What Influences Facebook Reach?

What Influences Facebook Reach?

Is the performance of your newest Facebook post reach determined by the performance of previous posts? Well, there’s actually a snowball effect.

Tune in for Holly Homer’s thoughts on organic Facebook reach.

Ii’m wondering how much of that reach number do you think is solely dependent on that one post and how much of it is influenced by the success of previous posts so i think that’s a really good question i do not know the answer to that other than my gut tells me that there is a significant snowball effect and not just a significant snowball effect for you and your page but it’s actually i would think of it as multiple snowballs kind of rolling at the same time so there’s snowballs between you the page and that that that fan or that that follower so like if that follower interacts with your with your posts a lot that follower is going to be more likely to see it in their feed um and then the other thing i think is really strong um is is topical so like let’s say um that you you follow my page and you have just a passion for paper plate crafts and so every time you see a paper plate craft on on facebook you interact with it um but you haven’t seen much from quirky mama in a while because we well we haven’t really done that many paper plate crafts this month which isn’t true we totally did um but anyway so i finally i finally published on facebook that paper plate craft and your facebook is actually going to be like oh elisa needs to see that so like that reach is going to be not just like kind of the authority of the page the engagement in that post but also is it topical in a way that your followers want to interact with it and want to see it that makes sense

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