How to Market Your Business Better

How to Market Your Business Better

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I am so excited I just went and spoke it to the old people upstairs and it’s nice to talk to the people who are going to change the world I’m going to talk to you today you’ve heard from Stacey incredible stories about entrepreneurship and some of the will choose that route and that’s spectacular and some of you will choose to innovate inside organizations or in government or in education and no matter what it is you’re going to need to know how to think smarter faster and more innovatively and so a group of people got together around the world and said we need to figure out the science of how people create ideas how they create ideas and what I’m going to talk to you today is about how to we call it sort of jumpstart your brain you’re going to learn a system a system for how you can think smarter faster and more innovatively so this applies to everything you do every assignment you do every course that you take every problem you face in your personal and academic and in the jobs that you do so work with a lot of people helped out an awful lot of companies around the world do this to create ideas and we’ve done research where we literally took teams of people from you know at companies you know like Nike and coca-cola and and all these big name companies these fancy folks and we put them in a room and they’re creating ideas and every 45 minutes we measure them we ask them questions we take their ideas from them and we give people who don’t know which group it came from they score which of really big ideas not that good ideas how many ideas they’ve got and we spent too years researching some 6,000 teams creating ideas to figure out what really drove ideas that happened and we found that meaningfully unique ideas in other words the kind of ideas that make a difference a difference that matters in people’s lives are created when you have three things and this is it as we say the 95% confidence level this is what the data shows the first thing is you have to explore stimulus you have to feed your brain as I’ll talk ideas of feats of association then it’s not enough to have the stimulus and by the way this is what learning does this is why your courses matter it doesn’t matter that you know this and you can put it on the test but what matters is you have those experiences and the arts and humanities and in science and the math because all of that feeds your mental food processor that gives you raw material to create new ideas in the future that’s why education matters now we can actually grow the impact of that learning and the way we grow the impact of that learning and it’s not additive it’s not multiplicative its exponential is through diversity of thinking when we have people who are different look at the same thing they see different things as you’d expect now this is the our ability to create ideas ideas to feats of association collaborating with others who see it differently the discussion the debate and Eureka we have the ideas this is realized to the level that we drive out fear if your fear is high then you have the idea but you don’t say it you don’t do it if your fear is low then you’re likely to do it so what we need is systems we need a system for exploring stimulus we need systems for collaboration and we need systems for driving out fear and those three things are what you need to solve the problems that you face and the ideas so stimulus stimulus mining we call it so you’ve got a problem you’re faced with this problem what am I going to do about this and you could sit there and be frozen in fear you know or you could start to learn and the first thing you need to do is let me learn more about it and we call it stimulus mining and in fact the data shows in the teams that we worked with we asked them how much stimulus they had and then we tracked that against the number of ideas and teams that had a lot of stimulus came up with 47 practical ideas versus 22 so this is called making you smarter really quick it’s like you can double your brain by getting stimulus see the classic method of creating ideas is called brainstorming or I think of it this kind of brain draining where you sit and you think and you think and you think and I call this kind of like the suck method of creativity when you’re sucking the ideas out of your head and trying to think of what you’ve got and for most of us this is a short experience instead what we’re going to do is just want to get in the stimulus we’re gonna go learn more learn more about the challenge and then we’re going to put it into our brain and how do this causes a chain reaction that created is in fact the research shows that when we really get good at this and do this we come up with not 10% not 20% but 700 percent more ideas when we get really good at using the stimulus so let me give you idea you can take a blank piece of paper and come up with ideas for where to go on vacation and you start to make a list or you can have a collection of stimulus okay which one’s easier get the concept but the challenge is is that we’ve been taught that we has to come from us and that looking for things is almost like it’s cheating no it’s it’s the way it works the artist the poet walks through the woods and sees two paths and is inspired to write a poem or an artist sees something and it sparks the thought so we need to open ourselves up ideas of feats of association two or more unrelated ideas come together to create a new idea it’s one plus one equals three so years ago there were sofas or couches and somebody had the idea of what if I took a sofa or a couch and I added to it a bed and thus was created a sofa bed meaningfully making its day again I told you I’m old then somebody said what if I took a radio and a toaster and I created a toaster radio okay maybe not meaningfully unique but you get the idea okay so we’re taking two things and bringing them together and this is how the brain works you’ve all got about 200 million neurons you can’t grow new brain cells all those and some new evidence that exercise can actually do it stress kills brain cells but the difference is not in the number of brain cells but the number of synapses the wiring between the cells the interconnections and so the more you learn the more courses you take the more things you experiences the more countries you visit the more things you do feeds that meant a food processor and gives you more capacity to create ideas dr. Rosenzweig universe California at Berkeley did a famous study where he put rats in a cage an impoverished cage with nothing they just had the cage and then he put some where they had an enriched environment lots of stimulus and sure enough when they gave the rats tests to see how creative they were to solve problems the rats that had had a more enriched environment that had done more connected more were smarter interestingly he also did one where the rats got to see rats having fun so they’re in a place where it’s no fun but they get to see it and what he found is that didn’t imp and do it see use it or lose it with your brain the more you get experiences the more you watch different things connect on the internet connect with friends the more you do the more you’re able to do that study is the reason why children’s toys is so brightly colored it’s to stimulate children well guess what we know that this can up to age 80 you have the ability to grow your brain so it’s not too late now with stimulus we’ve learned there’s two types of stimulus the stimulus that’s related to the problem you face and stimulus that’s unrelated to it so if our idea was to come up with ideas for a new type of candy I can turn around and have a lot of fruits and fruits would spark ideas you might get ideas for different types of candies based on the fruits the shape of the fruits the flavor of the fruits or crossing a banana grapefruit or whatever you wanted to do now if I gave you a race car that has nothing to do with it you’re going to get fewer ideas but you’re going to be forced to come up with something even more unique because you would take that race car and you’d think about it and you might think okay it’s a race car what’s that have to do with candy it’s nothing okay what does it do it it’s fast it’s quick it’s easy okay so the candy goes down fast okay the candy goes slow the candy leaves skidmarks whatever it might be stimulus that’s the fuel and now we kick it alive with diversity diversity of thinking people who act and think differently who have different views is fundamental literally the number of when people were in groups where there were people that were not like them that they didn’t necessarily agree to with they came up with more ideas see if I have the stimulus of a rose and I have people that sound alike look alike talk alike they might see the same thing when they see it their stimulus the rose they see the same thing beauty beauty beauty but if instead I have weirdo brains people that are different one might see beauty another one might see vitamin C T coz heroes hips are very concentrated in vitamin C and they make for a wonderful tea another one might see rose water with the rose in their teeth or the tango that means getting together with people who are different than you not only age sex and race but mindset backgrounds culture even people you disagree with and when you gather with those people you get fresh thoughts and ideas and this is a mega impact and when you learn to work with people that are different this includes your parents yes there is a benefit to their stubbornness there’s thoughts and ideas that can be sparked from this and then lastly the issue is to drive out fear okay when you’ve got an idea that’s different if you’re human it’s gonna create fear it’s gonna create an anxiety should I do it shouldn’t I should I do it shouldn’t I well you actually already know how to do this it’s the way you learned how to ride a bike there’s a system a guy by the name of dr. W Edwards Deming invented many years ago called his theory of knowledge of how we really move forward and create new things it’s called plan do study act what we do is we set the goal to ride the bike you say okay I need to solve this problem this is what I need to do and then you do something you try something you learn from it and then you act you say okay that didn’t work let me try this and you do those cycles just like Stacey just said and you slowly learn it and that’s how you make it happen so you take the risk and a bite at a time there’s an old joke how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time you take that fear and you take it one step at a time you say what could I try what’s the one thing I could try and then I try it again and I try again and I learn see the old way we would do it is through a plan study study study we would study forever let me get this figured out the new way is what we call fail fast fail cheap is we try something quickly and we learn and learn and learn again one of the things that happens actually is is if you’re doing creating ideas and will you as some friends and talking about this one things we know is that fun is fundamental to this process if you can laugh at yourself and you can laugh together it’s a good sign you’ve probably got the fear quotient down they did a study at the University of Maryland where they had students watch blooper reel from TV shows mistakes got the students laughing they had another group of students watch the math film the area under the curve not a riveting film they had the groups then solve problems the group that were laughing 300 to 500 percent more effective at solving the problem so when you’re looking at challenges and you’ve got those ideas and you’re kicking them around with friends and you’re thinking about it don’t take yourself too seriously the more you’re laughing the better chance of an idea a friend of mine chick Thompson says we start as five years of age we laugh a hundred and ten times a day it drops to eighty seven times it then goes way down now you understand your parents only to come back on retirement you know the way your grandparents are see we lead a dumbell of a life we have fun and youth and we have fun at the end in the middle is ugly don’t be like your parents so three simple principles my friends meaningful unique ideas ideas that make a difference to do this we need to explore stimulus diversity and drive out fear that means you need to become a continuous learner you need to be a learner you need to be out there and learning everything you can do don’t worry about what it is you don’t know when you’re going to use it later I studied chemical engineering with a minor and pulp and paper making paper today I’ve invented a whiskey company the applies papermaking to the aging of whiskey instead of eight to 18 years I can do it in 40 minutes because I’ve applied what I learned in pulp and paper classes that I thought I would never use to make whiskey you never know the things you’re learning today what’s somewhere in the future that thing that that teacher taught you it’s going to become useful and that’s what life’s about it’s about learning never-ending learning we got to work with others now we’ve got a world sometimes where people say well they’re like this they’re like this this group that group I’ll get over that we’re all people we’re here to work together and then lastly we got to run experiments everybody has to become a scientist someone to try something don’t sit and debate it try something with the whiskey company we did 4,000 experiments the next thing you know we want to of eight of the top awards for whiskey so you can do it be a learner work with others and experiment thank you very much everybody [Music] [Applause]

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