Over 4 Million Backlinks Built With This Simple Process – Module 05 – Lesson 1 – SEO Unlocked

Today is another day of SEO Unlocked. And this week, we’re going to be going over link building. “No matter how useful your content may be, “a site without links is far less likely “to rank highly in the organic search results.” And that’s why we’re going to be going over link building for the whole week.

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Now, of course, if you want to rank in the organic section, which isn’t roughly in the middle, at the top you always see ads whenever you do a Google search, but the organic search results is what gets the most traffic. You need the magical thing which is links. And I’ll end up breaking down how you can build them throughout this lesson.

But first, what is link building? Well, link building is about acquiring new inbound links to a website from external websites. That’s like another website linking to yours.

But it’s not always about quantity. See, a link isn’t as simple as the more you have, the better off you are. It’s more like a voting system.

So the way links goes is the more right links you get from relevant, authoritative sources, the better off you are. And here’s some of my sites over the years. You know neilpatel.com, QuickSprout, which I no longer own, Crazy Egg. In essence, if you look at all my sites and you combine them, I built literally millions and millions of links over the years.

And you can do this using two tools. Ubersuggest, which will help you find the links; and then Mailshake, you can use to do Outbound to go and get the links.

But let’s go over the central items in the Link Building Score Card and the optional ones.

The first essential thing is referring domains.So the key is to get as many unique sites linking to you as possible versus getting the same site linking to you over and over again.

Another one is do follow versus nofollow. There’s a lot of nofollow sites that have a lot of traffic. They have a lot of authority. And they can drive you revenue as well. See, link building isn’t just about ranking higher on Google. Link building’s also getting that referring traffic from other websites and converting some of those visitors into customers, as well.

The more popular pages linking to your site, the better you are because the more traffic it’s going to drive, which in theory, has a better shot of driving you leads, or sales, or conversions.

Then there’s domain score and page score. The higher this number’s from zero to 100 and more so, one to 100, but the higher you go up, the better off you are. Like the super authoritative sites like Wikipedia, Google, they’re going to be up there. They’re going to be 100 or close to it. Smaller sites are going to be lower on the scale. The higher up you go, the better off you are. because in theory, the more authoritative the site, the more effect, the more power that link holds.

Another essential is anchor text. This is the keyword that you click on in the link. So the keyword may end up being dog food or it could be the word marketing or whatever your business is.

So, when you’re naturally building links and earning them because you created good content, you have a great website, that means your link text is going to be all over the board and that’s okay.

Some of the optional things are link placement. But don’t obsess over where a link is placed, because some people, they’ll naturally link to you from a resources page, and although that’s not as ideal as them linking within their content, something is better than nothing.

Relevancy, it’s also important. The reason I say this is optional is because you can’t always control relevancy either. So that’s okay if they’re not all 100 percent relevant.

Another one, strategy, this is optional. When you go into the Ubersuggest report for backlinks, you’ll see that larger competitors have links. You may come up with a strategy on how you can get all those people to link to you and you could do well with that strategy.

You’re going to have to do a lot of outreaching, and when you go through this whole process, what you’ll find is from day one to month three, that’s when you’ll start seeing a lot of the links. And then give it another three months, and then you’ll start seeing those links kick in.

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