Marketing Sales and the CEO

Marketing Sales and the CEO

Marketing is ‘everything’ and organisations should be built around the need to satisfy customers. This is why, he argues, it’s critical for the CEO, marketing team and sales team to be aligned and work together.

 New Website Content Standards

Entrepreneurs and local business frequently miss out on the mark when it involves what consumers want in a website. By really paying attention to your audience with an understanding ear, you can produce a link with your eCommerce website and items or services that will maintain your customers coming back. Below are three excellent means to make your eCommerce website concerning your consumers, not regarding you.

Video Transcript

We do have a concept called holistic marketing uh holistic because it covers more bases holistic because if you appoint a cmo who i and i will discuss that in a moment the chief marketing officer not only should the chief marketing officer work on integrated marketing the four ps but also work on internal marketing getting others to understand inside the organization what marketing can do for them and to work on relationship marketing to get you know the four pieces sort of a plan for making for selling uh in the satisfactory weigh your product but what about relationship marketing and continuing your relationship during periods when the the customers are not buying and then finally socially responsible marketing uh putting that together now a lot depends on the ceo because each of you work in a company where there’s a boss and that boss determines a lot about what marketing standing is in your company for example the worst situation is a boss who probably comes from engineering or the law profession who doesn’t know much about marketing but thinks of it as more a promotion tool a way to to drum up some communications and promotion so i call that a one-piece ceo you’d be happier if at least the boss is takes a 4p view that hey you marketing people help us write a plan that puts together product price place and promotion better than that an stp boss who says well we can’t be in every market we’ve got to do a good job of segmenting and choosing the the best opportunities within the marketplace and owning them and servicing them and then there’s mr lafley at png and i know i use me there so what does what do i mean by me marketing is everything makes no bones about it png says marketing is everything it’s everything we do it is what we are all about we organize our company to make to create customer satisfying products and services and everyone is aware of that yes we have excellent manufacturing but manufacturing is aware of their role in creating satisfied customers etc etc so a lot depends on your ceo we find in an article we publish in the harvard business review that some in most cases there’s not a very well defined relationship between what marketing does and what sales does at least sit down together and define what you could do as marketing people for sales and what you expect from sales people to do to help you in your marketing that doesn’t mean you have a good spirit of working together if because we want you to be aligned not only defined but aligned and maybe even integrated what you want to do is get away from the finger pointing because when your sales have not been high enough the boss asks each group and the sales people say well boss those marketing people they put too high a price on the product i mean every time we lose to lose the order to someone else so they’re blaming marketing or they’re saying marketing didn’t develop certain features that the customer really wants and marketing says you know the sales people only want low price they don’t know how to sell the price they don’t know how to stick to our value proposition they keep changing it in order to sell it so when you’re aligned guess what both of them are blamed or both of them are rewarded if the john if the sales are disappointing you’re both responsible you’re not working well together get your act together if they if their success you you reward both of them

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