Promoting Your Content With Zero Budget – Module 3 – Lesson 1 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today’s another day of Content Marketing Unlocked, and I’m going to be breaking down how you can market your content.

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Now when you’re promoting your content, one of the best ways is going to be through Google and SEO, but keep in mind, position is everything, if you’re at the top, that’s where you get the majority of the clicks.

The better your site structure, the better your chance of ranking at the top on Google. And it really comes down to site structure as being a key important element when it comes to your content.

And when you are saying, hey, how do I get these sitelinks? Well, yeah, site structure popularity, but you don’t have to do anything with Google. If you follow everything I’m going to teach you in this lesson, it’ll naturally happen. Google automatically rewards websites with sitelinks, based on great site architecture, and, of course, popularity and high click-through rates.

So what are these sitelinks? What they are is a listing format that Google’s showing on their main page along with several other links. So they’ll show your main listing from your website with other internal pages.

Now, besides structure, there’s actually a lot more things that are important as well. With SEO, it comes down to a lot of factors. One of them is picking the right theme or topic.

So try to get as specific as possible, pick a theme or topic and stick with it.

So first off, you can use a tool, Think with Google, that’ll help you. You can look at different categories, sectors, they provide a ton of different data points, which will help you analyze any space, any sector.

Same with Google Trends, you can put in any category, website, and it’ll tell you popularity over time. There’s also cultural trends. And you can check those out at Think with Google as well. There’s also a customer insights. You can also see this at Think with Google.

So now that we got that away, let’s go really break down how you can rank number one on Google.

Well, first off, I want you to go to Ubersuggest and type in the keyword that you’re thinking about going after. Then from there, in the left hand navigation, I want you to click on Keyword Ideas. Then from there, I want you to find the keywords that you think are relevant to use, and you want to base this off volume, the bigger the volume, the better.

You also want to make sure your content is really thorough in length, the longer the better.

You also want to improve the readability, there’s an app called Hemingway app. It’ll help you with this.

You also want to include the keywords within your meta description tag, not just your title, but also your meta description.

You also want to improve your links, the more people linking to you, the better off you are. So I want you to go to Ubersuggest, and go to the backlinks report, type in your URL, and you’ll see all your new links and lost links.

If your layout isn’t good, you also rank well. So first off, for mobile devices, I consider using Accelerated Mobile Pages, that’s also known as AMP, A-M-P.

As for your website and security, make sure you’re using HTTPS. If you’re not on HTTPS, then people get a notification in the browser that your site isn’t secure and it’s going to hurt your rankings over time.

Now we got the basics covered, let’s go over how you can promote your content with $0 budget.

First off, leverage communities.

I also encourage sharing, like Spotify, a lot of people were using them and sharing the content on what they were listening to on Facebook, that grew them.

And to help encourage that word of mouth marketing, I recommend guest posting. You can go out there and guest posts on a lot of sites.

There’s also growth hacking. It’s that mindset of trying to grow and not just leveraging marketing, but leveraging anything.

Now, one thing that you’ll notice that I do on is I do email newsletters, it’s a great way to get a ton of traffic from attention grabbing headlines to CTA to click and get people back over your site, to creating compelling reasons for people to click through.

There’s also Instagram content. If you have content, like I have blog post content or video content, I’ll share it on Instagram.

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