ad and then i’ll show you all how to do video ads so first let’s do display ads so there’s different options that we have here but personally guys i’ve just discovered over the years that google wants you to spend your money at really unnecessary places so i recommend doing a campaign without a goals guidance they’re just going to put your ads on a bunch of spammy websites and they’re going to charge you for it and personally those are very low quality websites they put your ads on next we have a bunch of different campaign types so we have video we’ll do video next but we’ll first do a display ad so a display ad will run your ad on youtube or other various uh networks etc and then we also have discovery ads so discovery ads will put your ads on youtube along with gmail and other places but i find display ads are probably one of the more effective type of ads so i will click on display and then we have their campaign types now whenever google recommends something personally never do it because they’re just going to want you to spend as much money as possible go ahead and select a standard display campaign so i want to actively pick where my ads are going to be shown and then below that you’ll put your websites so i’m just imagining that i’m just some sort of web design agency right now so uh yeah that’s it and then once you put your website in you’ll click on continue okay so we have our display ad campaign name so i’m gonna put web design company so next we have locations now for example if your website operates everywhere in the united states no matter where you are you can leave it as united states however if you are a local business or you want to get local clients around you what you can do is select enter another location now i’m imagining that i am a web design business in las vegas nevada so i will type in las vegas so you can go ahead and select any specific part of the world or any specific part of the united states so for example i will say las vegas nevada and i will target that now maybe i don’t want customers in reno reno nevada that’s a little bit too far you know it’s like a it’s like a six-hour drive or something like that so i don’t want customers in reno so what i’m going to do is say look nothing personal but i don’t want you guys reno nevada i don’t want that so i’m going to exclude that so if i click on the advanced search you will see that i only want customers in las vegas but reno is just a little bit too far for me so i’m going to exclude them all right so so sad so sad and then we also have location options so here you just have some additional options people who are interested in your target locations people who are regularly in your target locations you know for las vegas in particular i’d probably want to select that one because i don’t want tourists you know and then we have people exclude people and your excluded locations of course and then yeah so always make sure you check every single option and every every campaign is different for every person so that’s just something to consider so next we have languages so let’s say for example you are i don’t know let’s say you’re chinese in las vegas and you’re looking for chinese clients then you’ll say you know what i want english and i also want chinese so you can select that so people that are chinese in las vegas nevada will see your advertisement as well so that’s just something to consider so here we have a few options we have conversions and we also have viewable impressions and conversion value now personally if you are a business that is actively selling something like a shop like an e-commerce website i would go for conversions if you are a company that is like a myself like a web design agency where people have to maybe submit out a questionnaire if they have to do something else i would do viewable impressions because there’s no way i can track conversions with a web design agency however if i’m an ecommerce website then i would probably want to select conversions because then i’m only charged when people actively take actions on the website so for my specific case i will do viewable impressions and then i can select a bidding strategy see that not recommended when they say not recommended guys always recommend it so because now i want to say look i don’t want i don’t want google to determine what i’m going to spend i want to select what i spend and then i can if i see results i’ll work on that so i have cpm and then enter the average you want to spend every day i’ll put ten dollars so ten dollars is what i want to spend every day and then we can go ahead and track later like the reports saying okay i think we can increase the budget we’re getting more clicks or so on and so forth but always start low and then work your way up so we also have this little secret tab here additional settings so here we have some different options like add rotation add schedule so this is where you can actually select the add rotation you can select the schedule you can select the start end dates and also devices now this is actually pretty important because this is actually very underlooked for a lot of beginners because for example if you’re in ecommerce websites i wouldn’t i probably wouldn’t have my ads running on phones because i think people are more inclined to purchase something on their computer than their iphone right so what you can do is select specific devices so again depending on what you’re doing let’s say for example i am a web design agency and you know maybe i wanted to run on everything you know why not but if i’m on e-commerce websites probably only on computers because people on their computers they might have their credit card next to them they might be ready to buy but you know if they’re on their iphone at work you know maybe they don’t have enough time but again that’s my opinion you can go ahead and do what you want but that’s just where you would make all these settings so go through all of these and really focus and try to create an ad schedule so if you want to create an ad schedule you could say monday through friday this time through this time you know and you can go on ahead and change this and all that good stuff but again make sure you don’t ignore this because putting yourself on an ad schedule and selecting devices is very important for optimization so depending on your business you’ll go ahead and optimize this accordingly to whatever you’re trying to advertise so next we have the ad group so i’ll just select and add a group so this again is just more for more clarification on the ad group because i can add other ads inside of this but i’ll just do web agency okay so next we have audiences and this is where strategy comes into play a lot so remember audiences are the type of people who will see your ad so it’s not necessarily where your ad is located it’s just the type of person and youtube knows its info because based off what you will watch youtube records that information and then they will market it so for example if you have a person watching a bunch of cartoons every day on youtube then youtube might recommend some sort of cartoon action figure or whatever who are trying to advertise to that specific person so i am looking for people who are trying to start their own business because i want to offer them a website so let’s say for example i can go to search and here in the little search box i will type in start a business and these are the different niches that we can select so we have creating a company information starting a business we can go ahead and select all these now if you hover over one you’ll see that these are the number of impressions so these are the number of people who are looking for this specific type of keyword or specific audience so 0 out of 100k which is pretty small so what i can also do is click on ideas and we can just go ahead and select a specific audience here as well so for example we have business professionals which actually is pretty good and you’ll see on the right side how we have impressions so this is kind of the amount of people on youtube that are interested in this kind of you know niche so around 190 million impressions and we can keep scrolling down so you know i am doing something like maybe business services so i am looking again for people who are starting their own business now also we have browse so this is actually pretty helpful so infinity i’m sorry affinity this is where like the regulars so these are people who actively keep going back to channels or watch videos based off businesses or there’s in markets this is where they are actively searching right now so people that are new to the market that are actively searching for how to make a business and then we have remarketing and then we have custom audiences over here so what i’ll do is i’ll select in markets and i’ll select in market audiences and we can scroll down and these again are people who are actively trying to open up their own business now there is a few life events i like that one this is kind of like a good one business creation perfect that’s exactly what i wanted business creation and maybe even college graduation you know so so these four categories are perfect so i have people who actively already look for videos on new businesses i have business services so people who are actively looking right now in business to business products or services and then we have college graduation so we have new grads and we also have people who are trying to form a new business this probably is the most important one in fact i can probably get rid of all these but i’m just going to keep them all just to see how the ad performs overall who knows maybe this one will be more effective than this one i don’t know so you’ll go ahead and select a specific idea or you’ll select a specific type of audience so give this some thought you know this isn’t easy but just give it some thoughts and after you have a few cups of coffee and you decide then let’s go ahead and go to the next one so we have demographics now personally this is a lot of trial and error so you might want to leave all this on and find out who your audience is so who is most interested in whatever you’re trying to offer now personally i think that uh maybe i don’t want unknown unknown unknown and uh unknown so for my specific business on web design you know i don’t know who i don’t know who my target audience is i don’t know if there’s a bunch of 50 year olds wanting the website i don’t know if there’s a bunch of 18 year olds on the website so for my specific category and my specific niche i’m just going to leave them all i don’t know so i will click on done so next we have targeting expansion now this is a new type of ad they just recently added here on google ads however i recommend just leaving it as the standard because the higher the reach the lower the quality just remember that remember google’s job is to make you spend as much money as possible so just try to be as conservative as possible so what is your viewable cpm for this bid group so what that means is how much money are you willing to pay for every 1000 impressions so for every 1000 people that see your specific ad i’ll say let’s just do 50 bucks and then google will adjust this so next we have the add group bid so enter the viewable cpm bid for this ad group so this is basically saying for every 1000 people who watch your ad how much do you want to be charged well i just want to get you know get my feet wet here i just want to be a little chill i’ll do ten dollars and on the right side you’ll see that’s based off what other advertisers are doing the average cpm is three dollars to seven dollars so putting in 10 you know that’s kind of an overkill but who cares we can always change it later and we can always see how the ad performs and we can optimize it and adjust it so let’s now create an ad awesome so i will click on new ad and here we have some options you can upload your own display ads which i recommend or you can use responsive display ads for people who have nothing so let’s do that so i have my website and the really cool thing is that google will actually go ahead and start scanning my websites and they will pull images and logos from my websites so right here we have images and logos so i’ll click on this and now you’ll see that they are now using images from my website now we can also use stock images we can use uh we can upload our own so at this point you can just go ahead and create your own ad so i’ll just select something here like i don’t know for web design i’m kind of unprepared here i’m not going to lie i’m kind of unprepared or we can use these stock images which are really ugly and old school you know i’ll just use uh i’ll just use this one you know just for total purposes guys so i will select this one and click on save okay also make sure your url has the https they did have a little warning sign saying i need to put that so yeah so next we have the websites and apps we have the actual style of the ad and we can see over here under the google properties we can see what it looks like here on youtube so there’s our ad looks pretty cool right so now let’s add some description to it so puts like a wants an amazing website start here okay so for the headline i will put best web designer in the world so you’ll see where it displays so we have best web designer in the world and then we have some description okay now for the long headline we can put something else so uh long headline and again you can click on this to see where this displays so sometimes guys even myself they keep they keep changing these ads all the time and it’s hard for me to even like keep track of where they you know put it so so for a long headline i’ll just do like uh want a new amazing website make sure to click on me and then descriptions we can have again up to five so i’ll just put something like learn how to set your website up easily something like that and then the business name i’ll do now again remember depending on where exactly they put the ad it will have a different location so that’s why it’s asking for a long headline and the description and then here we have this type of ad so again just depending on where it’s put you will see that it may look different so that’s why they want you to fill out all this information like the long headline and everything else so but again you can always just go ahead and preview this and see how it looks so we’ll scroll down and here we have additional format options um i’ll just go ahead and uh you know i’ll just leave this you know i think that’s i think that’s okay and then we also have more options which is we can have a call to action text which i do recommend so for example on our specific ad we can have a specific call to action text if you want to add that you can go ahead and put that and i believe we need a specific um text here so we could do like apply now or we can do i think get info right they got get info no they don’t oh google what is that so we have learn more so you can do learn more something like that all right and then once you are done with all that you can click on create campaign and congratulations so now your campaign is live and now you are marketing your specific product or service on youtube to this location on this date and so on and so forth so what i’ll do is click on continue to campaign okay so first let’s take a look at my campaign now you’ll see this on the right side how google is just saying hey raise your budget in fact look at that they advertise it so much it’s not even working anymore so i’m just going to kind of hide this it’s really annoying so first let’s talk about how you can look at your information and understand what you’re looking at so now we have the impressions so this is again how many times people have seen the advertisement so you’ll see on these other campaigns where i have a bunch of different people viewing that campaign next you’ll have interactions which is how many times they’ve interacted with the ad whether they clicked on it they right clicked they might have inspected the element who knows but they have had some sort of interaction with the advertisements then you have interaction rate so this is how effective the ad is so if you have a very high engagement rate that means the ad is probably performing very well people are very interested in your ad if it’s very low which a lot of the display ads are so you’ll see the difference this is a video ad and then this is just a regular display ad so you’ll see the difference that usually display ads have a much lower interaction rates and that’s okay and then you’ll see the average cost so i’m paying around one cent for every click which is really good and they measure that based off the ad quality if the ad is very good and it has a lot of clicks you’ll pay a lot less and then you’ll go ahead and see these other parts but these are actually for video ads so earn subscribers earn likes earn shares earned views and so on and so forth now also if you want to add specific columns for your advertisement so here we have the columns on the top we have this columns tab what you can do is modify the columns so now let’s say for example you’re looking for specific characteristics of your campaign so for performance you’re saying you know i want to see the view rates i want to see the average cost per click i want to see the average cpv i want to see everything here so what you can do is click on all of these and apply them and then they will then display on your specific campaigns so that’s just how you can kind of add more information on your ad to see how they are performing so now that i’ve shown you all how to do a basic text campaign or a display ad now let’s move on to the video ad so to do a video ad you’ll do the same thing on the top right here you’ll click on this campaign plus and do a new campaign so now we are going to create a video ad on youtube okay so now that i showed you all a text ad let’s talk about how to make a real youtube ad so again i will click on create a campaign without a goals guidance and we have video so we have again different type of video campaigns we have the 15 second non-stream mobile ad we also have a regular campaign which i’ll select so i’ll just click on the customize video campaign and click on continue so what i’ll do is say all right so i’m a web designer so now i have a video for my web design business maybe even my web design channel so this will be web design video and again we have bidding strategy so we have cpv and we also have target cpm so i’ll just leave this as cpv so next we have the budgets and dates and i want to do something like daily you know 10 bucks 10 a day you know 100 a day you know something like that and then we have networks so again i highly recommend to take this one off this is really annoying we don’t want that we also have youtube videos and we also have youtube search results so if you want your youtube ad to be displayed at the top of the search results you can do that if you want to be displayed on the videos you can also do that personally i recommend maybe even doing both and just seeing how it all works out so let’s just leave it as both here we have languages so again i’ll select this as just all languages actually no english i want people only speaking english watching my videos because my videos are in english and then we have country so for my specific niche i can do the same thing you know i’ll just say hey i’m in las vegas nevada so i want to include people in las vegas you know and i can exclude people but you know you get it so this is inventory type and this is a little new but let’s say for example there are youtubers out there that might cuss a little bit that might get a little graphic you say you know what i don’t really care i’ll advertise on those channels but you can just do standard which is just people who have like middle like kind of like me where i say damn or screw that that would be considered standard but if there’s like a very conservative channel like a corporate channel you can go ahead and put it on that one but uh i would leave it as standard inventory next we have excluded types and labels so i would just go ahead and leave this all just uh as standard because i think youtube does a good job with labeling specific youtube channels and advertising your content on specific channels so i would just leave it and we’ll scroll down to additional settings and again we can change the devices we can change the frequency capping so for example the frequency capping this is how many times a user will see the ad to the same person so how many times do you want the ad shown to the same person so i’ll say look i’ll show it to the same person twice per day and that’s it and this is actually good because um what this does is this will actually skip users because you don’t want to show the same ad to someone who’s not interested you’re just going to be wasting your money so what you can do is say look i’ll show it to maybe the same person three times and then we’ll go on to the next user so that’s an example of how frequency capping is pretty important you can also do the cap view frequency so this is the how many times the ad in the campaign got a view can get a view from the same person so maybe like uh two two a day so basically saying you don’t want one person clicking on your ad all the time because they hate you right so maybe you want to say you know what you can only see my ad you can only click on my ad twice a day you know three times a day maybe you would you’d want to match these up to be the same so that’s just an example of what frequency capping is it’s actually very important and then you can select the ad schedule here so i find that people tend to watch youtube in the mornings so let me just give you all a quick little sneak peek of my vidiq campaign so you’ll see that my audience uh 83 are men 16 are women if i scroll down on the bottom you’ll see the best time to post and looking at this chart right here it looks like the best time to post is in the morning so you’ll see these big circles are people who are watching my videos the bigger it gets the more people are watching the smaller it gets the smaller the audience so it looks like the people that are most active is around nine in the morning for me in the united states so it looks like people tend to watch youtube in the morning now that might vary between different audiences but that’s my specific audience for web design so i’ll put my ad schedule from 6am to 3pm on mondays through fridays and then i’ll scroll down now we have an ad group name so i’ll just change this to uh web design video video ad so next we have demographics so these are the people the type of people that are going to see my ad personally i’m not really sure about this so i’ll just leave this as taking off all the unknowns because i don’t want to advertise to people who haven’t submitted their info i want to target people who i know that google recognizes so i’ll just leave it as all this for now and then for the audiences again audiences are very important so remember i’m a web design business so i might want to advertise my specific business to something like business creation business services business professionals and scrolling down we have maybe business technology or starting a job soon so you can just go ahead and select a few of these and then see what works out so so now that i’ve selected all that so i’ll say all right that’s cool i’ll scroll down so next we have keywords now you can target specific people based off what they type in the search engine now remember i am looking for people starting a new business so what i might want to do is i might want to go to websites that are familiar or have some sort of involvement with people starting a new business so for example legalzoom and rocket lawyer are one of those so what i’ll do is i’ll copy legalzoom and i will go ahead and paste that in there so here’s just some keywords you can select like new business uh you know business small businesses start a business how to sell your business start up a business so you can see how we can put specific keywords in here and maybe i don’t want the word free in that specific search box so if they type in free i don’t want anything to do with them because i’m trying to sell a service i’m not trying to give something away for free but that’s just keywords in a nutshell personally i don’t use keywords and i don’t think you need to either because youtube has already got information about our viewers so i feel that keyword research is just really not necessary for youtube ads but i’ll close this so next we have topics and this is basically saying i want to show ads based off specific subjects now for my specific niche i don’t really know if this is a good or bad idea because personally all these are candidates for me you know i can build a website for anybody out here on this list but depending on what you’re in you might want to select certain niches so for example if you are a restaurant maybe you want to have food and drink right if you are an app developer trying to market your new app or video game maybe you want to select it as games so that’s just basically how you would kind of you know think about that and you can kind of go through this and select the topics of what might interest your current target audience but i’ll close that so next we have placements so you can also place your ad based off a specific channel off of youtube videos or even websites apps or whatever you want to do so for example youtube channels so i’ll type in darrell wilson now if you want to advertise your specific products on my channel then you would click on my channel and now you’re going to see that we can target that specific audience on my channel okay so that’s just an example of how you can select placements on specific channels now remember they will need to meet these criteria and also this criteria so for example if you are a person advertising about food and you select my channel maybe your ads won’t show because my in my audience has no interest in food so that’s just something to consider i’ll go back here and then you can also select youtube videos so maybe you want to advertise your ads on a specific video so what you can do is say i want to select on this video right here you know i think that’s a good one or this one or this one so that’s just a strategy on what you can do to advertise on specific channels or videos and then we have video lineups so you can go ahead and advertise based off of video lineups off a specific category i’ll go back and we also have websites so let’s say for example you have seen a website on the internet and you want to know what type of audience that a viewership has so for example i’ll type in my website so for example these are similar websites and similar websites that actually have somewhat of the same niche so what i can do is say all right people that are interested in web design depots i want to show my ad people who are interested in this website and this website i also want to display my ad to that specific audience so that’s just an idea of how you can advertise to different websites as well and then so on and so forth personally i don’t use placements too much let me go ahead and get rid of that so i’m going to clear all i personally just use for my specific when i’m when i’m marketing i’ll just select the audiences so i just select audiences and that’s it that’s what i do for my specific youtube channel when i advertise but that’s just uh what i do because i found that um it just hits all the target audience you know it’s like it has a lot of impressions you know and it’s just a good way on how to find your target audience is with audiences so that’s what i personally use but again free country do whatever you want so i’ll scroll down so next we have bidding so this is the cost per view so when someone actually clicks on your video you will have to pay something now i usually put around five cents however you guys saw my ad campaign before i usually only pay one cent so even though i put five cents google will adjust it to fit the criteria of how my ads are performing so uh just put like five cents to get started and then it’ll adjust from there so next we have create your video ads so what you can do is you can go to your youtube channel and you can select a specific video so for example if i want to advertise this specific video i’ll click on this video and i will copy this and then i can go ahead and paste this video in there like that so now you’ll see that i am advertising this specific video what you can also do is go to and you’ll see that i purchased an ad and this is it for example so what you can do is just purchase a video ad and then you can go ahead and upload it to youtube and just give you an example of what these look like i’ll go ahead and say all right this is really annoying all right close that maybe i want to advertise a specific product you know so this is just an example how you can use fiverr to create videos so if you want to sell a specific product you can go to fiverr and just say hey can you you know make an ad for me and this is an example of an ad that you can use for your video ads pretty pretty cute right i mean if i’m selling a cat product this is not a bad idea so this is something to consider but i’ll go back and now we have a few options we have a skippable in-stream ad and we have a video discovery ad so this one right here is going to be a live video so for example when you go to youtube and you see those live videos this is a skippable in-stream ad a video discovery ad is going to display below the actual um you know you’ll see it right here it gives you an example so we have the desktop and we also have mobile so it’ll put your video ad somewhere around there i find that skippable in stream ads are pretty effective however using both might always be good and then we also have the youtube search ad so when people search in a specific topic depending on the audience you will see your ad go to the top of the list which i find very effective but i think skippable in-stream ads are always good so where is the url you want them to go well probably the actual youtube video right what is the display url so you can make this anything that you want so what i’ll do is do something like create a website and we can even add a call to action so if you want to add a call to action you can add a call to action on the advertisement as well so you’ll see it right there but uh i’m not going to and then you can always use the auto-generated ad for your video or you can upload your own image so if you want a specific image for that specific video you can go ahead and upload it there and uh yeah go ahead and give your ad a name so this will be web design agency ad then i will click on create a campaign okay so let’s just take a quick brief overview of what i’ve done so i am now trying to market my web design business uh september 12th to no dates in las vegas nevada i only want english speakers and these other topics it says no ad information and that’s okay so i’ll click on continue to campaign and ta-da now you have your ad ready to be advertised now just give it about a day to actually run and get views and impressions if your ads do not run and you find out something might be wrong click on this question mark and you can go ahead and get help and contact a support agent in case your ads are not running on your adwords campaigns so guys that’s the end of my video so just by looking at this you see i have a bunch of different ads i’m spending around um 130 a day uh you’ll see from my actual all time i’d have spent quite a bit of money so i have spent around 104 000 over a few years just advertising and you’ll see that uh the earned subscribers we’ve got a lot of subscribers from those we got a lot of likes and so on and so forth so uh but yeah that’s how you can kind of track what you’re doing and also how you can monitor your campaigns so again guys i hope this video was really helpful let me know in the comments if this video helped you out i think i covered everything if something i didn’t cover feel free to let me know in the comments below and i will make another video to try to update this one but again i wish you all the best of success i wish you all the best of luck good luck with your business and i will see all of you party people in the next video guys take it easy

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