The New Form of Content Marketing

We create hundreds if not thousands of articles of blog content, for what reason? Its because we want to surge traffic. But there must be a better way to get traffic than just cranking out thousands and thousands of articles. Today I’m going to break down the new form of content marketing.


If I go onto my WordPress, you’ll see if when I just go to my post section, you’ll see 6,978 posts, of that 6,911 are published when I go to the publish tab. But here’s what’s interesting, the blog content is great because it is generating me a lot of traffic as you can see here.

In Google Search Console is showing that I got roughly 14 million visits. And I’m ranking for a lot of different terms for example, I’m ranking for terms like affiliate marketing, where I’m getting, you know, 116,000 visits over three months.

But when I look at any term and let’s look at the term affiliate marketing, there’s a issue. It’s only searched, you know, 60,000 times a month, and I know you’re wondering here, “Hey Neil, you said you got 116,000 clicks.” Keep in mind that’s over three months that I got 116,000 clicks.

And just because you rank for a term like ” affiliate marketing,” even if you rank number one like me, it doesn’t mean you get all the clicks. You can get a lot of them, but a lot of the people who search don’t click on anything. But even then look right here where it says, “About 836 million results.”

But I want to show you something interesting, when I scroll down what is the most popular term? It’s actually Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest generates 1.421 million clicks. That’s almost one and a half million clicks over three months, that’s a lot of traffic. On the flip side, my own name Neil Patel is generating around 118,000 clicks over three months.

And if you’re not familiar with Ubersuggest, it’s just an app. And now you can type in any keyword or domain name and it gives you SEO advice or feedback.

What’s beautiful about this is in the long run it’s cheaper to build a tool like I did with Ubersuggest and get that viral traffic than it is to continually write content and update the content.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do content marketing, I’m just saying creating tools is more effective than creating content. Ideally, you should be doing both. And if you create any tool it’s not necessarily going to be effective, the real key is to give away a free tool.

Now, Ubersuggest has had paid versions but you can do a lot for free. Like if I’m doing keyword research and I’m looking up a keyword like marketing, I can go and look at all the ideas for terms like marketing and all the people who search for it for free. And I can do a lot, I can even see like the related tab, get more keyword ideas there.

You don’t have to build the tool from scratch either, there’s a site called CodeCanyon. I think it’s, and I’m going to actually load up CodeCanyon so you can see it here. And they offer tools on anything.

So you’re buying it and then people can use the tool on your own website and it’s white labeled. And over time what you’ll find is the tools will naturally get more links, it’ll naturally just boost in popularity, and you’ll just get more and more traffic over time.

Remember the term Ubersuggest, right? That’s the name of my tool, look at this right here. 17,000 backlinks, right, from unique domain. So, 97,000 backlinks in total but from 17,000 unique domains.

And it’s all word of mouth because all I did was just give away a lot for free and more than my competition, and that’s just helped me get more traffic over time.

So I hope this helps you with your new SEO strategy. Yes content marketing is great, but for me this is the new version of content marketing, and I recommend that you try it out.

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