How To Create A Compelling Brand – Module 7 – Part 2 – SEO Unlocked

Today is another day of SEO Unlocked. Today we’re going to be covering branding and methodologies. So what is a brand? Well according to Elon Musk, a brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it’ll be ahead, other times it’ll be behind but brand is simply a collective perception some have about a product.

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Now I want you to think about these brands. Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, what do you think about them? Well when you look at McDonald’s, family, happy, speed. Nike, achievement, sport, inspiration, just do it right. With Nike they really push you forward and when I think about that brand, it’s just like all right, that’s a great brand if you’re into sports, anything athletic, running. People know that hey if you want shoes for basketball or any sport, you just go with Nike.

And Neil Patel, I may be known for marketing also sharing, growth, advise, SEO, the list goes on and on. It all comes down to your brand story. What are people going to say about your brand? How do they see it? If they had to read about it in a book what would they say? And you’re probably wondering, well, how do I find what my brand’s story is? It really comes out to four main elements.

What does your brand say about itself? What your brand does in the world. What others believe and say about your brand. And how others interact with your brand. A brand is built over time, with consistency of message. The more you push across your message, the easier it is to get all those four elements right. Branding is more than just trying to figure out how you define your brand. It really comes down to how are you going to produce your brand, your story, your messaging? It all intertwines with each other because if it doesn’t intertwine with each other well you’re going to have unconsistent messaging, and then consumers or potential consumers are going to be confused. So I want to make sure that you go through the following exercises. That way you can set your brand up the right way from day one.\

Another important aspect is to see how your competition positions themselves. I want you to use tools like Facebook’s add library or WhatRunsWhere to see what your competition’s doing and what ads they’re running. Even go to their website sign up with your email address or a dummy email if you want. Check out their landing pages, read their emails, attend their sales calls, their webinars, their homelook marketing collateral. This will all give the idea of what’s working and what’s not working.

That way you can start changing the system because if you’re seeing what your competition is doing most people just copy them. I don’t want you to do that. You need to buck the system. You need to start thinking of yourself on how you can stand out from your competition. What can you do that’s unique. How can you position yourself in a different way. And when you do that you’re much more likely to have an effective brand that people love. And that gets us into deploying your brand.

So with deploying your brand the first step is to do the exercises. If you do the exercises and download the worksheets you’ll have a whole list of insights and you can use those insights throughout things like your SEO, your title tags, your sales copy, your website design even your product design or your sales calls.

Think of every interaction. Everything in your business as an experience for the customer or client. Opening up a box a package that was shipped to them, opening up a sales letter, watching a video even seeing an ad on TV or speaking to someone on the phone.

The reason the experience is really important is because it affects pricing. And most people want to charge premium prices and the way you do that is by creating amazing experience and relationship but not just your customers but how your customers interact and engage with your products or services, that’s how you can be the premium price brand and have the most amount of profit. Because by higher prices and the same amount of customers it helps increase your profit margins. And it’ll also help increase the demand.

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