How to Promote YouTube Videos (Even With 0 Subscribers) – Module 2 – Lesson 3 – YouTube Unlocked

So let’s go over how you can make your video search friendly.

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First off, there’s a lot of keywords that people type in on YouTube and you want to create videos that people are searching for and re engineer those videos so that way you can get more traffic over time. So how do you make your video search friendly?

Well, you can make use of Google’s search engines to find keywords that people are typing in such as using Google Suggests or YouTube Suggest or you can also use Ubersuggest which is a free tool that helps you find related keywords or content ideas.

Take those keywords and put them within your title within your description, within your tags. Mention those keywords within your video.

Then I want you to make your thumbnails easily recognizable by your brand. Maybe have your image or your company logo, have texts as large easy to read, have the right colors, brand identity.

I also mentioned putting keywords within the tags and descriptions.

Then there’s categorizing it. So make sure you pick the right category because it’s going to ruin your channel if you just pick one that are popular for no reason.

Then of course, there’s the SRT file. This is those video transcriptions where someone doesn’t have their audio turned on, they can read all the details and you can get this by just going to Rev or any one of those websites and uploading that SRT file, because it tells YouTube what your video’s about.

Some tips and tricks for you.

Record videos that are 15 minutes or shorter.

Try to have videos that are longer than five minutes, because if it’s too short, they won’t rank as well.

You want to upload consistently and scheduled videos that get people excited and even YouTube because they want people to keep coming back.

I would recommend that you upload in the highest quality like HD, people want to watch in lower quality, that’s fine.

And make sure you stick within your niche.

You don’t see me creating videos on animals or medicine.

Take the same video and upload it to Facebook, then upload that video to Instagram, and upload it to Snapchat and Twitter and Vine and LinkedIn and the list doesn’t go stop there.

So now let’s go over the content promotion workflow. When you promote your video content, this is what most people don’t understand. YouTube SEO is the opposite of traditional SEO. Whatever’s popular in the first 24 hours tends to rank really fast and will constantly rank well on YouTube. It’s not slow and steady wins the race with YouTube. It’s the first 24 hours.

So you want to push hard like I’ll do email blast, push notification blast, share on Twitter, like tweet out the link. That’s how I get my videos ring better because I promote really hard in the first 24 hours and actually I push really hard in the first hour.

So now let’s talk about working with influencers because influencers are like a moat.

I want you to research relevant keywords and find the top websites, the bloggers, people to social accounts that talk about stuff and hit them up, try to work with them.

Sometimes if you had to pay them, that’s okay, feature them, maybe interview them on your videos, that doesn’t cost you any money.

And I want you to review social media trends out there. There’s a lot of trends out there.

And to give your videos a maximum reach, I want to talk about two things.

First, I want you to post your videos within your blog, your email lists, your push notification list.

The second thing is, I want you to use YouTube speakers to get people to keep viewing them such as playlists, annotations and cards and outreach to other people and just let them know about your video.

And then I want you to track and adjust your ranking performance.

Review your watch time, right?

And by doing this these metrics will allow you to keep people longer on your channel, even if they watch someone else’s video after that’s okay, it’ll cause your videos to rank higher just because you’re keeping people on YouTube longer.

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