Here’s How You Assess and Improve a Website’s SEO – Neil Patel’s Website SEO Breakdown Session

Typically when we’re evaluating these metrics we score them from zero to 10. 10 is better. You could have a five in some categories or two or a one or a nine or even a 10. And the goal is to try to get to 10 in each and every single category. But as you’re doing SEO with your own website what you may realize is it’s hard to get to 10 everywhere. And it’s hard to fix everything at once. So, I’m also going to give you guys feedback on stuff, no matter if your website was selected or not that’ll just help you guys succeed.



So first I want to break down the concepts behind the website breakdown. So you can also break down your website as well. We put them into five main buckets; Content, search intent, that’s things like your content length, internal linking.

Your off page, like, are you using, you know, natural links? Do you have toxic links? Do you have a lot of backlinks or very little? On page; are you using things like schema markup, good code like h1 headings and all that stuff, all tags. Technical stuff, like site speed, SSL, robots, crawlability.

And then you have mobile, is your just site mobile friendly? Does it load fast? Are you using advanced mobile pages? Stuff like that.

Start with the stuff that has the lowest scores that’s not doing as well. And then eventually try to get that up higher and higher. So let’s first start off with the Content Breakdown. 93% of online experiences, start with a search.

If you don’t understand what people are searching for, you may end up getting search traffic but will that search traffic even convert to revenue? Probably not.

And you also want to make your customers enter your product funnel as quick as possible so that there is no issues because the last thing you wanted it to take weeks if not months for them to buy. It’s just no one has the time for that.

So going after keywords that are small is fine but you want to go after big and small keywords, not just small they are going after bigger keywords as well.

We find that the bigger images rank better and get more traffic. You also want to compress the file size and you also want to have a unique name.

Keywords must appear on the title. 80% of the people read the title and they say only 2 out of 10 or 20% will click through and read the rest of the article. We prefer the keyword to be the first word in the title.

We want the keyword appear in the first paragraph. That’s helped us a lot. We want keywords are related keywords. That must appear within at least 40% of the headers.

Internal subtitles should be formatted in h2, and we don’t use h1’s for that. We use h3 if needed if they’re subheading underneath the h2.

The main keyword that we are going after. We try to have it in the text at least a handful of times, hence the word five or handful.

Keyword must be in the meta-description and you want to use that, not just to have keywords but also to get clicks when people are searching and you want to keep your URL short and to the point.

Short URLs rank better, ideally a few words only in the URL.

All headers should be bolded. And for every thousand words, just a general rule of thumb is we try to do internal linking five to 15 times.

And you want to ensure the links opening new windows. Sometimes I make a mistake on that but that’s what people prefer.

Your text should have at least five internal links if possible two in the conclusion, if you’re struggling to fit them in.

If you’re going to do one thing in the summit just take any one of the tactics you learned, whether it’s from me or the other speakers and just implement one thing in your business, you won’t go wrong.

And if you just do that once a month for a year you’ll be shocked on the results that you’ll achieve in a good way.

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