How To Write Content That Ranks Page #1 on Google

When you look at websites that are ranking on page one of Google, there’s a few common traits that set them apart. And I made it my mission to learn what these traits are so I can replicate it for my own business and for my marketing clients. And today, I’m going to break down the exact process that you need to follow in order to write content that ranks on page one, step by step. Today, I’m going to break down how to write content that ranks on page one of Google, step by step.

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Step one, know your audience.

This is important because if you’re writing for the wrong person, it doesn’t matter where you rank, you’re not going to do well. That traffic isn’t going to convert into revenue, and you’re going to be wasting time and money because you had to produce that content. You need to understand your target audience, what resonates with them, and what will bring value to their lives before you begin writing.

Also, you need to work on producing unique content that’ll stand out from all the competitors, because there’s already a tone of content out there.

So first off, go to Ubersuggest and type in keywords that you’re trying to go after. It’ll give you demographic information, it’ll tell you the age range of the people searching. This will give you a good idea of this keyword is a good fit or not. It even tells you how many of those visitors actually click on the paid listings versus the free listings, versus no listing. And in the content ideas report, it’ll show you all the content that’s popular based off of Google search traffic, backlinks and social shares.

The second set is understanding the proven blog post on-page SEO process.

The process of structuring your content and optimizing for various elements of that page is the key to on page SEO. Optimizing your blog for keywords is one thing, but there’s other factors within your content that can help you rank. So if you’re on WordPress, you can just use a Rank Math, SEO plugin or iOS, either one work well. I found that Rank Math is a little bit better for you beginners, yourself. If you have a little bit money, their paid version is amazing. Another thing you can do is go to Ubersuggest, type in your URL, click on the site audit report in the left navigation, it’ll tell you all the errors down on your web page and what you should fix. What you’ll find in that Ubersuggest report is it breaks it down and priority with the top items being the ones that have the biggest impact to your traffic, and the items at the very bottom having the lowest and the least impact to your sure traffic.

The third step I have for you, is write blog posts that provide practical value to your audience.

Readers don’t want generic blog post, they want something that’s going to be worth their while. Something that they can finish with and be like, “Okay, I’m going to go and do this now.” That’s example of good piece of content.

You need to look at the questions that most people are typing in and looking for. Through Ubersuggests in the keyword ideas section, you can see a list of questions, that people type on a daily basis for the keywords that you’re going after.

The fourth step I have for you is use the AIDA model.

Your job is write something that’s captivating in the title that draws people in and makes people click through. Remember, a headline is so critical that 73% of buying decisions are made from the point where readers come in contact with your title. And as they say, eight out of ten people will read your headline but only two out of ten will click through and read the rest.

So make sure you focus on your headline. Now with interest you want to stimulate interest. It’s important because it keeps the readers on your page and possibly on to other pages of your website. So you want to expand on what you’re promising in your headline.

As for the desire, the best way to build a strong desire and your posts is to use bullet points. Not too many bullet points, but just enough to build the desire. Studies show that people are more likely to make a choice. When choices are limited. Keep this in mind with your readers as well.

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