My FREE Facebook Marketing Course – Facebook Unlocked – Getting Started – Module 1 – Lesson 1

Today is exciting day because we have a new course for you called Facebook unlocked, where I each you how to grow from zero to 200,000 followers on Facebook.

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There’s just so many people coming online and spending on Facebook and the company has just grown to such a massive amount that they also now have the Facebook Mafia in which people have created other companies like Path and Cloudera or GoodRX or Asana or Quora which all came from people who are either at Facebook or co-founders or early employees.

People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of each day. That’s ridiculous amount of content. There are 1 billion mobile apps linked enable on Facebook. 31% of us senior citizens are on Facebook and 66% of millennials, age 15 to 34 are using Facebook, and they spend roughly 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games.

There’s so much benefit of using Facebook whether you like it or not, you can share content, pictures, connect with people, family. My favorite part is the marketing components from targeted advertising to offer deals in specific places to talk to existing and potential customers, reign brand awareness and promote positive word of mouth.

And what most people don’t realize is Facebook is really popular all over the world. Even though 71% of Americans use Facebook, you know, US isn’t the majority of their users. Majority of the users are outside of the US even though the company was started here, and that’s how big they are.

Even with Facebook ads, they have over 9 million active advertisers targeting option on Facebook as are not just limited to, “Hey, what’s this image.” And I’m interested in people this age range.

You can do so many specific things like interests, lookalike audiences, geographical regions, and best of all it’s also cheaper than Adwords. But here’s the caveat, it tends not to convert as well as Adwords because, you know, when someone types in cheap laptops you can send them to a page on cheap laptops with Facebook. They don’t really type in cheap laptops, but nonetheless, it really works.

I’m not trying to compare Facebook to Google Adwords. They’re both amazing platforms that you should be leveraging as marketers.

Now, this course is going to help you get more followers in less than 12 months. My goal is to help you get 200,000 followers, and we’re going to try to do that with spending the least amount of money on advertising.

So some strategies you’ll learn is how to set up your own Facebook pages and groups, follow the rules and learn about their policies. Figure out the type of content that’s going to get you the most amount of leverage, sometimes tactics and templates that you can use and how to convert sales from those followers and those visitors.

You can find everything under Then just click on Facebook Unlocked. Each week there is going to be three lessons. And again, it’s over in two weeks. Each lesson is roughly 10 minutes. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out. And I highly recommend you go and start using Facebook.

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