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Right teach you how to go from zero to 50,000 subscribers with Email Marketing. Today’s lesson mainly focuses on building your contacts. So let’s dive right in and get started.

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Right teach you how to go from zero to 50,000 subscribers with Email Marketing. Today’s lesson mainly focuses on building your contacts. So let’s dive right in and get started.

Most people don’t know this, but employees spend 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox. And that’s according to McKinsey.

So how do you acquire more leads and market to these people? Well, it starts off by identifying your target audience, then you want to conduct market research, you want to create an irresistible offer and then you want to use personalization to just reel them in. And I’m going to walk you through all of that.

First off, if you want to get those leads, you can start off with some traffic sources like SEO, Google AdWords, I found YouTube ads to work exceptionally well. LinkedIn works really well too, there’s tons and tons of options, pick your poison, pick the channel that you think you’re best at, or that you shine at and if you’re not sure how to use any of these channels, you can always learn more at neilpatel.com/blog.

And once you start getting traffic to your site, I recommend using an Exit Intent. Exit Intent allows you to collect the email when someone’s about to leave your website.

And one of my favorite strategies is content upgrades, which work much better than the newsletter and sidebar opt ins.

Then you also have quizzes, you can see example of this at neilpatel.com/quiz where you can quiz people and collect the lead there. There’s a lot of free tools out there or some paid ones like Lead Quizzes as well, that helps you set up a quiz to collect emails too.

Now that you’re collecting leads, it’s time for you to conduct market research. You can learn about your customers and their habits by just serving and talking to them using focus groups. By just communicating with them, you’ll learn what’s working for them, what’s not working for them, what you need to offer.

And then I found out that the wording effects how many emails you collect versus sign up versus login and changing it to login creates extra 22% increase in emails.

So now that you got that done, how do you set everything up and get your email campaigns out so that we can start generating some income? Well, setting up email campaigns is pretty straightforward.

You want to document your campaigns requirements, set up some email copy, add copy template, set up tracking, and test your email and then use data and make iterations. Of course over the course of Email Marketing Unlocked, I’ll teach you how to do all of this in depth. But we’ll get more into that into the future.

A few things that I need to cover first though, is when you’re creating campaigns, you need to know a few things. First, you need to know what the goal of your campaign is. Are you just tryna get more leads and brand awareness or are you tryna get more sales? So once you identify your goals, you can then adjust your campaign for that.

And then you want to use the right tone of voice in copy that represents your brand. Are an individual, a personal brand, are you corporate brand? All these things change things drastically.

And then of course you want to segment your list and create a compelling subject line because if your subject line isn’t compelling, no one’s going to open it.

And this is why tracking is so important. You can do this with Google Analytics, really simply, or most email tools like the MailChimp so the Convert kits of the world also help with the tracking as well.

Then from there, you can automate your emails, and then figure out, “Alright, at this time, I want this email to go and then trigger another email if they didn’t open it or if they did open it and they didn’t buy, I want to send them this instead, which is all about automation and personalization.”, because the more of those two things that you do, the better off you are.

And I want to end on this quote, “57% of email subscribers spend 10 to 60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week.” So if you have any questions or you need help with Email Marketing, you can always leave a comment below, I’ll do my best to answer it.

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