Get THOUSANDS of Backlinks On Semi-Autopilot – Module 05 – Lesson 3 – SEO Unlocked

Today we’re going to be breaking down how you can build relationships with influencers and do outreach, so that way you can get more links. But before we get started, I want to read this quote from Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. “Success isn’t always about greatness. “It’s about consistency. “Consistent hard work leads to success. “Greatness will come.” And he’s right. If you’re consistent, you can do well in the long run. With link building, it’s all about outreach. If you do consistent outreach, you can get results. If you don’t, you’re going to say, “Hey, Niel, link buiding’s hard, “I tried it out a little bit, “but I’m not getting anywhere.” Because you weren’t consistent.

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The first step is to build relationships. Because if you build relationships and everlasting ones, you can continue to engage with these people, you can have them share your content on the social web, you can have them build links, you can have him drive traffic, you can even do Biz Dev partnerships.

The key to building that relationship is to engage with them through comments, retweeting their stuff, sharing their stuff, talking to them, giving them advice, giving them feedback, picking their brain, just like you would do with any other friend.

The ideal time to release a blog post usually is around Monday, around 8 a.m in your timezone. I’m assuming here that your timezone, is when your readers are also on your website. So you want to adjust to wherever your readers are.

As for writing your blog posts, you also want to email it out. We found that emails around 6 a.m, you can always schedule them, tend to do really well in the morning, and you want to send out at least four emails a month, this will help you build a connection with your base.

And whenever you promote your content, if you’re not sure what to email your own list, you can just use my template on the right, I just tell them I want to share my latest blog posts, I put the title and I tell them they can click to continue reading, or you can write something custom.

If you’re wondering how to find influencers, you just go to the social platforms like Twitter, you search your keywords, see who’s tweeting around those subjects, and then you go from there. You can also find their email address by usually going to their website and a lot of times it’ll be listed, sometimes it’s not.

So you get the data from Ubersuggest, for a link opportunities, and then you send them emails through Mailshake. And once you sign up, the way it works is, you go and you create a campaign, you click on that button, once you click your campaign button, you click the plus button so that way you can start your first campaign, and they have templates as well.

But what you can do is, you can create a CSV file with all the emails and the names of all the people that you collected, and you just click next after you define the fields, you say email is email and name his name.

And then what you’ll want to do is, you can either use one of their templates, or you can write one on your own or use some of the ones that I use. And you want to end up just sending out an email, and what Mailshake does is, it adjust it to a lot of those people.

And you can just follow up with people so that way you get more chances of them responding to you, engaging with you so that way you can build links.

You want a persuasive email sequence because if it’s not persuasive, you won’t do well. You want to get the timing right, I mentioned timing to you, that’ll give you ideas when you want to send them. You want to personalize, because the more custom and personalized it is, the more genuine relationships you’ll build, and the more acceptance rate you’ll get.

And instead of just sending out a lot of emails, whenever you send out some, I want you to look at your initial emails, your follow up, your open rates, and continually adjust and tweak them, so that way, you know you’re getting the maximum amount of leverage from your list, because the last thing you want to do is send out tons of emails and get nowhere from it.

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