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Today in SEO Unlocked we’re going to be going over Google Analytics part two. In other words, I’m going to help you master Google Analytics and got into some of the nitty-gritty details that you need to know to really succeed.

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So the big problem that you may end up facing with Google Analytics now that you have it up and running is, “Hey, what are “the keywords that are driving traffic to me?” With paid advertising you’ll see them right away, but if you’re not using paid advertising, a lot of your organic and SEO traffic will show you “not provided,” and they ended up making this change in October 2011 to help protect users’ privacy.

And what you want to do is add a filter, and when you click add a filter you’ll go through and you want to end up putting Search term not provided, you’ll also want to end up putting Request URL and just copy it literally verbatim, and then Campaign Term you want to end up putting that.

In addition to that, another easy thing you can do is connect your Google Search Console account to your Google Analytics account and that’ll also start showing you data of all the keywords that people are finding you from when it comes to SEO standpoint.

Another problem that you’re going to be facing is dark traffic. So, when you look at your site you’ll probably see that maybe 20% of your traffic is direct. It shouldn’t be more than, let’s say 38, 40%, but in general what you’ll find is, if it’s too high and you’re not getting much traffic at all it could just be you going to your site a lot of times and that’ll be considered direct traffic.

So, what I want you to do is create a new segment and click on Add Segment and then from there click on New Segment, and what I want you to do is click on Traffic Sources, contains direct, and then I want you to add a condition in which you say is none of and it’s pretty much not your homepage.

You also want to use that data to make informed decisions. And I’ll break in a bit on how to find more data within Google Analytics so you can make informed decisions, but it’s super important because within your organization or your company, look we as individuals, even me, we don’t know everything.

So within your Google Analytics you can click that small dropdown arrow and you can start adding annotations. You’ll also see on the right side there’s a little blue link that says Create new annotation.

In your navigation you want to go to Behavior, Site Content, and All Pages, and this will show you when you see spikes what pages are doing the best over time, and those are more of the pages that you want to create, especially if they’re driving sales, leads, and conversions. You can do the same thing with your landing pages.

I also want you to check your social media traffic. What social channels are driving you consistent traffic, and also look at the goal completion from those social channels because now you can see which ones are also driving revenue.

I also want you to check out your campaigns if you’re doing pay-per click traffic or any ads, and when you go under Campaigns in your left navigation, or Acquisition, Google Ads, Campaigns, you can quickly see if it’s working or if it’s not. Now, one thing to note here is we typically see the conversions, the numbers that you see in this report, not always match up 100% with your database.

You want to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. And the other thing that you want to end up doing is track that over time because once you make those changes within Search Console, usually within 30 days you can see if you’re getting better results from it or if you’re not.

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