Top-Performing Content Types for YouTube (The MASTER LIST) – Module 1 – Lesson 3 – YouTube Unlocked

Today’s another day of YouTube Unlocked, where we teach you how to go from 0 to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. And today’s lesson is about content types.

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Video content can be very powerful to grow your views and reach. It’s all about leveraging it in the right way. And to do that, you need to first understand the content types. Mastering the different types of content that you can create will help you generate the most amount of traffic. This allows you to interact with your audience on different channels, increase visibility, and each audience, what you’ll learn, reacts differently based on the content types that you’re leveraging.

Now with video content types, there’s just more than just creating video content.

So, trends. You would want to jump on the latest trends because this is what gets searched a lot, like fidget spinners or the Harlem Shake. And you can figure out what’s trending based on Google Trend or you can use Ubersuggest to see what’s popular.

Challenges. Challenges are like the Tide Pod challenge. You know, although that wasn’t necessarily healthy because you don’t want people chewing Tide Pods.

And then you have social experiments. All you really need is a camera and a microphone for these. You can actually make a ton of money through social experiments by brand endorsement deals.

Another type of video is animals. My wife, literally, she doesn’t do this as much on YouTube, but on Instagram she’s constantly looking at dog videos and dogs and owners playing with their dogs. Like, she gets a kick out of it. I’m not talking about for like five minutes a day. I’m talking about sometimes for like 30, 40 minutes before she goes to sleep.

There’s of course comparisons. You can do this on food or you can do this on workout types or fitness routines or even software types.

You can also do reviews of the best like web hosting services, best way to create a website, the list goes on and on, like the best toasters, the best cookies, the best cookie recipes.

Webinars are super effective. You can do like a type of content that mixes up where you’re engaging within your webinar, answering questions, and selling on there.

Then there’s travel and lifestyle. What is it like to go to different places? What are the food?What are their monuments? What should people watch out for? You also have celebrity types of videos. You can do videos with celebrities or celebrities have videos or get them to be part of it.

There’s just so many different types of content types. And I know I went through them pretty fast and that’s because I have a whole checklist for you. You can find them on, go to YouTube Unlocked, and this will give you a list of all the content types. Download it there. It’ll break down how you can leverage them.

Keep in mind, when you’re leveraging the content types, there’s not necessarily one that does better than the other. You got to figure out what does well for your audience.

I recommend testing a handful of amount. You don’t have to test all of them out. Test the ones that you think will do the best. Create videos, release them. Whatever’s getting the most views and subscribers, start off there.

Now next week, I’m going to talk about how to get your videos rank on Google, advanced YouTube marketing strategies, I’m going to teach you seven lessons learned from the top 50 YouTube channels, and I’m also going to break down scripting and storyboarding for your videos.

And if you think you have writer’s block or video creation block, whatever it’s called for video generation, you shouldn’t anymore because you have all these content types and you won’t run out of ideas for a very long time.

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