Smart Way to Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

The marketing landscape is rapidly changing every day and if you are not doing everything you can to keep up with it your business will fall behind.

In this 4Ds session, I meet with 5 different businesses from different industries to talk about how they can better bring value to their audience and ultimately how you will learn the smart way to grow your businesses. We talk about texting platforms, NFTs, making content, and tons of other new strategies to grow a brand in 2021! If you got any value from this video, drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this every week… Enjoy!

Smart Way to Grow Your Business

You’ll never trick the market – this portion is like with me so i think this is when you need to get selfish like you need to ask your question hiring is guessing firing is knowing like you got to go fast that’s how you get done that’s when you figure stuff out this is the television and the television is the radio so forties  there we go there we go hi everybody buddy hey buddy how you doing really good let’s do the intros hi gary super excited and nervous um so yeah we basically we’re husband and wife team and we restore classic buses and coaches so and we also collect them ourselves as well so yeah that’s us i love that buses and coaches yeah like you know like the london root master i love it i love it i love it i love it welcome i’m looking forward to it and now we’re going over to alberta we’ve got calgary jeff humphries jeff say hi to gary hey gary how’s it going um i’m well jeff how are you good thank you uh jeff humphreys like joe said calgary alberta big flames fan building a personal brand and run my own uh little digital agency office that’s kind of my primary uh business well good news i’ve got a little bit of understanding of that world so looking forward to helping thanks man let’s keep moving and uh coming into the states but down to arizona we’ve got anthony say hi to gary anthony gee what’s up brother how are you i’m really well and how are you coming up to chicago we’ve got deuce from sweet baby ray’s goose say hi to gary hey gary been following you a long time man really good to meet you nice to meet you um i’m a chef my uh family my dad actually created sweet baby raise and we have a restaurant and a catering business we sold the rights to the sauce to ken’s foods so but we retain the rights to use the name for restaurants and catering so it’s kind of a weird i understand i know no it’s not a weird it’s actually more common than you think i know i understand that quite a bit so so my big question well we’ll get to that but that’s i i run the business now we have a catering and a small restaurant and um got it got some questions i love it brother real pleasure and then the closest to home literally we’ve got alex over in new york who’s a liquor store owner yeah hey so uh yeah i own a liquor store uh now actually like one and a half liquor stores and i am trying to figure out yeah bill how did you make out uh where james could you go on but please how to make the next step uh basically i’ve been dabbling in maybe helping other liquor store owners grow their business and uh yeah i’m at a crossroads where do i do i or grow other people’s stores for money we’ll get it we’ll get into that in a minute awesome i’m really excited but just to reiterate what i’m sure joe or james or mickey or sydney or this is the time to go very selfish you know very specific questions uh but before we get into that how’s how’s it been going so far anecdotally little quick comments or head nods or body language how’s uh how’s 4ds going for everybody so far good awesome good awesome all right joe orchestrate me who’s first question i’m ready to rock the uk so ashton kirsten the revivist go ahead y’all okay so first question is how do we generate more interest in classic buses and coaches um in an aging sort of industry where a lot of the clients are older should we sidestep into the classic car world that’s got a more cool vibe um or should i are you are you are you willing to yeah yeah definitely like you like that idea that’s not like you’re doing it just because that’s where you think the businesses you need to go like it would equally be interesting to you if you went into that world um well we would want to generate interest from classic car owners to the buses that does make sense are you okay if what’s gonna happen which i think would naturally happen like market size matters right and so like if you’re doing the classic car thing just to use it as a gateway drug to get people to love something you love you can’t make people love something you love outside of sharing your passion yeah if if you like the refurbishing and all the cool [ __ ] that comes along with it finding it the thrill of the hunt all the [ __ ] that i like it’s funny there’s many people in here who literally do what i’ve done my whole life and my career yet it’s your business that i probably most excited about because i’m such a collector so i love nfts like you know so if you love the classic car thing or if the buggies bus is like you know like coaches like if that’s a hundred and the classic car is an 85 or a 90 or even an 80 out of 100 point scale of passion and happiness i would do that tomorrow because that’s healthier for your business yeah because it’s a much bigger market size and you have less fighting to get people to give a [ __ ] yeah yeah i think i think would you focus on getting like the gen z into buses and coaches even though they don’t remember them because they’re older things you won’t be able to pull that off no that’s not to enough scale that’s that’s good to hear okay but i but i think if you did the classic cars thing and also passionately talked about buses and buggies and coaches that over time you’ll get three to seven percent of that base to give a [ __ ] and that’s far more than you would have if you just tried to get got it i see it yeah yeah so totally got it so second question real quick sir um what do you think about the format of traditional museums so there’s like bust museums um our pop-up experiences virtual um museum collaborations with the influencers the way forwards you know would you go to a bus museum because there’s a lot of pain around that for the museums that like how we’re going to get people in the door you mean because of cobit or even in the macro even in the in the macro because it obviously it’s like an aging industry again yeah i don’t like museums as a as a pop-up experiences so i like like a food fair that that is mixed with the bus like you need another trigger right so it’s almost like you know yeah you almost call like burg you create a festival a one day event called burgers and buses where you have a burger competition and the buses are there and you start got it collateral you’re in the osmosis business nobody’s going to come in just to come in but through osmosis you might be able to okay yeah awesome and thank you and the final question we hope you love is what are your thoughts on classic vehicle collecting and nfts oh cute i mean nfts are going to be like websites everybody will have one and natural collecting places is a great place i think there’s really really big things there you should absolutely get very serious about it ft’s okay right but remember when when you launch yours if you launch yours care about the audience more than the money you make because everyone’s [ __ ] up right now because it’s just a land grab for cash and that’s why most are going to be bad okay awesome thank you so much gary cool thanks uh over to jeff jeff over in calgary thanks joe um yeah man gary it’s super cool to actually be talking to you face to face i’ve been uh on your train for i told everyone for about 13 years now my um my last job i worked in a restaurant company with 100 restaurants in north america i ran all the digital marketing for them and the only reason i got that job is because i found you and and you know listen to what you’re up to and and saw the the value and now that i’ve left that company and started my own agency 17 months ago and it’s actually been successful which has been really cool thanks to your blueprint so what i’m up to dude is i’m essentially taking your blueprint on on making a personal brand and running and and i’m like i said 17 months in um and yeah it’s just so i get it i get it and it seems like you’ve been you know many people consume me very few get it even fewer get it and do something about it so you’ve given me enough context that you are in that third small bucket so now let’s kind of go to the 301 course right totally what’s confusing i feel like you’ve got it so this is even more fun like give me the question like what’s the question like what’s the thing you don’t see or what’s hard there’s two questions and i’m afraid of the answer because it might be patience but um the you know when to hire and how do i get more clients when to hire is is much earlier than you think try to make as little money as possible like to like right after this tonight okay this is what i’m seeing with my business how little can i live on for the next two years like the way i built wine library and vaynermedia was exactly the same i paid myself very little for a long time for wine library forever for vayner you know after buying out my brother and other things like i but i still feel under compensated for the executive i am always take as little as possible because that will let you hire quicker which will let you build faster and and do you think it’s um uh hire a production person you know a creative that can do graphic design maybe some copywriting you know if they got the video game like that person to create content at scale or do you think that’s what’s your biggest what’s your biggest pain point right now account or or output uh output so let’s say you know i got eight clients and you know if i’m creating content for them plus my personal brand i feel they output me to me absolutely create what we would call creators video or picture or written word but i’d also be very thoughtful about bringing an account person immediately so that you’re not dealing with the clients right because that’s where you get strained on those ends makes sense so one of each one of each and i’d probably go account and freelance the creative if you didn’t have the means to do both then i would do both immediately if you can get to a place where you can afford to go to that place and the freelance game is definitely a good option hey like i could find a young talented graphic designer kind of person that could you know just you’d be stuck yeah there’s so many people out there you can do a lot okay so okay got it um and obviously the cliche the cliche question of like how do you find more clients is there really well i think i think i think you figured this out i think anthony’s coming up like like i think brand yeah brand is how you get clients and you’re going down personal brand a couple others here are going to do it like but i think you need the creators and the one account person because what you’re now at is you’re at mass with eight clients and you’re stuck yeah yeah completely yeah like my the weeks just go by or i’m just like servicing i didn’t get to this correct i didn’t get a new client i didn’t put out more content for myself you need to drive down the cost of your people so the two people you hire you need to make them as low as possible and there’s people out there that can do that they’re either well off or they’re they’re on two sides of the coin their parents are super rich and they can do it or they’re super hungry and they don’t give a [ __ ] and they’re like us and they’re willing to just grind for it they’re out there you got to spend all your time fixing the weld not the sink you’re in a hamster wheel you take a step out like you’re doing today brilliant honestly take a step out now you need to act on this step out you need to live on linkedin and on your own social and calling friends going to your address book on your phone and hitting up old friends you know anybody who’s willing to and get a designer copywriter and a account person immediately yeah that makes sense it it yeah and it’s just coming up with that the number you know the metric how much can i live on and correct and then run the map backwards that’s it yeah and then like and then if you’re desperate and you’re hungry you start selling chachkas you know like like you just start selling [ __ ] like sell a [ __ ] flames piece of memorabilia like you fight for it you’ll buy it back in a couple years like you know it’s not just you know first it’s how rough am i willing to live truly yeah like i was willing to live super rough like i’ve always lived below my means for investment in my businesses and that’s it i’ve listened to you say that over and over and it and and what’s been interesting is i talk to different people about you know they might not be business owners and i’m 17 months in and i’m thinking about hiring somebody people think i’m crazy because the a they’re like how are you doing this i needed i needed a little reinforcement of that that’s where this is supposed to go i think you’re too late at eight i think you should have hired at f4 yeah because everybody wants this fast brother yeah um and and and you know building the personal brand idea i launched a pretty trick podcast super cool room you know it’s got all the production value it looks slick so you know i’m trying to build my brand out to get access to different people instead of you know i go through my rolodex once and say hey i’m i offer all these services and here it’s crickets right nothing comes back so is there you know is there any ways to amplify that link linkedin heavily linkedin also startup calgary biz small business group on facebook immediately call it the calgary small business association and just like live on and just start [ __ ] networking it spamming people on like businesses on in calgary on facebook and be like you should join this host the party for small business talk that will lead the business just let them and just and keep it focused on digital marketing and just kind of host the digital marketing party partners anything no no no you talk about digital marketing but just say business because you’re more than a digital marketer you just went through 17 months of starting a business yeah the lonely days the the doubt they didn’t know how to open a bank account who the [ __ ] knows right all of it all of it brother i know it i lived it is there um is there a way to actually go fishing for um clients with bigger budgets right now let’s say i’m kind of mom and pop you know if my monthly retainer is like 19.50 a month is there a way to ratchet by messaging people on linkedin and asking them if they you know want to join your pod be a guest on your podcast yeah to talk about marketing which they’ll say yes to and then that leads to the business development great that makes sense um is there any um any mis any mistakes or issues like is there anything i should be aware of as i’m growing this thing that i you know i shouldn’t do anything or yep don’t run out of cash you’re doing too many things well you need to figure out how low you can go yeah live that life for three years hire people fire them when they’re wrong because the kryptonite here is you hire someone for account and they’re bad and you’re like god but i [ __ ] need this person to know fire rehire that’s it that’s it um that’s it and just keep on you know the charging when i’m charging things out joe just tell me if i’m talking too much um charging if i’m charging things out i just keep on bumping it up every month and seeing until they say no you’re listening too much brother i do listen so you’re listening too much you got it okay it’s um and on the personal on the personal branding side he’s still there is it gone dead i’m here okay cool uh sorry on the personal branding side is there a way to amplify my message so the hack that i’ve done is i interviewed calgary’s biggest dj and put them on the podcast clipped clipped a 10 second moment out put it up advertised on facebook and instagram targeted towards people in calgary in an age range that are interested in that style of music and you know and and yeah i got 200 views on youtube and you know it’s the biggest it was the biggest um or most well-received podcast you are you are so deep in my blueprint like i’m almost i’m genuinely bored at this point okay you’ve no no no i’m saying that as a huge compliment you got this higher immediately the two big breakthroughs i’m giving you is live like [ __ ] for two like start cutting expenses yeah in your real life yeah like less on food like like don’t do anything don’t buy anything yeah sell some [ __ ] that’s laying around the house like i’m not [ __ ] kidding you just do it that that that’s my girl that’s my growth my next move right there good all right well we may get some more okay let’s go ahead go down to scottsdale and talk to anthony anthony you’re on with g g thanks again bro we spoke at a ypo event not too long ago you told me to send out a text message within 24 hours i made 120 grand in three hours so thanks for the tip brother uh why don’t why don’t you why don’t you why don’t you tell everybody what that is because that might just help a couple of people on here 100 you just so uh you know i had people call in and customers past customers but i wasn’t texting them um or doing anything you just talked about how the contact rate was like over 90 at least for me it was a 10 conversion rate on these texts and you’re just like dude you open every text you get don’t you and i was like oh yeah no [ __ ] duh so you’re like okay just like how you told the last guy 24 hours dude what are you gonna [ __ ] do to act on it instead of just taking this in phone me like dope good info so i said okay cool i load it up i literally sign up for a software it took me less than an hour to set it up shot it out the next morning and literally between 9 a.m and noon we made 120 grand just one single tax going out to everyone who’s ever called us before uh just saying hey you know it was basically like hey uh you know open enrollments ending soon give us a call right now here’s the phone number like it was [ __ ] nothingness took an hour made over six figures in three hours so thank you so everybody the more people you can get into text with you the better just keep that in mind with every special platform you may need to get a separate number if you don’t like having a lot of text interviewed with your life there’s software as anthony’s speaking to but like text what uh what i’m going to tell you is very very very important what if you’re going to build a personal brand as an arbitrage the only reason i am where i’m at is that i’ve never looked the other way for my own self-interest and i’m coming and i can feel i can tell you you can feel this is coming from a really good place promise me that you’re going to really look in the mirror and say what have i tricked or convinced myself for convenience because it’s my business and what what is that you know because everyone has that line that’s life i’ll tell you why there’s no hiding when you build a personal brand so what i want to make sure you know you’re walking into if you’re going to amplify a personal brand in a space that has a brand issue the you have no prayer of succeeding you’re only going to get more [ __ ] on unless you [ __ ] own it own it own it yeah i really appreciate you saying that because yeah my question was basically i’ve been hiding from it so i don’t nobody actually knows you know correct and so and so what i’m worried about is you’ve got to promise me that the three things that you’ve made up excuses justifications trick your own self that you completely unravel that if that’s a death blow to the business itself i’m telling you right now that a personal brand is only going to accelerate anxiety nothing else if if if you c if you can own it address it with how you do business and then come out and say yes this is the game second right now 99 of nft products are gonna fail because i see all the bad behavior and i have to because i think nft’s gonna be huge so i have to massively say that because i believe it but i have to over communicate all the pitfalls because i don’t need somebody saying you [ __ ] made me buy this nft for four thousand dollars and it went to nine dollars it was beanie babies because i know it to be true and and i would never tarnish my name for that you can’t trick people it’s not how life works so you need to think but you can trick yourself got it and so i’m getting real from the [ __ ] heart advice right now yep you gotta you you’ve got it you got it bro and by the way either is okay everything’s okay anything can be okay but i can tell you right now you will be snuffed out and it and that will be amplified and it’ll be bad and so you have to at all [ __ ] costs be 100 the only person you could be naked with is yourself you have to this is like the value of this entire interaction get naked with yourself no [ __ ] tricking yourself see if you can compromise like not compromise collateralize that and say okay i can never get over this hump the world knows it’s not good and honestly if i’m naked like gary told me to it isn’t good what do i do now because if you go personal brand you’ll get destroyed if you’re bad sure makes totally different okay so on that you know i hear you and the nft thing that 99 uh makes sense for me too especially if i’m like hey it’s gonna [ __ ] up your credit score but that it helps in this way but i i hear what you’re saying yeah it’s like it’s yeah like if you’re like hey because you could flip this you know that right it’s like being the prisoner that becomes fbi you can flip it yeah i mean like here it [ __ ] is there this is the right with media transparency in the advertising space you know 100 i did yeah 100 like like i always do that it’s who i am it’s why i win you’ll never trick the market so when i see something strict in the market i don’t try to trick the market and make a quick buck i try to [ __ ] expose it and have the long-term legacy i love that okay that’s what i did in the wine world i did in the wine world right like people were overpaying lines anyway go ahead brother oh i appreciate that that was extremely more beneficial than uh that’s exactly that that that’s the game and nobody gets to tell somebody how to live life you do you but don’t trick yourself into thinking you can thread the needle on the personal brand thing in a space that has this much you know damage to it unless you go in guns are blazing full naked which may hurt you in some short-term revenue but will help you long-term and by the way like friend a friend you’ll feel so much better every day there’s no cloud i love that brother and i guess um question on that to segue that so we’re an affiliate right just like lending tree you’re driving send a custom customer to a guy when they’re gone do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to bridge the gap of reoccurring revenue and or increasing the lifetime value when right now i basically you call in off my app right i send you brand brand you know your game is all about brand the way you’ll you’ll increase is that people just default thinking to you which will decrease your arb funnels like google and other things brand always wins the end got it and and my question would be okay so if i’ve got aggressive advertising that goes back to our first conversation we just had and you’ve got to build brands not you got to build brand not just sales funnels from sales dr toll booth google life you need to build brand vaynermedia doesn’t get a trillion leads because i’ve got i don’t do any dr marketing i’m not even sure i could look right now on [ __ ] youtube and other agencies are probably buying vaynermedia and we’re not even buying it like it’s [ __ ] brand i’m following makes total sense last question if you don’t mind uh personal brand so the growth no shock to our first conversation isn’t correlated to my uh uh business right like i’m not talking about how to get out of debt or auto insurance or anything like that um if i don’t have direct monetization my personal brand but i know it’s the importance of investing in it do you have any i guess uh just common thoughts suggestions comments on that at all yeah i got a great one look welcome to brand you’re so stuck being sales transaction you just described brand i can’t talk about anything you got it brother you literally just described the brand you’re just so binary right like it makes sense you’re you know you’re math you’re black and white yeah and i’m saying brother gray is the answer it was that was beautiful what you just said you just actually described brandt thank you you know what’s so funny somebody yeah i had an incredible meeting that i want to tell everybody here because it’s going to help similar concept the guy was all mad at it thinks that i was full of [ __ ] and he says to me gary you don’t and i knew the guy and then i let me phrase it’s not true i knew of the guy but he shows up to the meaning with the biggest cross on his chest that you’ve ever seen in jewelry form so i take that social cue i’ve got a sense right i knew a little bit about him you know him being a man of faith which was cool which i love but he had a huge [ __ ] cross right and he goes gary the problem is i believe in things i can touch he was talking my math he goes what you talk about i can’t touch i can’t believe in it and so i finally took a little bit of a barrage from him i said can i ask you a question he goes sure i go do you believe in god he goes are you [ __ ] kidding me i go you’re not touching god yeah that’s brand i believe in brand more than any math anybody here shows me because i know that’s how the world actually works and that’s what you need to win on got it cool thank you very much i’ll run with vegan speaking of iconic brands deuce sweet baby raise let’s go uh you’re on mute deuce cool oh gary i’ve been thinking about asking you this question for a long time because i nobody can give me the answer and i’m like gary’s going to have it in the back of his head so i got to give you a little context okay we opened the barbecue restaurant in 2005 naturally we started doing catering because people wanted backyard barbecues picnics grew into weddings we bought a higher end catering brand a smaller like million dollar boutique catering company called true cuisine so now we have sweet baby raised catering a barbecue restaurant sweet baby raise and true cuisine so now we’re running two different brands sweet baby raised catering and true cuisine catering a couple years later we bought a big event planning company because we’re gonna do everything we’ll do your lights your staging your food everything i got it okay so we’ve created the sbr events group meeting house the event company would did not work out it was a bad partnership situation so that’s gone so now we still have the sweet baby raised catering true cuisine catering and the barbecue restaurant i don’t know what is the best way to market for a long-term future do you want the whole cr the whole thing the three parts right yes can i just call the whole thing sbr events group and roll it into one the reason we got true cuisine is because stick stick with me do you because you’re right i do i do have the answer um let me tell you the path of how you’re going to answer it with my help okay to whom okay so many people waste so much energy on things that either already been solved or are based on some ideology they have for themselves that means nothing to the customer right so so let’s work backwards you’ve got three entities you’ve got three entities right right and possibly fourth what deuce is wild but that’s a different conversation you’ve got four entities yeah right let’s i don’t care what you corporately call them nord is really the b2b world the only thing you care we care about is who’s making decisions the customer right right so obviously for the restaurant you’re not going to change the name because it’s the [ __ ] restaurant and it’s been there forever right yeah the two catering businesses right you ask yourself how strong are those brands individually right what’s deuces wild deuces wild is sauces and rubs it’s it’s what i developed uh barbecue sauce got it got it and that could be a restaurant brand too potentially do you know do you know what the corporate entity that houses wine library is called my dad’s business no it’s called stecklin and walker inc my dad bought it the small little store in 1983 from joe walker and jerry stecklin it is called stecklin and walker inc the only thing that matters is that the brand is wine library and that’s what people know right deuces wild the restaurant and the two front-facing catering brands that people know and use and word about the round should all keep their names okay and whatever the [ __ ] you want to hold call the holding company in the back doesn’t matter do you think people here even know if procter gamble owns tide or head and shoulders is unilever or that sunkist is owned by coca-cola nobody gives a [ __ ] you give a [ __ ] so i guess my question is then with the true cuisine brand that’s like our higher end catering and and all of it together is like where i fall where i have the problem with it then i have to market all of it i have to social media all of it i have to of course you do they’re different customers anyway right okay you’re trying to change the brands of brands that have value because of the marketing execution instead of the reverse okay you’re trying you’re looking for efficiencies yes in i love you i love you this is so fun you’re looking for efficiencies by diluting the thing that is the only [ __ ] thing you have okay you need to triple down on building out all those things okay you can have one person at the top at the group level be the head of marketing and then the individual four people that do content for the four things report into so you can have some cohesiveness you can switch around people the third biggest business has the best person let’s put her on the first business you can have a little corporate there but you need to market the brands unless you want to change all the brands but you don’t want to do that because the high-end brand has its equity in that name for the high end right yeah the fancy brides don’t want sweet baby rays to cater their weddi go figure yeah um awesome well you definitely helped out a lot for sure with that and uh i want you to come to chicago and have some barbecue gary there you go i’m a hundred percent committing right now james rorsini will keep me honest yes yes all right yeah um bailey deuce mainly because i want to take this clip and then when i put your restaurant on my vlog when i’m there it’ll show that i’m a man of my word so i’m looking forward to it once the world opens up all right let’s wrap this up alex yeah alex go ahead text them uh so it goes without saying gary i i’ve got like a million questions that i could ask you about the liquor store business uh but i guess um you know i’ve been thinking about the past few days i’m just gonna go with what i prefaced earlier so i just want to tell you a little bit uh basically i grew up in the store right uh my parents both came from poland very uh uh with nothing basically and they they were able to buy into a store uh when i was about six give me 13 seconds i apologize give me 13 seconds you got it just arrived at destination yeah it’s getting ready to get that vaccine oh no [ __ ] yeah i’m getting the vaccine i’m pretty excited all right go ahead brother pretty excited that’s interesting so uh grew up you know working in there never really planned on staying in the business uh i went to college after college i uh figured let’s go i saved up some money went to poland trying to basically figure out how to make money online and uh that never really happened so after basically two years i came back with my now wife moved back in with my parents and convinced them to uh yeah let me uh run that liquor store for them and um so that was about three years ago when i was 24. and so since then you know i’ve been able to basically like brute force it from uh 1.2 million to uh last year we closed at 4.5 million you know wow yep yeah so it’s going pretty well uh also last it’s been [ __ ] brutal honestly uh you know i just i’ve been on cod for since basically uh january just got off this week but um i also why because because because you got caught because demand started to sway a little bit like as people kind of got back a little bit why would you have cod no did you get over your steez or you got one bad deal that [ __ ] you up because i know this is so well i’m just curious it’s kind of like uh a pattern i i was on cod for a bunch of months last year as well uh but basically this december was the first time i almost did a we did like 700 thousand dollars in december right and a lot of that was shipping yeah we crushed but i over ordered and um that makes sense makes sense yeah fair enough keep going so um last month i i closed on a liquor store my own because that one’s my under my dad’s name you know new york you can only have yeah of course license of course so now i’ve got this linbrook wine in liquor which honestly i plan on just kind of selling that um you know hopefully sooner than later within like six months to a year you bought you bought it to flip it i i bought it because i’ve been wanting to buy a store for a while you know and so it was a good deal it was really cheap it was like a hundred thousand dollars all in so yeah i want to basically flip it and then uh and so i know i’m gonna have a bunch of money you know hopefully by next year to to invest in something cool uh that being said i also started doing some youtube videos uh like two years ago uh basically for liquor store owners and it’s just off the cuff kind of like giving advice and stuff and so uh it was pretty boring in the beginning but now at this point you know i’m getting emails and and calls and stuff people actually coming to the store and stuff and uh appreciating you know other liquor store owners who really like go out of their way to thank me for for providing that that info for them and so it’s um it’s been on my head you know i know that i’ve i’ve got to continue both probably both in the liquor store business just because i’ve already got that head start and you know i’m patient enough i can i can wait another 10 years before i can make money with uh you know yeah running you’ve got it you’ve got it very figured out you can easily do both easily sure and so uh so what do you think gary uh i came up with alex you know it’s it’s all like uh i took some course on how to make a course and you know that sounds funny but uh the the course is pretty much there i’m ready to start calling people and have people pay me to help them improve their liquor store businesses and i’m curious what do you think do you think that i should push hard to make money up front or should i just keep providing uh you know these free videos and and spend more time on on that as far as the personal brand side of things go everyone’s different my preference is that you don’t go for scale because they’re not specific and they’re and that you do more hand to hand combat and do bigger retainers i’d rather you have like two clients paying you 50 000 each for the year than sell a hundred courses because every time somebody pays for a course to learn how to do courses they [ __ ] up their brand sure yeah okay that’s super binary i’d rather you focus on your business build up the liquor store so it’s flips keep building your parents one get a second one again on your own name after you sell one make it bigger and better and keep making the videos and get somebody to really pay you as a consultant like 50k for the year 100k you know nice little bag and keep building and learning how one of the things all of us have learned jeff i’m sure you learned this about yourself as you made your transition and others here all of us have way more capacity than we thought we did like you used to think you were busy remember everybody when you used to think you were busy and then you got way busier remember that like no matter what it is for all of us everyone here my team is like just the way it is i’m sure for joe and james when they came into my company like the speed and like it’s different it’s like you could humans can do more than they think and so you’ll figure that out as you’ll have four stores one in your wife’s name like and consulting seven and you’re still just 28 or 29 30 31 32 like i would keep going down that path because cause people don’t triple down on what they got going that’s working they think they need to go to some new thing like i hear your story alex and then the next line is like and now gary i’m gonna be a crypto trader and i’m like why like [ __ ] back to you know patience and like strategy and it alex it’s flatter you know how happy i am that people can hear my story because i’m sure for you just a little bit because we have so many similarities of our backgrounds and heritage and everything it probably is exciting for you to hear like me say hey i was 34 and i was still in liquor store i had no [ __ ] money like it gives hope to like you know right it gives hope and i think it’s here’s the good news it’s true how old are you now 27. yeah i’m really loving it the corporate name for the store is actually triple down inc i don’t know why but i love it and i i was thinking maybe the next store is going to be in uh actually new jersey um it doesn’t have to do with you it has to do more with the fact of the you know expanding uh if i do continue 100 or you know i mean i mean this i mean the second you do that i’m going to start getting very feisty and trying to put you out of business i uh i think i think that’s awesome bro and i think you can look this is an industry where you figured out you could do real damage and it’s a great base i lived it you know it changed my parents life like i know what their lifestyle is compared to what it was it’s a good industry if you have the talent and i think consulting other people is good training some people will say it’s distraction you should focus on your own i actually think it’s good training because you’re going to learn new patterns that you wouldn’t have had in your own business you’re going to learn [ __ ] from another business that you’re going to apply to your business it’s there’s something there you’re still in your 20s i like where you’re going do both youtube watch what’s up it’s garyvee first of all thank you so much i hope you’re doing super well during these times i also want to ask you please subscribe because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories polls more content more engagement more surprise and delight this is the time to subscribe i hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon you

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