How to OWN Google My Business Rankings – Module 1 – Lesson 3 – Local SEO Unlocked

Today is another day of Local SEO Unlocked where we break down, setting up your map listings. There’s quite a few different things that you need to know from this Google My Business to Bing places to Facebook, Facebook locations and Apple maps and we’ll be going over quite a few of them, technically actually all of them.

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So let’s set up your Google My Business.

Step one, set up a new Google account, if you already have one you can use that and access your Google My Business login.

Step two, head to, click on Manage Now, then the next step is entering your business name.

Step four, enter the address of the business location only if where the business engages with people face to face.

Step five, specify the service areas that you guys offer and then from there, Google can accurately surface your business for searches in those areas.

Step six, choose the right business category and no research your competitors to find the most accurate categories for your business before you do this.

And then the next step would be to add a contact phone number, your website URL, if you don’t have a website,.

Step eight, complete your Google My Business verification, this is important and you have a few options, postcard verification, phone or email each of them works.

So now what’s next. Well, it’s time to optimize your Google My Business. So how do you optimize it?

Well, first you want to add photos and videos to your listings.

And you want to use Google My Business Q&A’s as well so that’s the question and answers to understand your audience.

Then you want to create Google My Business posts to showcase offers and promotions and discounts.

So I also recommend that you start requesting and managing Google reviews, review ratings are the biggest driver of clicks to the local SERPs.

And you also want to view search insights, this will give you ideas of what’s happening to your listing and how you can better optimize it.

Step four, it’s time to set up and create account, pick or create account that all the relevant people have access to within your business, notably specifically the business owner if you’re not the business owner.

Step five, enter your business address and details.

Step six, select your business category, you have the option to pick multiple categories and at the end, pick which one you want to display as your primary category.

Step seven, set up your contact details, make sure it’s accurate and you’re thorough about it.

Now the next one we have is Facebook for businesses. So it’s time to create your Facebook business page.

Step one, go to, select the type of page you want to create, click the get started option.

Step two, enter your business information.

Step three, apply your profile and cover image, make sure is that those photos aligned with your brand.

Step four, create your username, also called your vanity URL.

And for the next step, tell your story.

Next step, create your first post, your first post should add value to your visitors.

And then the next step you want to publish your page and invite your existing Facebook friends to like your page.

Wondering how to promote separate businesses to local audience? Well, let’s set this up. So let’s set up locations for your page.

Step one, I want you to log into business manager, stuck business locations, under assets, select your Facebook page and then click get started.

Step two, if your main page has an address, you’ll see a warning message, if your main page has an address, you can add this address as a location.

And then for the next step, click Add Locations to set up your first Facebook page location.

So let’s go over setting up your Apple maps. First off, create an Apple ID if you don’t have one, just takes a few minutes and it’s free to register then you want to log into your account and then you want to access Apple Map connect and this is where you can add your business to Apple Maps and then search a secret business is already listed.

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