How To Install WordPress Blog and What Are WordPress Blog Every Site Needs?

How To Install WordPress Blog and What Are WordPress Plugins Every Site Needs?

So you started your website and it already seemed  like a huge achievement if you are not a tech savvy person but now you need to figure out about  all these WordPress plugins if you don’t even know what are WordPress plugins and how to install  WordPress plugins then this video is definitely for you i will show you the easiest ways  to install WordPress plugins on your site and if you stick with me until the end of  this video you will also find out what are the best must-have free and paid WordPress  plugins every blog should have this year hi i’m Anastasia of and on  this channel i share my experience building an online business blogging and driving traffic from  Pinterest if that’s what you want to learn about then subscribe hit the bell button and  get notified when my new videos go live so what are wordpress plugins they’re bits of  software that can be added to your site to extend or even expand the functionality of wordpress  using plugins is one of the biggest advantages of having a self-hosted website and not using a free  blog on i actually talked about all the limitations of a free site on  in my other video and if you want to check that out i will give you a link in the top right  corner and in the description below this video currently there are over 57 000 free and paid  wordpress plugins available for download from the plugin directory don’t worry i won’t  recommend you in this video only the paid plugins to make a few bucks on affiliate commissions most  of these must have plugins that i will recommend here in this video have a free version and they  are the best each in its category but before we move to the popular plugins let me show you the  easiest way to install wordpress plugins on your site let me show you really quickly how i do it  on a new website i just installed wordpress on bluehost hosting and if you want to see how to do  it really easy in this bluehost interface i have another tutorial for this i’ll give you a link  in the top right corner and in the description below this video and now when you are inside  wordpress dashboard you can click on plugins and you will see this page on top of the page  you have the button add new when you click there it will open a page with some plugins that are  installed by default and then you can click on this search bar and search for any plugin that i  will mention in this video and then install it so i will start with yoast seo you can actually just  start typing the name of the plugin in most cases you will start seeing the results already from  there it doesn’t have to be the full name and so this is the yoast seo plugin i will click install  now on this button now you can see that install button has changed to activate button so now i’m  going to click on activate and here you go when the page refreshes you will see that yoast seo  plugin has been installed and it also will show up over here on the left panel as a new plugin that  you can then go ahead and continue setting it up now that you know how to install plugins you’re  facing another very common issue beginners have it’s the overwhelming burden of choosing the best  plugins and not even knowing what functionality you need to add to your wordpress site in the  first place but don’t worry i’m here to help you in this video so the first thing i recommend  you to install is a plugin for google seo search engine optimization so when you start a  new website the idea is definitely to attract as many visitors as you can right and for this  you cannot go far without working on google seo and the most popular plugin that can help you  optimize your site for keywords is called yoast seo i recommend using the free version because  it’s more than enough for all of your needs and i personally never use the paid version this plugin  is important for google seo on your site but it can also help you verify your site on pinterest  and enable rich pins if you join my course you will learn how to do this now the other seo plugin  that i can recommend is called rank math and it’s relatively new seo plugin that is currently 100  free while offering more features than yoast seo if you have an old website and switching  plugins can be quite a lot of trouble but if you’re just starting a new site you  might want to go for rank math right away it offers all the basic seo features that most of  the free plugins offer but you might prefer rent math for a few additional features which most  other plugins would require a premium version i won’t go into all the deals about this plugin  but here is what some of these features do first it’s counting your internal and external  links second is suggesting internal links on your site then it’s also monitoring pages with 404  error on your site and also this plugin is doing custom 302 or 301 redirect and some other features  for which you would have to pay using another seo plugin and this one currently offers all these  premium features for free the second plugin you need to install is for filtering comments it’s  called anti-spam b it’s a plugin that filters the comments on your blog automatically and it puts  most of the spammy comments into the spam folder it’s really useful if you have pre-moderation of  comments disabled as it filters out the majority of spammy comments on your site the next plugin  to install is going to make your work a lot easier and faster it’s called duplicate post it  allows you to duplicate both pages and posts on your site for example if you just created one  landing page and you want to reuse its design in another page this plugin allows you just to  easily duplicate the whole page the next plugin i want to mention here is for social sharing  buttons and for optimization for pinterest it’s called grow by mediavine this plugin has  a free version but even the paid version is actually really affordable and totally worth the  investment i don’t get paid to tell you this and i don’t have any affiliate links to this plugin i  just honestly think it’s the best option you can get and it comes with support from mediavine  company which is very responsive and always ready to help if there is any connectivity  issue between the plugin and your wordpress theme it used to be called socialpack so maybe  you hear about this plugin under the old name and the free version gives you a fast and reliable  plugin with social sharing buttons but on top of that if you get the paid version it also gives  you the most options out of any other plugins for improving your performance on pinterest for  that you would need to upgrade to 35 dollars per year for one site in my pinterest as your traffic  secrets course i have a video lesson specifically covering all the settings of grow plugin that can  help your spins go viral more often on pinterest and i’ll give you a link to my course in the  top right corner and also in the description below this video the next must-have plugin is  for backups so that you can sleep well every night without worrying that your hard work will be  lost due to some technical issue or a bad update of the theme i recommend updraft plus it’s a very  important plugin for making backups on your site it allows you doing backups on a schedule and  all your data will be backed up into a cloud now the next plugin you must install is the best  plugin for site speed and it’s called wp rocket this is a paid plugin but it’s totally worth it  and again this video is not sponsored and i don’t have affiliate links to wp rocket this plugin  allows you to instantly improve your wordpress speed and performance site speed is extremely  important and often ignored part of online success it’s not only for user experience on your site but  also one of the factors in google seo algorithm so if you have a slow site you will get less traffic  and you don’t have to be a tech genius to set up wp rocket it will automatically do the catching  settings on your site plus if you dig more into it you could also enable some advanced features  like dns prefetching lazy loading images cdn support and others wp rocket also includes a free  image optimization feature called imagefy which will speed up your site even faster i have to  mention here there is a free alternative to this plugin it’s called wp super cache but it’s not as  powerful as the paid plugin and the next plugin i would like to recommend is called insert headers  and footers this simple plugin does exactly what the name of the plugin says it allows you to  insert code of google analytics google website verification facebook pixel or any custom scripts  for example from your email service provider and many wordpress themes have some default  functionality that allows you to add this code into the header or the footer of your site  but actually some of the themes don’t have it so for those themes you will definitely need this  small and simple solution for your big problem so here you go this was the list of the must-have  plugins but of course depending on the objectives of your site and on the type of your business you  might need to use additional wordpress plugins which i didn’t mention in this list you will  figure it out while working on your site over time if you like this video don’t feel shy to give me  a like it’s the best way to show youtube which type of content you enjoy so that you can see in  your feed even more quality videos like this one i will remind you about my free course that  will teach you how to start a wordpress site you can sign up for it if you check the  link in the description below this video and before you close this window here are  a few of my previous videos that you will find very helpful if you’re just starting a  blog or website see you in the next videos

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