How To Rank Your Existing Content – Module 1 – Lesson 3 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today, we’re going to be breaking down how you can optimize your existing content. A lot of you already have websites in which you already have some sort of content, and yes, you want to produce new content, but a easy way to generate more traffic is by updating your existing content. Although on my blog I’m writing roughly four to five blog posts on a monthly basis, my team is updating 90. That’s how much time we spend optimizing existing content and that’s what’s lead us to a lot of traffic over the years. This course is what I would do with my own internal content marketing campaign each and every single day and that’s what I’m going to be teaching you as well.


Action Items:

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Here is Google’s Core Update. They’ve had many of these and one thing we’ve noticed is people who update their content on a regular basis are generating more traffic than people who aren’t. Whatever it may be, make it the best piece of content around that topic. And if you do that, you’ll get a lot of traffic in the long run.

What you’ll want to do next is make sure your content is always actionable and useful, because if you do that, you usually will continue to rank in the long run. If the content is no longer relevant, either you want to delete it or 301 redirect it to the most relevant URL.

You also want to make your content evergreen, so you want to remove dates. If you’re teaching people how to get more traffic, why would you include a date because the article isn’t just relevant for today. It also could be used a year from now.

You, of course, want to fix your SEO errors, too, and your dead links because that creates a poor user experience. To fix your SEO, you want to go into Ubersuggest and click on the Site Audit Report in the left side bar.

If you create a project in the Dashboard, which you can also find on the left hand navigation of Ubersuggest, you add your website, it’ll actually check for SEO issues every week so you don’t have to do it manually and will email you ever time it finds new issues that you need to fix.

Another thing I want you to do is update your pages. It’s not just about blog posts. It’s about all pages on your website. This will help you improve authority within your niche.

You want to explore fewer topics but in greater detail. Like, if you look at Wikipedia, they do really well because not only do articles keep getting updated, but they go super thorough on every single topic out there.

Make sure your website loads fast. The Ubersuggest Site Audit Report will tell you what’s wrong with your site speed and how to fix it. You also want to reduce any errors that you have. Google Search Console will show you these. You want to compare your experience to your competition and make sure you have a better user experience. Always analyze and optimize your design. And of course, install the Ubersuggest Chrome extension. It’s free. It’ll keep giving you new ideas on what people are looking for and trends so you can make sure you’re creating the best experience for users.

In essence, you want to take a framework of optimizing your content of looking at your URLs, is it SEO friendly, does it have keywords in there, is your titles optimized, and going back to actually the URLs, if you change your URLs, you have to 301 redirect your old URLs to your new.

Do your title tags have the right keywords? Are you using visual media to make the experience better? Are you linking to other sites to back up your sources? Are you optimizing the images with ALT tags, are you using relevant keywords? You want to also try to include those keywords in the top 100 words within your post. Does your webpage load fast? No one likes slow loading sites? Are you optimizing your page for social shares?

And you’ll want to do this on a monthly cadence. I always rewrite my top pages on a monthly basis, my top blog post. By continually updating and improving, that’s how I keep growing my traffic.

Some action items for you, go to This is the last, and then click on content marketing unlocked.

That way, you can increase your content production. I hope this helps you save a lot of time and generate more traffic with your existing content. It should if you follow everything.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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