How to Get Backlinks From Any Website (Big or Small)

If you’ve been watching my channel or doing SEO for a while, you’ve probably heard this over and over again. Back links have a big correlation with rankings and traffic from Google. But acquiring legitimate backlinks from authoritative websites, or even small ones, is becoming harder and harder each day. You send out hundreds, if not thousands, of cold emails but often, less than 1% of the people will link back to you. So what should you do? Today I’m going to teach you how to get backlinks from any site, big or small.

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All right, so let’s get right down to it. Link building boils down to three things.

So first off, creating value. So, how do you go about creating enough value to get people to link back to you, right? It’s all about your pitch. A simple way of doing this and offering value is by fixing something wrong with their website. If you help them do this, there’s a good chance that they’re more likely to link to you.

Another way to add value is tell them that you have infographics or guides that’s related to content on their website and can provide value to their readers as well.

So, action step for you. Choose one value added angle and start building a list of websites that you could target with the angle. And then send them personalized emails to each site that you want to pitch. Now, as it turns out, just creating regular old content won’t always do justice and you’re probably not going to get results from that.

You also want to create ultimate guides. You also want to offer templates, checklists. This helps people get action when they’re strapped for time throughout the day. So those type of contents are also easier to get links from. Now, let’s go over the second point.

The second point is about finding the right person to contact. Sometimes finding the right person to contact is really tough and you’re just like, wait I go to the contact page, I can’t find the right person. They don’t have their email, they just have a form. I’ve tried that, it’s not working well. Well, there’s some other methods that you can use to find the right person to go after, other than just the contact page.

The first thing I want you to try is take a personal approach. That’s your best shot at finding the right person to get in touch with. You can also go check out author bios on their blog. This will give you idea because either that person’s the right person to contact and you can go research them on LinkedIn or they’ll know who the right person is because they got their content published on that site.

You can also use Chrome extensions to find the right information of the prospects that you’re going after, right? So, Chrome extensions are a really easy way to find the correct email address. Instead of manually looking up pages and spending hours, there’s a few extensions that make life easy for you. And here are they. They’re, VoilaNorbert, and you can use Find That Email.

But, it’ll get you in touch. And that introduction usually has a high conversion point because it was a intro versus a cold outreach.

Now third, it’s all about crafting a relevant, personalized message. Based on your value added angle, compose a message and see which parts that it could be personalized in a unique way that’ll help get peoples attention.

I want you to create a spreadsheet that you’re going to fill in with the details of all the people that you’re going to hit up, as well as the message that you use for each website. You’re going to keep track of who responded back, who ignored you, the follow ups once you respond to them, giving them the link, did they actually add the link? All this is really important because you know where to follow up. Think of link building as sales. It’s all about the follow up. Now, here’s a script and breakdown.

First sentence needs to grab their attention. Point out the issues that you notice on their site. Second sentence, provide a solution backd by stats. Let them know how it can help them. Third, ask for a connection.

You can also use tools like Mailshake where you can create and merge fields so that way messages can be much more personalized without you having to take all the time out there.

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