How To Rank #1 For Competitive Keywords – Module 4 – Lesson 1 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today is another day of Content Marketing Unlocked. I’m going to be breaking down how to rank number one in the long term. We’re going to be going over marketing strategies, media outlets, going omnichannel, and of course, scaling up your content production.


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Google is changing faster than ever. I don’t have the latest data because Google doesn’t always put out the latest numbers, but there’s a continual trend in which Google is continually making more and more algorithm changes per year.

Currently, they’re making roughly nine algorithm changes per day on average. Just think about that, nine a day. One of the big things that they made over the years is related to branding. The bigger your brand, the better you are.

In essence, they got a lot of things that are part of their signal, such as branded searches, brands mentioned, links, content, keywords. All these things really matter, but the thing I want to emphasize here is brand.

Brand is a thing that no one’s really looking at from the SEO standpoint. Even though Google is looking at it, a lot of companies are not. Brand isn’t just how many people are searching on Google for your brand name.

When you think about domain authority, it’s a metric that a lot of people talk about all the time in which, “Hey, if you have a higher domain authority, “you’re going to end up ranking higher on Google.”

How do you build a long-lasting brand that can allow you to rank? A brand is built over time, with consistency of message.

Are you going to produce a brand story for your messaging? We’re going to give you some exercises that are going to help you do this, because if you follow these exercises, you’re going to be better off.

First off, I want you to fill out your Bigger Contribution worksheet.

Then, I want you your unique selling proposition and value proposition, and then I want you to fill out your Target Market Customer Insights workbook.

Now that we’ve got branding out of the way, you need to focus on the other things. What are the other things? There’s technical issues.

First off, with the technical analysis, you can use Ubersuggest. You can go to the Site Audit Report within Ubersuggest, and it will break down the technical analysis of your website and what’s wrong.

The second is your Product Details Page. You usually have this, especially if you’re in eCommerce. Same with your Product Listing Pages, then your Exit Pages. What are the main pages of people leaving your sites from, or even your Landing Pages, or your key Conversion Pages, like your Checkout Page, your Pricing Page, and any other conversion-related assets, like your email sequences.

You can monetize your content by collecting those emails and dripping people and selling them through the emails, or you can just do front-end offers on your content pages, or you can do webinars and push people from your blog posts to your webinars, or ask them to subscribe to your programs or even refer people.

You want to make sure you stay ahead. Optimize the whole experience. Build that long-lasting brand and optimize for conversions, because that’s what’s going to drive revenue in the long run. When you’re getting started, you don’t have to have a lot of money.

You can get started even if you have no money at all. All you have to do is implement everything that I’m teaching, especially in the courses, the workbooks, the assets, one-by-one.

Even if it takes you a few months to get going, that’s okay. It’s better than nothing else. Literally, just follow everything step-by-step and you’ll start seeing results, and as you start doing it, you’ll be able to start scaling, because once you start generating more revenue, you can hire people, you can hire a team, whether it’s writers, editors, researchers, scale up.

Make sure you download all of those, and then that way, you’ll be off and to the races. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We’re here to help you answer them, help you out.

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