YouTube Marketing Audiences – Are YouTube Ads BETTER Than Facebook Ads?

YouTube Marketing Audiences – Are YouTube Ads BETTER Than Facebook Ads?

Hey guys if you’re interested in youtube marketing and audiences then this video is for you in fact we’re gonna reply to some of the most common questions regarding this topic so if you like it make sure you subscribe to the channel like this video comment if you have any questions and we will personally reply to you alright so let’s start with the first question how do we build audiences on youtube well i think you know some of the stuff you’ve said in the earlier videos vince about ranking at the top of youtube that’s that’s the end game you know you really do need your video at the top of the suggested search or at least in the top five because literally nobody’s watching past that is same as traditional google search nobody’s you know nobody’s scrolling down we’re just clicking and watching but bottom line great content content that matches your audience’s expectation and making sure people engage with it and they you know they get value you know not necessarily an ad i know we’re an ads agency you know we run ads for loads and loads of brands but we obviously try and make those ads as engaging as they can be and that helps build people’s audience so you don’t want content that people switch off from um yeah i think this is like millionaire question get us so much so many times is youtube better than facebook when it comes to targeting well um i get accused of facebook bashing all day long i’ve even had marketing brand managers send me messages saying you know can you please stop stop stop slagging off facebook because you know we do really well on it and obviously certain products do fantastically well on facebook and we’ll continue to do so um the targeting is better absolutely better there’s there’s more depth um on youtube because it’s owned by google and google google knows far more about your search patterns and probably knows more about you than you do you know they want to get to a scenario where they’re putting ants in front of you before you know you want a product so yeah you know the opportunity to overlay this is something you really can’t do with facebook is overlay intent with you know what somebody’s searching for um who they are the topics they’re browsing you know if you look at going on to a competitor’s um checkout page facebook doesn’t really know that um and and then you start combining the audiences and when you overlay the audiences that’s when you get real power you know so if you’re going to start a youtube ads campaign and choose a general audience you’re sort of doing the same thing that you would do on facebook you know we came across a brand recently that we’re just advertising to parents with kids um you know uh 9 to 14 on facebook now you can dive even further to give the example of well if it’s that audience plus they’re searching for a football training aid that’s an even better audience so the opportunity is better i would say are the audiences better the the general sort of off-the-shelf audiences are aren’t they’re similar um but when you deal with a specialist agency who can actually get that targeting right the opportunity to make the audience better is where it’s at exactly uh on facebook you are and of course this is actually probably the next question so the question is are you too bad better than facebook so and obviously simon touched on this what what i can say as well on facebook you have like facebook is interruption marketing so you are interrupting people when they scroll down and they just go on facebook not to find a solution to their problems they go on facebook to be entertained to see what their friends do to spy on what their their partner is doing so uh they’re just they just go there to be entertained they don’t want to watch ads of course then you place an ad based on the interest of the of the people on facebook and then the targeting on facebook is very good of course so if i’m interested in uh i don’t know making money online and marketing i will be i will have so many ads about this on my newsfeed which is okay but on youtube people go there to find solution to the problem so this is search marketing so if i search how to lose weight quickly and then i’ve got an ad saying hey if you are looking to to lose your weight quickly then you need to watch this video of course i’m much more relevant than than the same video on facebook so let me give you a real prime example of that is i i play a lot of golf i used to play a lot of golf i should say you know during lockdown in the last night nine months i’ve not picked a golf club up um but facebook would have me down as a golfer you know and somebody who’s interested in golf and i’ve liked a lot of golf pages you know you could say right i’m going to choose an audience of all the pro golfers and the european tour and all these sort of things and that would put me in that audience but i’m not in the market for any golf products at the moment because i’m not playing yeah so if if you then overlaid that with simon has also searched for golf clubs and he’s also booked tickets to go to the ryder cup and he’s booking travel for golf all these ah right now i’m in market for something so overlaying audiences i we do talk a lot about this but that’s where the real real magic happens yeah that’s sorry sorry just add one thing very very quickly there because there’s another dimension to that question i think actually the ad structure is better on the youtube than facebook because you can you can get hooks in you can get call to actions in i know you can on facebook but the ability to go on for potentially 10 minutes not be on the taxi meter educate entertain show how something works i think just as a vehicle the actual framework is is there’s more opportunities with the youtube ad than a facebook ad and if you you know if you want to get into the nuts and bolts of it we wrote what we think is one of the best facebook ad manager courses in the world and it’s still available on our academy site and we stand by that course it is an amazing resource for people that run facebook ads and please do if you want a um a login to that course and you’ve watched this video and you subscribe to our channel i will give you a free login to that course that that is worth 1500 pounds and it’s genuinely we’ve taken courses that we’ve paid a lot lot more than that for um and they weren’t as good so if you if you’ve watched this far through this video and you do subscribe and you email me simon s dot media i’ll give you a log in for free but the nuts and bolts of it are youtube will give you a true view right and this is youtube do not shout about this enough as far as i’m concerned because as vince said facebook i’m not there to watch the ads i’m there to you know be social and a lot of people miss the fact that social media is social not sales not sales media social media right so i’m on facebook i’m on social media right on youtube i’m paying attention and i’m watching and i don’t mind the ads coming up because i know they’re coming right and i can still skip them right you can’t skip the ads on facebook but facebook will charge you for an impression so when somebody scrolls past your ad and they pause for as little as three seconds you as an advertiser get charged and i don’t fundamentally think that’s fair right yes you can get it to convert you if you take our course you’ll understand how you need to do it properly right yep but with youtube you get 29 seconds for free and you only get charged a very very minimal amount like one cent one pence once somebody’s watched past 30 seconds and that is a true view and that i think is worth paying for and that’s the fundamental difference and that answers the question why youtube ads are better than facebook yeah perfect so and if you guys you’re also fed up with facebook you’re not you wanna go well it’s actually it’s a better place so you have less competition it’s the results are like more measurable and effective so again check out the link in the description because we can help you a lot with your youtube ads so uh can i put my own ads on youtube yes it’s super simple you know it’s literally get a google ads account create a youtube channel upload a video link that video to an ad in a google ads account and press go choose an ad choose an audience but you know please be careful there’s a lot of ways to waste money and that’s why people use specialist agencies yeah okay then is it easier for digital marketers to drive engagement on youtube as compared to facebook what do you think wins that’s a good question actually i don’t know if it’s easier i would say it’s more targeted for sure on youtube so you get better results because it’s more targeted i don’t know if it’s actually easier what do you think so i would say it’s absolutely easier yeah i would as well so if if you can produce a video and you you rank it at the top of search vince you can’t do that on facebook so if you can create a good piece of content and rank it at the top of search you are going to get much more it’s easier to get people to see it in terms of ads probably it’s much of a muchness because you pay your money and you take your chance right so um with you know with youtube at least you’ll get 30 seconds of viewage before that viewage that’s a new word isn’t it you’ll get 30 seconds of viewing before um you’re gonna get charged and facebook um i i i’ll actually say it’s easier to drive engagement on facebook because you can just click the boost button and away you go whether that engagement’s any good is another also maybe on facebook you know you’ve got like more people are uh accustomed how do you say like uh are used to share content so you probably get more engagement but then is it really going to convert yes youtube no that’s the question so yeah look if there’s we’d be interested to hear from anybody else that’s watching this video what your thoughts on that one are so comment below guys and we reply as soon as possible then uh can i upload the same video on youtube and facebook obviously yeah you can do um facebook doesn’t like necessarily the longer form videos so it prefers both of the platforms you would want to upload natively so you would you you don’t really want to uh share a youtube channel into a facebook post as you know that’s similar with for example uh linkedin you know linkedin’s a prime example if you uh upload a or you share a face uh a youtube video onto linkedin you get next to no engagement because they absolutely do not want people coming off of their platform and going across to youtube you know that’s the enemy as far as they’re concerned so yeah by all means use the same video on both um there’s different ad formats so if you’re running ads on facebook it would be a different format to what you would run on youtube because youtube would be longer form and you’ve got more opportunities for calls to action so um if look if you’re out there and you’re a brand and you want to know how to do it just uh give us give us a call or send us an email we’ll tell you what the best way to do that is amazing uh then which platform is best for advertising well we always say look we’ve got a vested interest we are uh we think one of the very best youtube marketing and planning partners in the uk if not the world and we are spreading across the globe at a rate if not you know vince is running s media in italy and we’ve got a guy called mike tobias running uh the us for us but which is best for advertising i would say facebook is a good way for remarketing at the moment and we’ve got youtube at the top of the funnel for brand awareness but also conversion so if you had to push me obviously i’m going to say youtube’s the best you know because you do get a true view but an omni channel and we’ve talked a lot about an omni channel approach and making sure that your funnel is correct you know we build funnels for people to make sure that you have every opportunity to convert and we often talk about look for every ten thousand video visitors you get to your website if you only convert at three percent and that’s probably a pretty good conversion percentage you’ve got 9 700 people that you’ve wasted so if you’re not mopping those up into remarketing loops be that youtube facebook instagram wherever your audience sits the best and some of the very best campaigns we’ve run have been youtube first with facebook remarketing um you know if you’re not doing that you you just are throwing good money after bad yeah you’re leaving money on the table as many marketers say so uh right uh last three questions we’ve got once i have built an audience on youtube is it easy to see results wow you know that is that is the game you know a lot of marketers talk about building lists and youtube will allow you to spin up um similar and look-alike audiences around your existing following and that’s really where you can get to scale because they know like we well we know that they know more about us than we know and over the last year we’ve seen the privacy restrictions come in more and more and more and the cookie legislation coming in to stop um it’s really to stop new platforms springing up and having any sort of control over the data and tracking of people who are visiting facebook and youtube and amazon etc you know this is a closed closed shop um and we we will see over the next year whether sort of biden coming in and the us legislation changing will that split up things like facebook whatsapp um google youtube even could be under i wouldn’t say they’re under threat but you know these guys are so powerful now that if you think that a cookie can only live on your machine for a limited amount of time be that 24 hours uh seven days you think about the websites that you or i visit on a daily basis it’s really only facebook google amazon a few others and those are the those are the websites that are able to maintain these cookies and learn about the behavior um that you and i are making and therefore once you’ve got an audience these guys their absolute interest is taking your advertising spend they are the only ones that can get it to convert and they are the ones that have all the data so they have complete control so they will give you the tools they’ll give you the audience building and optimization tools but to take full advantage of that you need to work with a specialist so you know if if that’s something you want to learn more about hit the subscribe button and notification and you know stay in the loop with a lot of the video content that we’re making now absolutely absolutely uh last two questions where do you build audiences in google ads so there is an audience creation tab when you this is where a lot of people don’t see this so when you start a google ads account it will be in um smart mode so it will it it’s sort of hand-holding mode google’s got a basic setting of sort of it’ll try and lead you on a do this do this step by step this is how you do it now what you want to do is switch to expert mode and there’s a if you click on the the uh the gear tag at the top you’ll see that if you can click down you can switch to expert mode and if you need to know how to do that send me a message i’ll uh i’ll show you another video but switch to expert mode then within the tools you’ll see audience manager click through to that and then you’ve got audience sources within the sources you’ve got things like look-alikes lists youtube channels so one of the interesting things you can do is you can create uh audience of audiences around the people that are visiting your channel audiences of people that are watching particular videos audiences of people that have watched percentages of certain videos so you can say look i only want to show this ad to people that have watched three quarters of video x within that tab as well you’ve got the opportunity to create intent custom affinity audiences audiences around websites that people have been places everything you know the the opportunities are endless yeah and again guys if you have questions about these especially ads you know just reach out to simon like he would gladly gladly help you it’s only ten thousand dollars per hour very inexpensive so yeah that’s it guys so last question what audience sources can i use with youtube ads so i think i think in the last answer i’ve covered quite a lot of those but you know the where people neglect the opportunity is to remarket to people and you know people who’ve been on your website people that have been on certain pages within your website people that have taken certain actions on your website so if you if you uh install google tag manager you’ve got complete control over every uh action that people take on your site so it could be uh you create an audience about people have been on particular products you know if you want to take it to the nth degree i could show an ad to you saying hi vince i know that you’ve been on my iphone 12 page and you were on there for five minutes if i wished you know that would be taking it too extreme but you can see that you can show ads on particular devices um all sorts there’s like i said in the previous answer there are a ton of opportunities and yeah don’t don’t get caught up in trying to on day one make a ton of audiences like start with the basics it’s probably more broad than you would want to be at the start but what you actually want to understand is where you can conversions are coming from and then create look-alike audiences around those people absolutely yeah awesome guys so if you like this video make sure again you subscribe hit the like button and obviously comment below and again if you need our help make sure you you click the link in the description to find out more alright looking forward to seeing you in one of our next videos take care bye

YouTube Marketing Audiences – Are YouTube Ads BETTER Than Facebook Ads?

How do I build audiences on YouTube? The most obvious and long-term goal is to build a large and engaged subscriber base, these will be your fans and the people who will continually consume, share, like and engage with your content. It can be quicker and make the process a lot easier if you do the following things:-

Run adverts of content into an audience that you know is going to be interested in your videos.
Rank your videos at the top of the YouTube search for your chosen keywords.
Run ad campaigns that retarget visitors of your website and other social channels.

We often get asked how much better the YouTube audiences are compared to those on Facebook. Well, you are going to have to watch the video to find out the answer to that question! There are so many ways in which the two platforms differ, in our opinion, YouTube audience creation has a significant advantage in that it allows the overlay of intent with other options such as keywords, topics, custom audiences, detailed demographics and so much more. Facebook audiences tend to be broader, that’s not to say we wouldn’t run remarketing from Facebook into an audience we had created on YouTube as that is one of the strategies that we have seen reap amazing results in terms of ROI recently.

Getting started with YouTube audiences is super easy as Google provides many different pre-populated off-the-shelf audiences for you to use with your campaigns. This is a little bit like the functionality of the Facebook Boost button, to be used with extreme caution, these off-the-shelf pre-populated audiences tend to be, again, quite broad, so we would always suggest a keyword overlay combined with a topic or affinity audience for best results. Why not try the audience creation tools where you can upload customer lists for matching, create lookalikes, use your existing website visitors, your subscribers, even target people who’ve watched a certain percentage of a certain video on your channel. The YouTube marketing audiences that can be created have massive potential – don’t forget though you will need to continually monitor your results, set up your tracking correctly and have a fully formed and thought-through YouTube marketing strategy with clear objectives.

If you need help with building your audience on YouTube or want assistance with YouTube Ads or how to rank your content at the top of YouTube then please do get in touch. In this video we have tried to answer some of the most common questions we regularly get asked about YouTube audiences and how to grow and create them when setting out on a YouTube marketing journey. Andy, Vince and Simon have a combined 50+ years of experience and have brought all of that together to work on the @s media Agency YouTube ads and YouTube SEO ranking proposition for brands. Please subscribe to our channel and get in touch if you are wanting any advice, help or assistance with your YouTube efforts.

If you are really serious about mastering YouTube marketing, then go to:

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