Why 98% of Digital Currencies Will Fail

Why 98% of Digital Currencies Will Fail

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Video Transcript

One of the things i’m petrified of back to you asked me earlier is i’m on every program here i’m going to do it again i think 98 of the projects that are coming out in nft form right now are not going to be good investments 98. you got your perspective i just want to be happy don’t you want to be happy [Music] gary vaynerchuk welcome to decrypt thank you so much for having me dan so nfts are the talk of the town i mean we know that having covered every angle of it and that is your news is this nft launch but before we even get into that you know you’ve got such big following on social obviously but i don’t want to assume that everyone at decrypt and everyone among our crypto readership knows you yeah so there was wine library there’s vaynermedia your content business what else do you have going on right now in business separate from crypto mainly i’ve been had you know head down for the last decade building a very large you know agency um which is pushing almost 1500 people globally mexico city singapore london the us been operating you know i do put out a lot of you know people that are listening are aware of me it’s probably through the lens of the garyvee content machine but you know what i actually do in my day-to-day is i’m the ceo of a pretty large service-based business that i’ve always had long-term ambitions to deploy against my activities two of which i’ve already done i launched resi the restaurant app seven years ago we had a very successful exit to mx and three years ago i launched a direct consumer wine brand called empathy which we sold to constellation brands uh last year and so just on my business journey you know doing my thing let’s talk about the nft launch there’s so much to get into there but it is uh v friends right and as we talk you are just about to kind of pull the trigger on that talk to us about what went into it i mean everyone right now is launching nfts in some form but some projects compared to other varying levels of quality some of this stuff looks a little bit fly by night you know jumping on the bandwagon what did you try to do and what’s your aim in terms of your own series so for me i i agree with you i think you know this reminds me so much because i was there of internet startup life 99 you know such a there’s such an opportunity for a land grab cash grab and you have seen people with large audiences um come out with you know commissioned a digital artist put their name on it and have you know extracted a lot of dollars from their fan base and i think the con cern i have there is it’s a nice short-term transaction if that’s what your goal is but i think if you leave a fan base holding the bag you know that can’t work out in the long term and so for me i walked in very eyes wide open knowing that you know in the in the beginning of this year i’m like oh my god i’m going to do this this is a real thing you know and i’ve been you know i was an investor in ethereum back in 17 pretty actively i’d been watching the space for a while but much like everything i do including what i’m doing with the vr now i’m taking meetings i’m watching the new oculus stuff i’m looking at startups but i won’t put out a lot of content on it because i don’t want to say things that end up being wrong because that’s hurt your reputation and so you know for all my gapping i do quite a bit of listening and thinking before i start yapping heavily and so i felt it was time i felt you know i i got very deep in to investing in crypto punks and because i just truly believe that it was good investment as you can see sports cards comic books toys i i it comes natural to me it’s something i’ve always done even wine i think the reason i had a good wine career was because people collect wine it’s just a place i play and i really you know i wanted to invest more into space i want to expand my business activities and the only thing i know is when i see a game changer i need to get my hands dirty and when i saw a game-changer of the internet i launched a website when i didn’t even dan i didn’t even know in a computer when i launched winelibrary.com that’s how quickly i moved that knowing the internet was gonna be big but wasn’t in it yet uh even social like the whole garyvee stuff if you know i was 30 years old before i put out a piece of content on the internet it wasn’t really my ambition to be known i just knew that we were upon this web 2.0 era where first you know personal content i started with wine right what i knew and then i went into you know you know business stuff and so i knew that i needed to get my hands dirty and so i spent months really thinking through a couple things one i thought it was an opportunity to show that nfts had smart contracts underneath them i think everyone’s forgotten that with the beeple craze and with the top shot craze and we’ve become very art and collectible and i said you know let me let me a it was actually just a conversion of many things south by southwest changed my life it’s where i met some of the smartest people kindest people and i always said to myself after south by 2008 which was my third south by one day i want to throw a conference like this like something big so that’s always been in my mind so for me putting out this befriends project where every token all 10 255 is also a three-year ticket to vcon a conference that i want to put on that’s a mix i would say of davos south by i would say a little of like pop culture like maybe there’s some music maybe actually summer camp i want to have a lot of confidence like i want people like doing some competition because i like that anyway that was big and then you know facetime hangout groups some access you know my dream when i was baking it was oh if novak djokovic follows this model instead of somebody just making a painting of him and i can buy a token that gives me a hitting session with him or if i can go into studio with the weekend you know kind of thought of it from that perspective um and so yeah i’m really that’s what i wanted to do do off-chain you know realities in smart contract and then finally you know i started vaynermedia with the intent to buy nostalgic brands in ip and that’s what i thought i was up to literally up to even 18 months ago and then this momentum of the center t space i firmly believe that two or three of the most significant intellectual property pop in pop culture in 20 years the the hello kitties the pokemons the harry potters i believe like video games and card games and movies and books were platforms for much bigger expansion of that ip i believe that nft’s destiny is definitely to groom and to spring up three to five meaningful intellectual properties and i have substantial ambition for v friends to be one of them there’s a lot there uh you mentioned some of this is right now a land grab or at least a cash grab and i say the same thing that the wheat will be separated from the chaff you know in other words there’s going to be a shaking out some of the nfts that are being launched right now are fly by night quick it’s tied to a brand or a celebrity and it’s to make a quick buck and then you’re out you did it other things will survive and thrive and and remain and look legit it’s the same thing as the ico boom you know ico has become a dirty word but some of those tokens that were launched during that time have remained and have proven themselves legitimate and have real companies or use cases behind them many of them were not so all that said did you have any kind of concerns before announcing this that some people would frame this you know in terms of the snarky uh another nft thing just to say of course i do i i have a very loud personality that comes with everything i do it’s this it’s a continuous story of my life as a matter of fact i’ve had a really nice business career where i’ve you know things like empathy and residue are just not even conversated about you know of course when somebody’s positioned as loud or motivational speaker like i’m the least like naive to what the narrative is what has worked for me dan but that happened with me with winelibrary.com long before a human knew who i was all my dad’s friends made fun of him for letting his son do this stupid internet thing right or or when i started the youtube show i was at the height of building one of the largest ecommerce wine businesses in america people literally around me and definitely outside of me thought i’d lost my mind right like that i was like loopy like what is this youtube thing so yeah i do worry about that and i i i don’t know what to do other than execute over the next decade to like have that thought out you know i think we live in a world where whether it’s a social media comment or a podcast or an article written you’re you’re going gonna get that and i’m definitely gonna get that with the way that i communicate and i it you know it doesn’t feel great especially when you feel like you’re truly legitimate and really done stuff your whole life but i think it would be very unfair for me not to recognize that my over-the-top natural dna energy as a communicator that that comes you know there’s a lot of good things that come along with it people get excited and opportunities happen but that is part of the baggage that comes along with it there’s plenty of times that i’m like man if i just had 25 percent less of that then i would you know then the crescendo it would be like pitch perfect but that’s not the case and i don’t i don’t dwell on that i think what i have to do is spend the next you know two three decades putting out a meaningful children’s book a toy an animated series a playing card you know things to develop these characters then that’s why i went with that route this is not you know to me dan to be frank this is a real relief and maybe the starting point of the things that i care about patience ambition kindness candor like the things i talk about i’ve had to be the vehicle which comes with all that baggage now i’m going to be able to put things that i believe in empathy and other things into the world through these characters that are really driven by gratitude of my circumstance and so i’m actually genuinely excited about the character development because i think it’s going to take a lot of the onus off of me the human to maybe put these things that i want to put into the world yeah creating a whole series of characters and thinking of different outlets for them reminds me a little bit of what marty bennett is up to you know martellus bennett the former nfl player uh interviewed him a while back and he’s really trying to create like his own version of a disney that’s interesting yeah i think and i think you will see many many many people like i i would call it like influencer marketing right i don’t think martellus and i are like we’re gonna be two of hundreds of thousands and i think like influencer marketing they’ll be you know a top one percent that actually had the talent to create a despicable me or you know uh you know a get along gang or smurfs or scooby-doo or right tom and jerry but i think unlike the history of television and film you’re going to find a lot of micro ip you’re going to find a lot of mid-market really solid you know the human behind it sustains a lifestyle maybe it’s a six figure you know a year life but it’s so much cooler than what they were doing otherwise they’ve turned their art and their story you know you don’t need it to hit on on the morning cartoon or at the bookshelf or on netflix you don’t need it to go smashing you can you can have a nice solid thing and i think that was something i talked a lot about with influencer marketing that the long tail was much longer than people realized and that is actually my prediction for what’s going to happen with ip development look i i do have a lot of confidence and hopes and dreams and i want to smash it but you know if it ends up being a mid-tier play it’s still really cool and you still get those creative juices out i think a lot of people’s destinies are going to be there well and another thing especially in the crypto world as we know you look at some of the projects that are the biggest even something like crypto punks which they’re selling for so much money because they’re the ogs it’s still so unknown to a vast part of the population i mean you can have something 90 90 99 that’s what’s so cool i’m sure for you right you going through you know you guys have this incredible show and you know already you have momentum and you’re like nobody even knows yet right and by the way i’ve been there twice i really was i was there with 96 and seven with dot com i’m like oh my god you know because what you know what i know is you start tasting it and you’re like man this is doing pretty well wait a minute nobody knows yet this could be cool same for you know social media i was like wait a minute everybody’s doing this at a certain age and and that’s what actually has me extremely bullish on nfts i don’t think people realize we have an entire generation of under 18 year olds who are so matter-of-fact on nfts because of roblox because of skins on fortnight like they don’t even think twice and then i remember you know i remind a lot of my 40 year old friends i’m like bro you bought sheep on farmville you know like like simcity i mean any things that had in-game purchases absolutely correct i’m like now the whole world’s the game and the plus ups are interchangeable when you got bored with minecraft and you graduate to you know uh fortnite you’re kind of stuck in the four walls of minecraft these now become on a blockchain world interchangeable assets you’re gonna be able to trade in you know you know what’s so funny dan i i’m such a big garage sailor i don’t know if you know this about me but like i’m obsessed with garage sailing and i see this every day i like roll up on a home and i see the 13 year old and sure enough all the toys that are for sale are from when that with kid was seven and they’re trading to the next thing but they’re selling those things for eight cents in a bag instead of 12 bucks a piece that they paid for those skylanders in in nft land there’s gonna be a very different dynamic there and that’s gonna be an interesting thing to watch as a collector and trader and it’s kind of neat i’m excited to see a mature nft space of interchangeable assets well i’m glad you mentioned you know friends in your peer group and you try to explain it to them because my next question was going to be there are people right now probably actually most people who just can’t really wrap their minds around it and i totally understand that and i don’t blame them you know i spoke to mark cuban a few months ago and he just said people need to get past the mental hurdle of physical ownership of thinking you have to be able to physically display it just understand that value has gone digital ownership has gone digital all that is fine but even once you explain that there’s a lot of people and they still just say i just can’t see paying 70 million dollars well digital image look that’s no different than what i was telling all my buddies in 1999 that everybody was going to date through the internet and they were like no way i’m not a fat dude in my mom’s basement and i’m like no no you’re not understanding the convenience and the cultural shifts i didn’t use such smart words back then but like you know like it was just very obvious to me and so for me the public wallet as a communication tool no different than what you’ve got on your shelf there with the dog and no matter what i got and how you wear your facial hair and what shirt you’re wearing and like humans communicate and to to mark’s credit that’s exactly right i don’t even live in my mind anymore without the public wallet being as important as a google result or an instagram lookup when you meet someone new well and let me push you on that because there’s still an amount of friction i mean we can divide up and it depends which nft site you’re talking about like top shot i think has gone mainstream because it allows dollars that’s fine but also people can use and enjoy that without even really ever understanding crypto whereas some of the other nft sites you need to own some eth so you need to go to an exchange buy some ether have a metamask wallet go back to the nft site plug in your metamask wallet pay in eth and i still think that that’s a lot of steps for people who are not crypto native i mean do you think they couldn’t ideally friction reduction i think they’re going to happen two ways i think you know the bitsky’s the you know flows they’re doing a great job with fiat for me i was willing for this to do less well to then show a big community of mine and others how to actually taste it for the first time for me dan that’s very authentic because in 1997 and 1998 and 1999 i spent the majority of my time standing in a liquor store for 12 hours a day talking to people and saying no no i’m telling you your credit card will not be stolen if you buy stuff on you don’t have to drive six hours to our good wine store like um thank you but we can ship this to you and you know you may remember this you know just rough guessing on your age your parents or maybe your friend’s parents like people were scared to put their credit card into the internet and you know bro and i’m empathetic to everybody the first time i bought something with a meta mask in my chrome browser and it had that 30 second delay i was like i was like did i you know i was like scared shitless i’m like and it was five minutes that was five months ago so i i think that it will happen inevitably i genuinely believe two things will happen people will get more comfortable and i think look at rainbow’s wallet versus metamask right rainbow displays it in such a consumer-facing way and i think you know this and i know this and many who are listening if they’re listening to the show they know this that in 24 months the technology and the web 3-0 gang will make it better and the audience will get there sooner and they’re going to meet somewhere in the middle and you know i’m going to look back at what i paid in gas fees to mint my project and throw up just like i think about what i paid in server costs for early wine library compared to what aws now does so this is just you know what’s fun about getting the gray hairs and starting to lose it is you get really good pattern recognition right and web one for me was intuitive web 2 was affirmation web 3 for me is flag in the ground like oh i’ve seen this movie multiple times i’m moonwalking through this chapter no pun intended with moon yes let me ask you we have to hit on this and again it speaks to when something is starting to get mainstream you get a lot of chatter and and maybe people have some misconceptions but the environmental concerns yeah out to the corner people say there are people say i’ve heard they’re bad for the environment now they haven’t necessarily read so much about them and of course the truth is we’re talking about is mining on ethereum and yes it uses a lot of electricity but ethereum is in the process of moving to proof of stake and that won’t use as much electricity but without getting into the weeds on the technics of it have you already seen some of that pushback from people who are your fans who say oh i thought these things are killing the environment what do you say to offset that uh i you know as i was like okay you know ethereum was what i was most comfortable with when i was really saying i’m gonna do this so you know i would never do something that i’m not comfortable with i just wouldn’t do it right i was like i’m going to do this on eve and to your point i i you know where’s my report card there’s a reason i got f’s you know you’re not going to be able to see this but there’s a real reason why i got a bunch of f’s in science like i really struggle with it what i what i definitely got to a place of is like okay i understand proof of stake i understand what l2 is bringing to the equation um the thing that was really interesting for my project dan was this project these characters were two years ago i was making a toy project called workplace warriors same characters to sit in people’s you know back to the way i like to roll right um so one of the things i’ve been very fascinated by is the net impact right i’m a sports card collector it’s a lot of cardboard a lot of plastic a lot of shipping a lot of fedex a lot of ups a lot of cardboard so you know my intuition is over time it should be a winner compared to all the plastic and paper and and fuel that’s used to schlep around physical goods um obviously eth has clearly made a sticking around and then you as i don’t have to explain to this audience there’s incredible amounts of pla blockchain standing up that you know are dramatically less uh reliant on proof of work including youth itself so a little bit but it’s funny to watch that conversation i think people you know to a lot of people’s credit i think people hear that and they are concerned about that because it’s an important issue but i think people are educating themselves more and more i i watch this very daily and i i look you know this it’s like any subject matter in the world some people are just going to draw a line in the sand and there’s it’s like politics or anything else there is no conversation but i watched very carefully people um by the way both ways both ways people were like you this is my and kind of go to mill and people were like and say you know what yeah and and you know what that’s nice i’ve seen a lot of you you know the word i would use is i’ve seen a lot of humanity from both sides of the conversation of like of like realizing there’s there’s a lot of nuances and and i think very good you know steps in the direction of trying to address it because it’s an important one yeah absolutely i mean what i like to say gary is that there are some people who just they never want anything to do with it they’ve decided it’s stupid and that’s fine but i think what has changed within the last year or year and a half is that at the very least those people can now acknowledge even if you have no interest in the whole crypto world and you don’t want to touch it fine but you acknowledge that it’s real it exists it is here to stay you know skeptics used to say what if it all collapses bitcoin could crash to zero it’s not going to go to zero that has never happened and it has proven itself after 11 years and these two things i think bitcoin and ethereum at the very least they have staying power you know whether you want to touch it and be involved with it up to you yeah it’s you know one of the things i’m petrified of back to you asked me earlier is i’m on every program here i’m going to do it again i think 98 of the projects that are coming out in nft form right now are not going to be good investments 98. comma i think the nft macro technology is one of the most significant things to happen in the last 25 years at the consumer behavior level you know from you know so you know the all these things are incredibly nuanced to your point right like like you know to me i’m an incredibly big enthusiast of the bitcoin universe people i’ve done some podcasts and people feel like i’m anti and i’m like no no i think it’s so big that i’m curious what sovereign nations are gonna do i’m like i’m like kind of weirdly more bullish i’m like no no this is really here to to stay comma what’s gonna hap like do governments fear it like i actually like that’s fascinating to me of like you know if if if sovereign nations lose leverage of you know of of currency that’s powerful combos so you know it’s it’s a very nuanced thing and like that’s why headlines are so dangerous for all of us it’s why i kind of stay out of most subject matters now i realize in 99 of subject matters i’m a headline reader right you’ve got passing thoughts of somebody you think is smart on it or things that nature and you know for me this is deja vu this is web 2. every single conversation around twitter and facebook in 2007 to me looked like the following gary facebook’s just for kids it’s just college kids trying to put up beer pong photos and twitter was this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard who gives a if you’re going to eat a pizza why would somebody share that and so that’s what people say to me about twitter i still have friends who just don’t use twitter and i’m always like you why don’t you i just find it so useful for news gathering and they say because i don’t need to know whatever i need for lunch and i just that’s not what it is anymore you know right it’s you know and that’s fine listen i think there’s people in the know business i think there’s people in the yes business i think there’s people in the optimistic practical business i think there’s people in the cynicism business you know there’s a lot of human traits out there and i think people show their cards and their actions and you know i think for me i um i have a natural tendency to get uncomfortably excited and loud when i know something which comes with a lot of potential baggage and i think for me and i think for everybody who’s listening who’s bullish and believes the nice thing is you don’t have to convince people you just have to execute you know like you know for me execution always is the final judger not my conviction of myself not the cynicism on the other side or the act or the cheering at this point in my career i have plenty of cheering and i think that’s very dangerous i think once you hear the cheering you become susceptible to getting very confused i think humility and self-awareness are the foundations of actually pulling off a lot of these things uh just a couple more for you gary you know especially the environmental stuff as far as i see it the other main if there’s kind of two main i guess uh concerns or criticisms of the whole boom is starting to realize well what is it you even really own i mean it depends on the nft site you’re using but some of them aren’t always storing things on chain uh some of them in some cases you’re really just buying an address right you know as people who don’t understand it frame it you’re paying for a url but you’re buying an address that represents something somewhere else and so people say you’re paying all this money what are you really getting and what can you do with it well you can share it and say check this out i own this thing which is cool or you can flip it you can sell it so in your case with your entities as you mentioned they also come with passes to future in-person events and what i push you on is all the people who believe in nfts the way they frame it is just wrap your mind around digital only it’s all about digital and then you add there’s also this in-person event you’re going to get a pass to does that detract from the whole thing at all i mean is that just see is there any way that that’s just and we’ll throw this in you know it’s a cell you know for me the way i read it i i haven’t really spelt that take you know i for me i think the smart contracts the most interesting part of nfts from the standpoint of i expect to nft my future homes you know like and transact i mean it like i mean i don’t see why it’s a it’s a very clean decentralized ledger i think people are incredibly i think people’s marriage certificates are gonna be on it right like like why not like it’s a very very clear clean decentralized ledger that i think people going to really build momentum on so i you know for me i actually thought that was the i was very passionate about that part with my project that was kind of like all the ingredients of like i’ve always wanted to throw this conference oh i’ve always wanted to buy the smurfs but wait a minute maybe i can create yeah you know there are probably people who want nfts to stay narrow in art and collectibilities i think that would be you know i always find it funny when people are mad i’ll give you an example i was in a lot of clubhouses in in january in february march talking about like watching people from the physical art world on nfts and i was like i was like but you’re a contemporary artist and just 50 years ago your art wasn’t considered art why are you doing this to these nft artists and then some of those nft artists were like my when they saw my doodles were like that’s not art gary you’re just trying to trade on your fame and i’m like wait a minute you literally 40 days ago were fighting for the right to call your thing art and now you know i find that interesting and so i think i think it’s very dangerous to impose what one wants something to be without understanding all the different use cases something can be so for to me the one of the neatest part is the contract and i think i can’t wait to see innovators come up with things that aren’t even running through my mind yet you know i’m excited to go to i’ll give you an example then as you know i’m a very big jets fan i was at the monday night miracle right i was at that game and i you know and as a jets fan i’m sure this is very nerdy for people they were losing 30 to seven to the dolphins with like 12 minutes to go and they came back and won it was ludicrous the monday night miracle there was only like 4 000 people left in the stadium dan cause everybody left because it was a monday night game my cousin bobby left at halftime when i called him saying can you believe we’re almost coming back he was already sleeping in queens that’s how like he left that long ago i there was five six thousand people left in that stadium for that game i personally have met twenty thousand people that claim they were there i when i started understanding what nfts could do i was like man one day i’ll be my ticket will be in nft because it should and will be but they’ll probably be nft readers that i could scan on the way out to prove that i stayed for the whole thing and then on the blockchain they’re like no no there were 4 329 people who stayed for it so like i just think uh provenance and all that is really important and i think the counterfeit world the hearsay world that you don’t really know world like a lot of great things will happen in our society and other things will happen in a different way like you know there’s always a counter there was all these blessings that came with social that i saw in 2007 eight nine that were incredibly beautiful and then there’s you know silos and bullying and all sorts of other things and there are plenty things that people are going to be uncomfortable with as blockchain becomes fully scaled but they’re going to be some incredible good things and i’m excited for that chapter dan absolutely uh it’s it’s a fair and good answer let’s end on this so to circle back to the nft series v friends what will success here look like to you you know i know you’re not just measuring in terms of how much do these things sell for how hot are they how will you measure whether your foray into nfts has been a success uh two ways short term the projects that come out this fall from people that have the luxurious situation that i have which is a large audience are dramatically more thoughtful for the people on the other side of the transaction than the person that issued it for me personally that in 18 years there’ll be conversations over dinner with me and acquaintances or friends or maybe i run into with you and say man remember we talked right before you know you know you know i have a very good memory like i can literally see you and i in atlantic city talking the last time several you like right and so for me to truly answer this for me success is only if i’m able to execute over the next several decades to build a truly truly meaningful and i’m talking i’m shooting for like scooby-doo smurfs that’s big big big and i really think i can and i’ll be honest with you it’s similar to the jets i realized i’m like why do i love this so much trying to make v friends a cultural intellectual property trying just like trying to buy the jets is like so fun for me it’s it’s built out of curiosity chess do i have it can i it’s like it’s fun so to me success will be that i went out and actually did it and became one of the few and definitely one of the first to stand up a meaningful pop culture intellectual property from the ground of an nft platform the way angry birds did from an iphone game the way that pokemon did from a card game the way that harry potter did from a book awesome yeah i agree by the way with the in-game comparisons i think that’s one way to frame all this that has been a little bit lost that a lot more people can understand you know i even mentioned kim kardashian k coins i think that’s an early analogy that makes a lot of sense you know people who asked mom and dad for the credit card to buy rewards in that game same kind of 100 i mean we’re gonna have a lot we’re gonna have a lot of things that are gonna make people uncomfortable people are gonna sell shares of their future earnings there’s gonna be a lot of things that are gonna happen and i remind people especially if you’re listening to this podcast by nature you’re more innovative you’re more open-minded you’re more curious like who’s listening right now to this right you are that person no is a very different answer than let me think this through and then have an opinion and that in that delta because trust me and you see it dan and i think you have a good radar for this there’s a lot of things that are not exciting about how humans are gonna are acting right now with this gold rush it was one of the reasons i was excited to stand up this project i feel like i could create a framework that could be replicated in a better way and i think you know but but don’t let the very minimal percentage of people that are bad and looking for very selfish greed moves cloud you in the macro of so much good and i think our society has a lot of fear based in it right like one you know one person has a bad situation at a mall because of myspace and then the news pumps it and then people didn’t want you know like that kind of stuff right so like you know i think there’s a lot of good here and i think there’s incredible humanity i’ve met so many people in the community ogs in the nft space in the crypto space and just creative curious thoughtful smart innovative like there’s just so much stuff that you can’t even imagine is about to happen next 10 years and being close to it is a huge mistake if you plan on living in the world i like to say gary the tech is agnostic so you can point to use cases you don’t like you can point to crime you know hackers asking for ransom and bitcoin or you can point to the social good and the examples of helping people the tech itself is agnostic i think that’s right dan i really genuinely do and i think the tech is the blockchain and all these blockchains that are popping up is the as big of an innovation to our lives as the internet was as the printing press was and all of us will be integrating into that reality for the rest of our collective lives and the quicker we get thoughtful with it instead of dismissive or by the way blindly ambitious the other way like you’ve got to find that equilibrium and um you know i i’m speaking with massive hyperbole the smurfs and scooby-doo are some of the biggest intellectual properties of all time but it doesn’t temper my ambition and my enthusiasm on the flip side i am far from confused after my 20 years of operating how much work how much effort how many really smart decisions i have to make to even begin to sniff that level of success but i’m up for and i’m excited to see and if not i’ll be the first to be like look i didn’t have it we’ll just have to talk again in 20 years and see where the nft space is i’d like that dan i wish you a lot of success congrats on this youtube bachelor what’s up it’s garyvee first of all thank you so much i hope you’re doing super well during these times uh i also want to ask you please subscribe because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories polls more content more engagement more surprise and delight this is the time to subscribe i hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon you

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