Go Omni Channel With Your Content Marketing – Module 4 – Lesson 3 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today we’re going to be going over Omni Channel Strategies.

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Content marketing has transitioned from a single channel into omni-channel. That’s it, but it’s no longer that way. Do you blog on Medium? Do you blog on WordPress? Do you blog on your own site? Do you blog on Facebook? There’s a lot of places where you can publish content. Is your content just text-based? Or is it video based? And you put on YouTube or Facebook? What if it’s audio based and it’s in Google player or iTunes? So all these things are very important to know.

So here’s the interesting stat for you. 24% of your customers will first find you from your blog. I haven’t done this study in years and updated it, blog first. And it’s because Google wants to rank more blogs. Alexa pulls, you know, answers from blogs.

So you want to have your own content. And blogs generate 62% of organic traffic. It’s not going to be to your products page, Google wants to rank content. If you have products pages, probably going to have to start spending some money on ads.

Traffic Gains. So when you look at the biggest traffic gains from blogging, it’s from translations and updating content. Think of this stat. Billion plus bogs, a lot of content out there, Google has it’s prime pickings, so what do they do? They want to rank the stuff that is quality, is updated, is fresh.

They are also looking for content in other languages ​​outside of just English. So make sure you translate and transcribe your content. It’s what’s going to lead to the biggest traffic gains.

Now, the types of content that you should be focusing on, most people focus on texts, but video is the new booming type of content. Podcasting is rising fast too. So make sure you mix those in your arsenal as well. Don’t just focus on text.

You want to optimize for SEO and keywords and promotional activities, cause writing the content till you’re half the bottle, you got to promote Trello. It’s a great way where you can just list everything out. And there’s a lot of other tools for it as well. So that way you can just keep everything in a really clear, easy to understand manner. And that helps you streamline the operation.

If you’re trying to figure out how to scale things up, there’s a lot of people that you can end up following, other than just me, there’s Nerd Wallet, TechCrunch, Credit Karma, Healthline, Penny Hoarder, I love that site. HubSpot does really well, skincare by Elena for eCommerce.

You want to analyze and measure the results. You want to set up your analytics correctly in Google analytics. So that way you can figure out all right, you know what keywords are in striking distance? What piece of content drive the highest rankings? You don’t want to just create content for the sake of it.

There has to be some sort of conversion touch point and that’s why these metrics are super important. It’s going to vary business by business, but you got to figure out what works for you. And what you’ll probably find out with your analytics when you do the tracking, that any posts that you have that are data oriented, tend to probably bring in more revenue.

You need to be a great marketer. It’s not just about writing content. And there’s some things that make up great markers and I want to go over them. First is to be ambitious. The most successful content marketers have a desire to win and they refuse to just settle for just writing content.

I also want you to have creativity and imagination. Copying everyone isn’t going to make you succeed. You don’t win by copying. You win by doing something better than your competition. Sure, copying isn’t the worst thing in the world, but that’s not what creates massive big companies. It’s innovation and creativity. Don’t forget the hard work as well.

I also want you to embrace your teammates. Look, there’s no I in team. Without your team, you won’t be able to build a big business.

Review the program at least multiple times over the next 12 months.
Use the modules as your roadmap review when you get stuck and work with the lessons, there’s over 35 worksheets.

Congratulations. You did an amazing job. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it.

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