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Welcome to another day of SEO Unlocked. Today is very exciting because we’re going to start the journey into keyword research. This is one of the most fundamental steps of SEO and the reason being is keywords is where it all starts. That’s how people find you.

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Are you getting the right traffic?

As I mentioned, picking the right keywords will make you more money and picking the wrong ones will hurt you

You can use Ubersuggest, It’s a tool I built, there’s a free version of it that anyone can go and use and you can get tons of keywords ideas and it breaks it down not just based on popularity, but also what’s most likely going to convert and generate you revenue as well. And there’s tons of reports in it and I’ll show you how to use it over the period of this course.

When you go to Ubersuggest on the left-hand navigation side, you’ll see a link that says Keyword Ideas. When you type it in a keyword that you’re trying to go after anything related to your space such as like shaving or razors, it’ll tell you what’s popular, the cost per click, the SEO difficulty, that’s the word SD you see the abbreviation there or PD is paid difficulty.

When SEO difficulty is under 40 it’s easier to rank for, when it’s over 40 it gets harder and harder to rank for.

And on the right side of the keyword ideas report, it shows you all the people that are ranked for that keyword. How many visits are roughly getting from that keyword? How many backlinks they have?

And this will give you ideas of if a keyword is good, right?

In addition to that, if you don’t want to use Ubersuggest there’s many other ways you can go and find keywords out there.

Things like Wikipedia or other content pages around the web that have really detailed content can give you keyword ideas as well because these articles are filled with lucrative keywords.

You want to rank because you not only do you want traffic, but you need to be able to solve the customer’s problem. If you solve their problem, you’re much more likely to rank.

There’s really five steps to keyword success.
The first is you need to build your keyword list, then need to research your target musketeer, then you need to understand the keyword metrics. Next you need to match the customer journey and of course, last but not least, you need to refine your keyword list.

So first building a keyword list, you go to and you’ll be able to download the PDF there and it breaks down how you can use it and what you need to do step by step.

Second, you need to research your target musketeer right? It’s all about researching that individual.

The other thing that I like doing is Ubersuggest, right? It’s a tool on you can go to neil or in the navigation just click on the Tools link and then Ubersuggest type in any keyword on the left-hand navigation once you go to the Keyword Ideas Report, you’ll see a list of suggestions.

You don’t want to just be reactive as a marketer or as an SEO, you want to be proactive and going after areas that people are going to be more interested in in the future.

You can also correlate intent through prepositions. And these are all long-term opportunities that you should be trying to rank for because these long-tail keywords, a lot of people aren’t thinking about them and yes they don’t drive the most amount of traffic today but six months from now, a year from now, it adds up and it can drive quite a bit in conversions.

Then of course there’s Social Shares, so on Ubersuggest whenever you type in a keyword on the left hand navigation, there’s a navigation button called Content Ideas.

So people are like, Hey Neil, it’s easy for you but hey, when you’re a new website and even if you get 10, 20, 50, 100 visitors, hey, it shows up in Google Search Console.

The other thing that you can do and this is what I love doing, is I like setting up a project on Ubersuggest and I put in my own website or you can put in your competitor’s website.

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