YouTube Marketing Tutorial and Help Masterclass – Q&A on YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO

YouTube Marketing tutorial, help masterclass. Question and answer session on YouTube marketing & SEO

So this next set of videos is about YouTube  Marketing and getting more subscribers, so if anybody’s got any comments please comment below.  Please share if you want to ask any questions just drop them in and we’ll get back to you, so the  first question is. How do i get 1,000 subscribers on youtube fast? Well you do know what what you’ve  just done mr price you actually you ask you know if you like our channel please subscribe hit that  notification bell and uh you know you can see our future content you do it that way not nefariously  the way you’ve just sort of done it but um but no look to get a thousand subscribers really  quickly you either need a a viral piece of content or an awesome piece of content that people want  to share and engage with or you run youtube ads to drive lots and lots of visits to your channel  so obviously another good piece of content you obviously ask for the subscriber you make  sure it’s in the video when people are watching it um and and i’ve seen channels well we took a  channel at the end of last year in two months from a thousand to twenty thousand subscribers  just using ads and not with a massive spend so ads would be the easiest way yeah okay i’m sure  vince would talk about ranking though yeah ranking or you can you can even buy a channel that has  1,000 subscribers already that’s the fastest way yeah yeah ranking definitely because if you  can rank your videos and we talk about this many times in our other videos if you can  rank your videos to the top of the searches then obviously people are going to find the videos  youtube is going to recommend the videos under the suggested video section you’re going to go on  google as well eventually on the search so this will like skyrocket your your growth in terms  of subscribers okay cool um how do i monetize my youtube channel yeah so there are two requirements  to do it you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours in the last 12 months once  you get to this you can just go into your settings in the youtube channel uh enable monetization  and so you can start earning money when people uh place their ads on top of your videos  that’s how you monetize them but then of course this is just one you can get like partnership  collaboration with like people that want to promote their products through you through  you if you become known and an influencer but again the best ways to sell your own products  or services that’s the fastest way the best way and it’s the one that you actually control so uh  you can yeah as andy said in other videos sky is the limit you can make as much as you want uh with  with this i’m writing saying vince that once you click that monetization enablement tab you do  need a google adsense account and you do have to wait for youtube google to approve you so you  don’t get monetized the minute you get a thousand subscribers four thousand you have to just wait  for that to be approved right okay next question how do i get more subscribers for free  everybody wants it for free or fast don’t they uh for free so if you don’t want to spend  money to ads for free the best way is again to make sure you rank your videos to the top and  also i would recommend you create some kind of viral content that can get shared a lot that’s  not easy it’s easier said than done of course but uh if you can do that you can grow  very fast and for free and then my other strategy i will recommend is you ask other  people for interviews so you can tap into their audience and obviously their audience gonna  watch the interview they’re gonna subscribe to the channel if you ask so again guys if you like  this video subscribe to the channel like the video comment below if you have questions and you just  say this throughout the video and that’s how you you get more subscribers for free and once you’ve  got over a thousand subscribers you can enable the community tab on the channel so you can get um  it’s a bit like google’s version of twitter um although for now it’s there’s not a massive uptake  on it but that community tab the the content that goes into that does get shared quite widely at  the moment so that can bring a lot of people to your channel to subscribe as well nice okay  good and there’s a few questions now around um subscribers in a different context of these three  of them so i think anybody watching probably needs to take an overview of the next few questions  as a collective rather than as individual ones i’m trying to help them there so um this next  question is how do i get fake subscribers don’t near off guys don’t veer off just answer  the question how you get fake subscribers because the other questions then are still around  fake subscribers so stick to the question how do i get fake subscribers i’m actually  surprised that someone is searching for how they get facecast fix the service i would say  i actually i’m not sure because i never done it but probably the best way is to go on people on  websites like upwork and uh and just pay someone to to subscribe to your channel let’s  let me let me to take over them vince because as somebody might gather i have done many  many times this for lots of people because it’s something that you get asked all the time  is it can i need i need monetization today um can i cheat right and of course that you  can use fiverr um you can use up work you can use channels like qq tube where you just buy but  the issue is they’re not real they are bots okay you’re going off subjects here because the next  question is can i bake by fake subscribers so you’ve just answered that so maybe the the third  question in this series is why shouldn’t you use fake subscribers which is what you’re drifting  into now so people are asking can you get them can you buy them and you’re going to say now  why you shouldn’t do is what i’m guessing simon slightly questions yeah it’s like these fake  subscribers yeah it’s like the good old days in facebook when people used to buy facebook  likes you know you can you can go and buy them they’re not real um is anybody paying attention  to the number of subscribers that you’ve got well the main the main person that is is  you you know it’s all vanity really um and do you really want to be sat there in six  months going well how many of these are real you know and what actual effect am i having  how good is my content so you you could go and buy a few thousand subscribers and then  you now can’t really tell what’s happening um but also there’s an argument to say that  google knows and of course google knows what’s going on right they know where all these  bot nets are and all these fake subscribers are um and my my absolute answer to this would be  don’t because it will penalize your channel yeah okay so that’s those kind of three questions  rolled into one which i knew that would happen um okay the next question what is the best  way to get subscribers on my youtube channel vince yeah uh again the best way in my opinion  is to obviously real subscribers we don’t we don’t want fake subscribers so you need  to make sure you do great content for the type of people you want to attract so there  is a message to market match for sure and and then of course you need to make sure your videos  are found in the top of the searches because there are stats out there that show that only the first  five videos in the results actually get watched if you are after the fifth one you’re never like  not never but you most likely are not gonna be watched so make sure you you get into the  top five and if you need help with that we actually kind of guarantee you that you will  get to the top five so comment below reach out to us through the link in the description and  we will make sure you actually get primed okay um why does it take so long to get subscribers  on youtube because you’re not buying fake ones or if your content is rubbish yeah but it’s all  about the content um but you’ve got to think like look at yourself how often do you actually as you  press the subscribe button you’ve got to be really really bought into the content to actually click  that button you know people are just watching i’m watching i’m watching and watching very rarely do  i get asked to subscribe um and even then can i be bothered you know so if you you know you’ve got to  get thousands and thousands of different people on your channel to get a handful of them to click  subscribe so it’s not like you’re ever going to achieve you know one view one subscribe you know  good luck if you’re gonna do that unless you’re donald trump or elon musk or someone of that ilk  you know like people just going yeah i’ll watch this because this is just fascinating but the  audience if you get the right audience you’ll get a much higher subscribe percentage and the message  is right the good content’s there that’s just do it properly yeah think about what you’re doing  i love the phrase vince used that it’s the first time i’ve heard that in 30 years i’ve been in  marketing but message to um it’s not it’s that um it’s that long that since you’ve heard it  you’ve forgotten it i can’t carry me on writing oh it’s one of those weeks that’s all good we’ll  give you another go at it message to market march that is a really good phrase 3ms alliteration  message to market much is a really nice way of describing it because if if i’m interested and  engaged with it i’m more likely to subscribe so one of the few things i subscribe to is a  couple of car channels on youtube a couple of interesting people that’s it and fc liverpool  channel for sure sorry fc liverpool channel no i don’t even subscribe to that do you subscribe  to juventus though no do you do qpr simon i only only on facebook live so but that  that conversation we’ve just had there shows exactly how hard it is  to get to somebody to subscribe it does yeah yeah okay let’s move on and  the people be bored of listening to us um is channel engagement rate important simon well  i’ll hand that one over to vince because he knows a lot more about that but uh yes absolutely  but it will give you some more detail yeah it is uh but again for example we test strategies  that and it’s we proved that uh times and times again we can rank videos for a brand new youtube  channel to the top of the searches anyway because uh what’s really important again if you try to  rank your videos the most important factor is the watch time the total watch time so if you  apply certain strategies that we talk about in other videos you make sure people watch your video  they watch it until the end that’s what youtube love because obviously the more people stay on the  platform the more advertising uh youtube can show and of course the more money they make so it is  important of course but to an extent uh because again we prove times and times again that we can  rank videos even with a brand new channel okay um second to last question here how do i find  out how many people are watching my channel with well within youtube studio you’ve got um your analytics tab um you’ve got the  analytics on the individual videos but yeah within within the creator studio you’ve got  your analytics and that’s where you can see exactly what’s going on a daily basis weekly  monthly all time all that sort of stuff okay and final question what should i do if people  aren’t watching my channel no jokes folks wait like get out there just probably consider the  fact that you’re not you’re not making the right content or you’re not engaging enough so you  just need to probably revisit the type of content you are making yeah yeah and also i would just  say reach out to us guys and we will make sure your content will be found so again if  you have any questions drop them below and click the link in the description to find  out more on how we can help you further okay so hi again um this next video um a set of  questions and answers is about youtube marketing and strategy so um if there’s anything that kind  of floats about here uh you need help with ranking videos to number one uh please subscribe turn the  notifications on drop us some questions and we’ll we’ll get back to you um hope you like what we’re  about to go through so uh let’s crack on um so this is about youtube marketing and strategy and  the first question is what is youtube marketing you got some events so youtube i would even say  okay on youtube you have two things two main um big areas one is education and the other  one is entertainment so inside education is solving people problems like tutorials all  this kind of stuff and entertainment you’ve got like music portable videos uh gamers so  uh inside those two eras of course you provide content that’s valuable to your audience and  then you make sure this content is actually found because if it’s not found if you  make great content but it’s not fun it’s the same as making shitty content that is fun  it’s like it’s gonna be the same results so no one will actually pay attention so my the first way  organic way is make sure your videos are found to the top of the searches and again we can make  this happen for you if you’re interested click the link in the description to find out more and then  there is the paid way which simon can talk more about yeah so loads of brands are jumping on  board with youtube as an opportunity now for advertising just just for the fact that there’s  hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of footage uploaded by content creators on a minute by minute  basis the the thing is youtube literally cannot be filled with content uh in terms of ads so whereas  if you look at facebook it’s got a finite reach in terms of its user base and the space that’s  available within people’s feeds and i think we’re all seeing there’s more and more ads coming all  the time in all of these types of platforms but youtube there’s that much content that you can  still serve ads into your audience at a very very low cost so youtube marketing um my issue  with it is there’s a lot of brands out there that are taking a spray what i would call a spray  and pray approach where they understand that if somebody skips within 30 seconds they don’t pay so  they’re choosing an enormously broad audience and just seeing where those conversions come from  we’d rather say in terms of youtube marketing you pick where your demographic and your keywords  and your competitors visits and placements all of these things and topics overlay with each other  and that’s where you place your ads because one um your cost your costs are lower but  your conversions are more guaranteed and on channel you get better engagement and i  know this is something that vince talks about massively in terms of ranking videos at the  top of youtube search is the engagement and watch time and if you don’t get the audience  right you’re not going to get people to stick so youtube marketing ads plus organic yeah yeah  okay um i’m just going to head in here for people looking some of these questions that we’re going  to go through today might seem similar but we will try and answer them because there might be some  new answers um so the second question is how do i use youtube marketing well if we keep it let’s  keep this one short and sweet youtube marketing come and talk to someone like us or you  know an agency that’s got a reputation for producing results yeah um we’ll be able to  rank you and we’ll be able to push your ad so even if you just give us you know subscribe  to the channel you’ll see lots of different videos that we put out regularly but um you  know talk to us uh we’re here just you know we’ll give you the all the advice you need however  bigger smaller brand you are yeah and the next one is is youtube good for marketing i’ll i’ll throw  my hat in on this one um the simple answer is yes um the danger that most brands and most people  have is that they they sile overthinking i think there’s a silver bullet that is one channel  there’s one way of getting to the market and in my experience and you know many years  going 30 years and with all the whole team as well um don’t think in silos the reason youtube is  really really good for marketing and businesses is particularly youtube first strategy is is  that it allows you to get in front of customers raise awareness generate great roi get lots  of click-throughs all these things that we’ve talked about in the videos and as part of the  wider marketing mix it simply delivers the best bang for the books of any any channel online and  offline at the moment so yeah it’s really really good for marketing and people people are paying  attention yeah that’s that’s the real difference you know they um tv if you’re on tv tv ads it’s  on it’s in the room you don’t necessarily know who’s watching or whether they are watching  whereas youtube it’s described as lean in you know people are actually paying attention leaning  in looking at the the content so yeah that’s one of the bigger benefits yeah i think just to add  as well the whole landscape of how we consume advertising media and messages has changed over  this last decade and we’re watching more and more video we’re watching it on mobiles and youtube is  rude well it’s the best place one for consuming that media and you’re catching people who are  interested in what you’re talking about so it is absolutely phenomenal and we’ll move on to  one of the other questions here um how do i use youtube marketing for my business um and i think  simon is similar to what you said before it’s it’s an omni-channel approach and to actually use it  for the top end of your funnel for awareness is where it’s killing it at the moment you know to  get in front of that many people for that lower cost and then measure and one of the things i talk  about as an ex accountant is conversion you know we actually can now truly measure end to end a  campaign conversion and the cost per conversion so you can then truly scale campaigns and understand  that if i put x in i will get y out and and um you know and that’s pretty predictable so you can  then build that into cash flow forecasts plan forward with stock all of those sort of things  but yeah it’s it’s great but don’t forget that it is an omni channel approach and you need to be  tying that into all of your other social channels yeah yeah if i could provide like a framework for  how to use youtube marketing i would say there are four steps number one is identify your avatar  your target market the people you want to attract number two is making videos that are relevant for  those people again we talked about uh message to market match and then number three is doing videos  to rank organically and then number four is doing videos to run ads with so if you follow those four  steps and of course then again you support this if we can add a fifth step with a multi-channel  approach or remarketing on other platforms then you your success could be like guaranteed and just  to add that i think this is the one of the the advantages of working with an agency like  ours although a media partner like ourselves is that vince has just said it the most important  thing and it’s been said for years and years and years there’s nothing new in this book people  forget about it is understanding your customer is the single most important thing that you need  to do with anything before you start anything because they’re the ones that are gonna you’re  gonna live or die by them so always understand your customer and before you go on andy one of  the things that i think that’s becoming new in sort of the seo industry is we have been offering  people the opportunity that to rank their videos at the top of youtube search before we charge them  you know we’ve offered people that opportunity to do that with one video and prove what we can do  and show that it works and be and you can’t do that in seo you know nobody’s going to say we’ll  rank you for a competitive keyword um you know on the first page or let alone on the first page in  the top three results and then charge you because it could take months and months worth of work and  the stuff that vince has brought you know from his business and the way that he works that you can  rank within a day like sometimes within hours at the top of youtube and have results there  and then you know that’s that’s changing the whole world of marketing yeah absolutely and  that takes us nicely onto the next question is youtube effective for marketing and i’m just  going to throw a little thing in here and this is a little story from um a conversation with a  potential new client and during that call we were with a traditional media guy who’s part of the  wider team he’s runs a traditional media buying agency we run youtube and digital and you know he  was talking about tv and sponsorships and how to out of home and one of the things he even realized  coming from that traditional background he said to the client on the call and this was brilliant  um the great thing with these guys at s media and the youtube thing is you as a client are going  to learn so much more about your customers through the data than you’ll ever know previously and that  actually helps me in terms of understanding the customer habits and who they are even more so  that when i then do come back to you but with out of home proposals or shelters whatever  it may be and even some tv and sponsorships will understand who the sweet spot customer is  more through doing these kind of campaigns so you know is youtube effective for marketing  absolutely because it actually helps in a much wider omnichannel approach in terms of i  said understanding customers what what they’re watching what their habits what are they like  what videos are they interested in what things are they interested in so it has a massive  impact on everything else in a positive way i’ve got another you’ll remember andy from last  year we were dealing with a cycling business cycling holiday business and his perception was  that his market were guys typically in their 40s businessmen who’ve got disposable income you  know because it’s it was a more of an experiential holiday you know you go off you have food you  cycle you know the cycling type club guys right but when we run the ads he found out that it  was actually a a younger demographic um and it completely transformed all of his marketing  going forwards because he it was a it was a market sector that he hadn’t even considered  so the you know the going into a campaign with thinking you know what it is it helps you discover  new avenues for your customer base going forward you know and that’s why it’s so valuable yeah  i’m going to move on to the next question because i think we’ve kind of answered some of that  which is what are the benefits of using youtube well we’ve answered some of those in terms of  understanding your customer audience better using that data to drive other decisions within  your business but i think it might be worth um simon just touching on some of the the things that  we’re going through at the moment as a business in not only ranking number one on google and number  two at the top or sorry on youtube but also the benefits in terms of wider seo because there’s  some huge benefits to youtube isn’t the simon yeah so look google has openly said that it wants  to be predominantly video and it said that three years ago and it said by 2020 we would be mostly  video and the issue is it hasn’t achieved that yet and that’s because people aren’t making  enough video i know we’ve talked about in some of these other videos there are hundreds and  hundreds of hours worth of video getting uploaded every minute to youtube and there are but most of  the content creators are people that are in it at the moment for trying to monetize their channels  and it’s not business to business or business to consumer um content you know ad worthy content or  business content that’s going out there it’s more educational or um gaming and all that  sort of stuff that’s going up right but what we’re finding is people putting the right  content in front of the right people at the right time it’s making so much difference to their brand  awareness and the traffic that they can get to to their websites that that then leads on to  if we can rank a video at the top of youtube for the right keywords it’s we are seeing  these videos appearing in the top of normal organic uh google results pretty much  straight away and going back to the seo world you can see that people in the seo don’t recommend  video as a rule because they don’t want to see video seo budget getting shifted over to video  now google sees videos at such an important piece of the puzzle because i try and there’s  an example i use which is best barbecue right now if i’m searching for the best barbecue  i’m 49 years old and i’m looking for a really really top-end barbecue i don’t mind spending uh  probably a significant amount of money on it but i’m going to do my research and i want to find  i’m not going to buy that bit that that barbecue off of a text based listing yes you know i would  have probably clicked on three or four or five ads looked done research all of that now i would go  onto youtube and watch videos around the different barbecues and people using them now the reason  i give that example is a 20 year old guy who’s probably if you took me and put took me back 20  years i would not be looking for the same barbecue as i am now and the reason i give that example is  if we both clicked on the same text based listing we would spend probably a similar amount of time  reading because it takes us time to digest what’s on the page and look at the pictures whereas if  you use video google is measuring exactly how long i am spending on that video and how long i look  through it and and looking at the point at which i disengage from it and adding that uh data to my  personal profile now google wants to go as do uh amazon and apple and all these other guys  they all want to end up with voice search so voice search is called aeo answer engine  optimization and we’ll end up there in well maybe this video is on our youtube channel in  10 years time and somebody’s laughing at me going you know you predicted it was going to be ten  years and it’s still nowhere near or it only took three years right but we will get there in three  five ten twenty years time to proper voice search but the only way google can achieve that  is by measuring the engagement against questions that people are asking so if i ask  an answer engine what’s the best barbecue and a 20 year old asks what’s the best barbecue at the  point at which voice search works we get different answers and and google can’t work out what that is  at the moment neither can apple or amazon or any of these other guys so video is the bridge and it  is absolutely the bridge between text-based search and answer engines and that’s why i know i’ve now  ranted on for a couple of minutes which you know but it is that important that you make videos that  answer people’s questions to come up in search okay thanks simon so there’s a very big  benefit of using youtube slightly longer answer than we were allowing for but simon  does that on that subject that’s okay um next question i think this is a quick answer  should i use a specialist youtube ads agency i think they should use the  specialist user agency right ah well here’s the thing we are a specialist youtube  media planning targeting and buying partner and we’re not like any normal agency so we do things  very very differently so our agencies would approach but we do understand wider marketing my  answer to it would be if you’ve got the budget and you need the help you absolutely need to use  a specialist agency um if you try and do it on the cheap you’ll come acroppa because it isn’t it  is complicated if there’s a lot more to it than than the first appears it’s a lot more complicated  than just pressing a boost button on facebook yeah can i talk about the idah system for a second  because we we built that system uh two or three years ago and it’s ever developing and that’s that  system which is uh intelligence driven ad results we’d love to say it’s ai but it’s essentially it’s  uh programmatic with human intelligence overlaid but that system is continually adjusting  people’s campaigns the the issue with particularly the display network and youtube  is that your placements there are trillions of well i don’t know how many placements  billions if not trillions of placements google’s going to serve your  content into that ocean of content and unless you know what you’re doing where you  can place it properly to get the conversions you can throw money away right and we were lucky  enough to have clients over the years that have spent millions through our agency we’ve been  lucky to test reiterate learn and look at the placement opportunities and optimize that system  so look if someone wants to go in and run youtube ads campaigns today they can do it themselves  off of their own google ads account as facebook agencies will be trying to do but you will be  wasting money if you don’t deal with a specialist yeah okay thank you for that simon um next  question can i set up a youtube marketing campaign myself go on then andy you can do  that one yeah they can but it’s not easy i sat there with simon as what i call neo from the  matrix because that’s what it’s like he’s going into in the back end of google and yes of course  you can set things up yourself um but it takes perseverance a little bit of work and i don’t  think the setting up is the problem it’s actually then the ongoing side of things that can get  very complicated well i think yeah the settings in terms of getting campaigns to run we can all  look google’s objective let’s not forget google’s objective is to get you to open your wallet and  spend as much as you can right and you will get phone calls from google’s google’s own team saying  well why don’t we try this and this and this and just be caveat that with the fact that their  only objective is to get you to spend money and as much money as possible a prime example of that  is within google’s uh setup there is a conversion action called maximize conversions now you would  actually think right when i set my campaign up i’ll choose maximum conversions as my objective  actually that translates as please spend all of my budget so google if you choose maximum conversions  and you set it on 100 pounds a day it will spend 100 a day but it won’t maximize your conversions  what it’ll do is maximize the opportunity to show your ads but are you showing it to the right  audience so there’s hundreds i’ve like i’ve been working on google for 20 years and i still don’t  understand probably half of it anybody who says they understand it all frankly must be an idiot  you know there’s no one that understands it all but understanding the way it works and the way  to tweak campaigns is massively important because you’ve got to let it learn and the biggest thing  like andy andy and i’s book is coming out um hopefully towards the end of april may this year  and we talk a lot in there about patience and not tinkering like tinkering is the the death of all  these campaigns where and if you’re a facebook advertiser you will know this you know you go  in and you start adjusting things or you start looking at your campaigns on an hour-by-hour basis  expecting things to happen and trying to force it trying to get it to you’re trying to take control  and wrangle this massive beast of google you can’t do that you need to let it learn be patient um  yeah i think i’ve probably gone on a bit too long yeah thank you simon yeah again it’s all right i mean there’s so many things around this  whole subject that you know we can cover so um we’ll move on to the next question um why  don’t many people use youtube advertising yet yeah i think i love it yeah just just a short  answer uh to this i think for two main reasons i think people are just more focused on facebook  as of now just because in the last years facebook has been like the predominant platform so for  this and then also i would say it’s more difficult to run ads on youtube in terms of you need to do  videos and not everyone is willing to do videos on facebook you can just do an image with some  text and you have an ad up running on youtube you need to do videos and again we talk in other in  other videos how to structure the videos and then the targeting and all this stuff but yeah this  would be i think the main reason why i don’t know if someone has something else yeah they  well the barrier to entry is making the video in the first place but also those that do go  on to use it they’re often trying it themselves or they don’t have the experience to get it to  convert all the patients and they there’s loads of people that have tried it and got nothing  out of it and they think therefore first go oh it didn’t work right and they’ve walked away  um whereas if you you know if you structure the ads correctly you get the hooks correct the calls  to action um your audience all of these things you still require the patience and the budget  and it’s and it’s not facebook in that you can’t go and press i want to boost it to x number of  people and i get x result it it needs time uh and it and it needs people with with uh budget and  conviction and a plan and a strategy so but that all of that said the opportunity is enormous  because with not everybody using it it’s like virgin ground it’s there’s so much opportunity  still yeah just two things very quickly there and the barrier to entry being mainly producing the  video that people it’s a misconception it’s much easier than people think and we’ve talked on lots  of videos about how to do that um and secondly um youtube is a proper advertising platform  facebook kind of feels like a bit of a cheat with the boost and therefore it takes proper  marketers who understand how to build campaigns and manage those campaigns but the results are far  superior you get out what you put in and off and youtube is a proper marketing platform where some  of the others the social channels that have been shoehorned with marketing in and i think youtube  is just a much better platform for marketing full stop so it is it it needs doing properly  um moving on um how is youtube advertising going to affect the marketing industry  this year well i think we’re going to see an enormous shift you know once people understand  that they can rank video quickly and that google will give you the opportunity to put your  content at the top of search straight away for the fact that they want to test that content  and then the good content will sit at the top this is the this is we were talking a uh to  a creative agency yesterday one of the bigger creative agencies in the north of england  and their creative director said this is this is exactly what i’m looking for because yes  everybody’s bit of everybody’s content will have a chance you’ve all got a chance at the top spot  um but then it’s down to how good that content is and if that content is great and engaging people  watch it you will one get orders you’ll get engagement you’ll get people coming through liking  subscribers everything will come to you if you do it properly and that’s the shift that’s going  to happen in in marketing when people really grasp the fact that they can they can one rank  video at the top straight away within 24 hours and then they can maintain its position  and drive conversions using ants i think to prove the point that it is actually  starting to move is that we’re getting some inbound calls we’ve got about 16 proposals out in  january alone globally for brands wanting to go on facebook on youtube because they they’re starting  to see the benefits of it and they’re starting to hear from people who so it is absolutely going  to change the way people are approaching things this year and just to add to that there are  we are hearing more and more and more from marketing departments that they are being tasked  with the lead generation and producing an roi and as we know the whole uh marketing industry  is changing and shifting away from agencies a lot of in-house resources being lost you know  through the collapse of markets but when that gets all reinvented people will be looking  for the new channels that they can use and and at the top of that will be youtube yeah  um okay next question are lots of businesses moving from facebook to youtube advertising i’d  say the honest answer is probably no in that lots of them don’t don’t really still  understand the opportunity that exists and i would say to you know if you’re watching  this and you want to learn more you know please do subscribe to our channel hit the notification and  you there’s tons of content that we’ve got here and on the website that you can consume and learn  and we’re always here for advice but we’ve got there are lots of businesses moving if you want  to you know use that term there are lots of the brands realizing that it’s an opportunity i just  don’t think there’s enough actually um taking grasping the opportunity they you know they see  it do they you know they need to be convinced so i think we’ll see that shift if you look at the us  market where we do a lot there’s a lot more brands over there that are going straight into youtube  they’ve they’ve already got it but you would say they’re probably a year or two ahead of the uk  um i don’t know what’s up what are you seeing that in in italy vince we’re probably five years  behind the uk so that’s gonna happen even later but i think what people don’t maybe don’t know is  that on youtube you only pay if people watch past 30 seconds so you get like massive brand awareness  for free yeah and on facebook it’s not like that so uh obviously if you have a business if you’re  just doing facebook you need to move as soon as possible get this uh competitive advantage uh  how do you say when you like the first more mover advantage because you’re gonna reap big benefits  if you do it now okay great yeah good stuff there so the final question um and i’ll i think i’ll  chip in on this to start with it’s a bit of an odd question really that that people are asking  here because i don’t really make sense of it but youtube marketing and adverts advertising strategy  who’s the best that’s a really crap question the thing is if i’m writing a a marketing strategy  with different advertising tactics within that youtube is going to be part of that it’s  not uniquely one or the other is better essentially it’s uh youtube should be part of  the wider omni channel approach in terms of your marketing and advertising strategy end of and  just just to clarify why that is such a strange question you know youtube marketing and  advertising strategy who’s the best all of these questions that we’ve answered in this video  are questions that people are typing into google so if you go to google and you search um  youtube marketing and advertising strategy and you scroll down to the section that  says people also ask you will see questions google is obviously recording every single  question people type in and i’ll be honest i sometimes sit on my keyboard and i’ll type in  an absolutely horrendous question because you know at some point somebody is going to see that  question or somebody at the other end is reading that and trying to transpose an answer that goes  on the back of it right but yeah you know it’s like when the kids if the kids get hold of uh siri  and they start asking siri ridiculous questions right all of that data is being recorded into the  back end of the algorithm and once these questions come up in search this is the opportunity i cannot  impress on people enough the opportunity that exists to answer questions that people are asking  in a video format so who’s the best um i’d like to say we’re one of the best there are many uh  agencies across the globe that are and we are partnering with a lot of them you know in the  youtube marketing space we are trying to create a network of uh the best of the best in youtube  across the globe and if you’re listening to this and you’re watching our video this far through  and you are one of those please do get in touch um but who’s the best those that are able to get  the conversions and make it consistently work if you are interested in youtube marketing and  advertising your products and services then watch this video because we are gonna reply to some  of the most common questions that people ask and make sure of course if you like this type  of content subscribe to the channel turn on the notifications comment if you have any questions  of course we’ll get back to you personally and if you want to take it further click the link  in the description to find out more on how we can help you so let’s start first question can you  advertise a product on youtube yes absolutely definitely advertise product on youtube um just  as a little story we’ve got a potential new client that we’re talking to which is a a uk wide  furniture company they’ve got lots of products we’re talking to a global brand that’s got lots  of products youtube’s brilliant for it a couple of reasons why um you can tell a story around the  product you can educate around the product you can entertain around the product you can show how it’s  used and unlike a normal 30 second tv commercial that you pay a heap of cash for you don’t know  if people are really watching and you might pay a you know a cent to get to uh past people  past 30 seconds and as simon says the taxi meter’s not running it could be 10 minutes long  so you can really show products in use you can show the product how it works the benefits of the  product and the the emotional side of the products so saying it’s a barbecue you can show all the  barbecue works but you can actually show somebody making burgers and enjoying the product so yeah  it’s fantastic for product advertising it’s really really good all right then we have how many views  do you need to put ads on your youtube videos more than one no but uh are you if you’re  talking about monetizing your channel you need to have a thousand subscribers and  four four thousand watchtowers and then ads will start showing in your channel  in terms of um running ads yourself you can run ads from very very small budgets and  you can have ads up you know within an hour of creating one yeah so how do i advertise a product  on youtube and i can probably start with this one uh answering like you have two ways you have  the organic way where you rank your videos to the top of the searches so when people find  for certain keywords solutions to their problems your video is up there and you need to make sure  you are in the top five otherwise people don’t watch videos after the fifth position and then  you’ve got of course if you want to go faster because the organic way is great but it takes  time if you want to go faster of course there is the paid way and probably simon is going  to talk more about this yeah so look you can put an ad up um specify an audience uh i think  there there is a formula you know you do need to quickly grabs people’s attention within that first  three to six seconds then educate them pull them in offer them the opportunity to click through  you know tell them come through find more find out more learn more watch watch a further video  about the product um but one of the misconceptions is that an ad can only be sort of 30 seconds a  minute long an ad on youtube can be 10 minutes 20 minutes long and i’m not saying that’s necessarily  right it would depend on the particular product but you you’ve got the opportunity past 30 seconds  to go on for pretty much as long as you like and as long as you can hold people’s attention and  if you can hold people’s attention you’ve got a massive advantage so if you can get your products  there and educate people basically warm them up to the point where right now you know the chances  are they saw the ad as a cold audience and now i’m busy watching it and i’m i want it right now  i’ve i understand the product right i’m gonna buy so yes that’s you know that’s the opportunity yeah  all right then a great question actually what are the different types of ads on youtube so ads twice  the ones that succeed most at the moment uh we tend to use bumpers so the bumper that comes up in  front of somebody’s content that people can’t skip that you will pay for um once you’ve got in-stream  so when somebody’s sat watching something there’s the ads that interrupt you while  you’re you’re busy watching a particular topic well that’s where there’s a massive opportunity  because we use something called a pattern interrupt and some if somebody’s watching um you  know let’s say it’s a and i’ve mentioned it before barbecues you know they’re on they’re on youtube  researching the barbecues that they want to buy and then up pops your ad for the the best  type of barbecue and it fits their demographic suddenly they’re not watching an ad you know  they’re continuing to watch a topic so then you can make it not feel like an ad and i think that’s  quite a lot of how um youtube advertising will develop over the over the years over the next  year to 18 months there will be a lot more of pattern interrupt and topic topic field content  but other other types of ads discovery ads so they sit when somebody searched for a particular topic  your ad will sit there on the right hand side in the suggested videos and somebody can just click  it and often that doesn’t feel like an ad either because it’s just sat there they think it’s  it’s got the little ad badge next to it but you know when we’ve all searched we’re just lazy  we just click the top you know we’ll click click the top piece of content and that can be an ad  as well so discovery is great for brand awareness it doesn’t allow you the same opportunities  in terms of uh calls to action because it doesn’t give you the click through that in  stream would but those would be the main forms of ads we would use absolutely so guys if  you like this content so far of course like this video subscribe to the channel and if you’ve  got questions so far make sure you type them below because we will reply personally to you all  right so what audience should i use to advertise my products on youtube i’ll throw something  in first here it goes back to something vince said before i’ve said my entire career i was  taught by people who were way better than me back in the days understand your customers first  you’ve got to truly understand who your customers are some people call it an avatar whatever you  know you need to really think about who’s going to be interested in your product or your service  uh in this case a product um you can’t really build your audience out until you understand what  they’re like what their lives are like what their interests are what they’ve been searching for  all those kind of things but once you start to understand what they’re like you then can start to  build the audience out so i’ll hand over to simon now for him to elaborate a little bit more yeah so  if you were running normal ppc campaigns you’d be keyword driven or key phrase driven and  somebody searched for something and then your ad pops up and they click it and they make  a choice at that point and that might cost you 50p a pound 2 pound 10 pound i’ve seen  ppc ads costing 20 30 pounds a click so with youtube particularly the best strategy  is to overlay what somebody’s searching for the sites that they’ve been on and create  in-market audiences so if somebody’s in the market for a product so let’s say i’ve been uh  searching for golf clubs and i’ve been on uh sports direct i’ve been on american golf i’ve been  on a few different websites to do with golf it’s very it’s very easy then to target the people  that are in the market for a particular product and obviously we don’t always purchase there  and then we spend time researching but if for example american golf while running traditional  ppc ads and driving people to their website for a tailor-made driver that person is clicking  that ad american golf is spending the two three four pounder click to get the person to the  website but with youtube i can target the people that have been on the particular product if i want  so i can then say well for one pence or two pence i can put a video advert in front of somebody that  i know is looking for that particular product let american golf go and pay for the ads you know  to drive the traffic and awareness i’ll mop up the people that i know are in the market  for the product so they’ve searched for the keyword they’ve been on the websites you can even  choose people that have been on certain apps um all of that and it’s it’s where those things  intersect is where you you place those ads and get maximum benefit amazing so uh is it a good idea  to work with youtube influencers that’s a really subjective question and you’ll probably have  something to say on it as well vince but there’s lots there’s all sorts of different  sizes of influencers and i think really you have to look at what their audience is so  we were dealing with a fashion influencer um about two weeks ago and she’s got an enormous  audience like seven million subscribers right but she’s a really pretty girl i don’t want to um  you know let’s not generalize too much here but can you really tell me that all of her audience  is one genuine and i’m not saying that isn’t but two is it guys you know is it guys just looking  at a pretty girl um is it um is it actual people that we want to her demographic right  and probably the majority of it is but our if we put ads into her channel we are we are  then able to leverage her audience that’s great but dealing with the influencer themselves and  then placing products within the influencers channel as us as um product placement i  think people are starting to see through that slightly in the they know the influence  is getting paid to promote the product i think we’re going to move forward into a world  where it has to be a product that the influencer genuinely uses and i know they’ll all make it  out that they genuinely use that product but do they do people see through that i don’t  think vince you have you got some thoughts on influencers actually you said it all yeah  it’s the same as instagram you know uh you can you can see these big people with lots of  influencers but maybe most of them are fake they’re not in target so i wouldn’t really like  focus too much on this i would just focus more on ranking my videos and then running my ads  if you want to have like uh proven and then measurable results and it can be it’s it and  that influencer that we were talking about there to get two posts and two stories so we  were looking at uh youtube and instagram it was 200 000 pounds to run four pieces of  content right for 200 000 pounds on youtube ads you you could reach well 100 million  people you know that’s the the difference but of the right people so where we’re saying  that the influencer might not have the right in audience and if you look at that influencers  engagement rate if their engagement rate is two percent that sounds great to a brand and the  brand’s thinking right seven million followers um two percent engagement right hundred and  forty thousand um people gonna see my content well maybe but they’re not liking your content  they’re liking the influencer right or they’re commenting on the influencer and ultimately  it’s the influencer that gets the benefit so yes influencers have their  place but i think we will see their demands in terms of what they get  paid for this content changing and the the content or the products that get placed  in their channels becoming far more around actual genuine this is my actual recommendation  you know so yeah yeah look it’ll change over the next year or two nice uh then we’ve got uh  what products work best with youtube advertising i’m going to throw something in here just to  make hopefully who’s listening and viewing this think about what their perceptions of what i think  working down a couple of things i was sat in a meeting with a board of directors and they were  saying people are not on youtube looking for our kind of products and then one of the directors  went uh i do and he was in his 50s and he can’t i could have given him a hundred percent thank  you you’ve just danced there that the different types of products can now one of the things  we’ve just been working on before christmas and simon mentioned earlier he had like 160 of brush  downloads they got a 900 000 pound order out of it was a very specialist highly engineered tool  product that you would not think would be right on youtube and it worked phenomenally  well and it was just little how-to videos because people are going there to get questions  answered and find out things and it worked brilliantly brilliantly well so you might think  you the b2b for example and you’ve got a tool a product something like that engineering based  actually it can work brilliantly equally loads of b2c stuff works really well that we work  with as well so i don’t if anybody else get anything to answer but the fact of the matter is  it works really well pretty much everything we we’ve worked on so far yeah let me throw in my  massive um curve ball here is a lot of people and this is the the rant i always have about  facebook is all those guys are always talking about roi right five times eight times ten  times roi right that’s all [ __ ] because it’s got to be to do with profit right what  profit do i actually get out of the campaign not roi right because we you know at the end of  the day you might be selling a product that’s got 15 margin in it 50 margin in it it’s not about roi  it’s actually about what profit comes out the back of that campaign but a lot of these people don’t  even talk about lifetime value of the customer so it can often be a customer acquisition piece  at a low value product to lead on to an upsell where that’s where the lifetime value is and the  real profit sits beyond the actual campaign itself um so low value products may only let’s  say deliver one to one one to two um conversion in terms of return on ad spend  but lifetime value could be enormous so people need to look at does the product lead  to further sales what’s the lifetime value of the customer am i building a list all of that sort  of stuff amazing and then we have a question very similar to the previous previous one what which  industries use youtube advertising the most well currently it’s the coaches the courses um it’s  it’s it’s changing all the time you know but i think the guys that have been on it in terms of  facebook and driving massive returns from their spend there they are all over youtube you  know they’re really really on it they get it um it’s it it’s all the other businesses 99  of businesses are not using youtube ads so there’s there’s a lot of coaches and courses  and all that sort of thing leading the way but as andy was saying earlier you know we’ve  just been working with a screwdriver manufacturer and they you know they took some convincing to  get going but you know when they’ve they’ve sold over a million pounds worth of product in a month  off of a campaign that cost them 10 000 pounds that in month one off straight off the bat so  pretty much any any industry you can get it to work just depends on your expectations and whether  you think it’s a magic bullet or you you’re in it for the long game but lots of lots and lots of uh  brands are moving across to youtube now yeah all kinds of sectors all kinds of services all kinds  of products there is there is a place for it on youtube genuinely yeah okay guys of course are you  interested in learning more on how we can help you then reach out to us through the comments below  or the link in the description and we would love to have a chat so uh how do i build an audience  on youtube for my product and i can just start in this um obviously you can you have again two ways  one is the organic way where you rank your videos i would say the fastest way to do it is again  running advertising because the targeting on youtube is amazing like there’s no other  places where you can target so specifically and and well uh and then again people if people  skip your ads before 30 seconds you don’t pay anything so the brand  awareness goes through the roof one of the one of the quickest ways to do it is  research the market look at all your competitors create an audience and a lot of people don’t even  know you can do this create an audience around the people that have been on the checkout pages of  your competitors website right so not the guys that are hitting the website the ones that are  hitting the checkout page because they’re the ones that those guys paid paid to get the traffic  to the websites you’re effectively hijacking your competitors traffic you know that they’re perfect  for your product um and you create that audience serve your ad into it great piece of content and  then obviously they start finding you organically as well you start coming up in their suggestions  it’s like rolling up a snowball but yeah that’s probably the would be my first port of call yeah  i love it uh and then you only pay when people watch your videos is that right well obviously if  if you rank somebody’s video at the top of search events um you pay nothing it’s absolutely free you  know and this is the game to use ads to support the organic activity you know if you yes you can  obviously make make it work and work really well with a paid only strategy but as a you know as  a youtube agency we would say you’ve got to take the organic and the paid route together along  with using all of your other social channels but if you can get to people uh watching more  than 30 seconds of your ad you’ll pay the first 29 seconds of free so the brand awareness on  youtube is like nothing you’ve ever seen before you know you aren’t getting a 29 second tv ad  for free are you um you you know you typically a tv ad is 30 seconds so you know imagine you’re  only paying for that that very last second but as we’ve said so many times before once you go past  30 seconds you pay like one or two cents and i’ve seen brands that we’ve been talking to literally  the marketing director falling off their chair with amazement when we go like one pence like  one pence a view after 30 seconds and they’re like what like are you for real you know actually  yes it is true you know like you know it’s it’s the best piece of marketing that i can  genuinely see that i’ve ever seen in 25 years of marketing yeah so yeah guys uh the  name of the game right now as simon said is youtube domination so youtube organic plus  the ads and then followed by supported by a multi-channel approach so if you do this  literally you can dominate your niche your market and become the authority so if you want to do  that and you want to do it before other people do it so reach out to us guys and we we  would love to help you and the last question for this is can someone buy my product when they  see it on youtube so this is this is something that youtube will absolutely be pushing massively  over the next couple of years yeah it’s something that’s in beta at the moment and they they’re  they’re trialing across different countries but yes you can they are going to get to the point  where it is click and buy on youtube completely across the whole board yeah uh hope you enjoyed  the content guys and again leave the comment below like subscribe to the channel and we look forward  to seeing you in the next videos bye-bye take care

YouTube Marketing and SEO Tutorial, Help Masterclass – Q&A on YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO

With a combined 50+ years working on marketing and advertising projects for their own brands as well as clients Andy, Simon and Vince have been working hard over the last 3 years to transpose their IDAR system onto YouTube, producing new ways of marketing on YouTube, we then produced our series of YouTube tutorials with the aim of helping brands grow their channels and learn how to best use marketing and advertising on YouTube.

In Q4 of 2020, one client of @s media Agency achieved a 25,000% ROI with sales exceeding £1M off a spend of just £4,000 by using YouTube ads – yes this was the most incredible result we have seen to date, but simply employing some of the things the guys talk about in this video helped that result come to life. He’d first seen some of our YouTube tutorial videos and reached out for help with his channel, which lead to us running ads and ranking his videos at the top of YouTube, leading to such an amazing result.

In this video we answer some of the most common questions clients ask us about running and growing their YouTube channels, so we put together what we are calling the YouTube tutorial and help Masterclass Q&A on YouTube marketing. We talk through ranking videos in YouTube search YouTube SEO, marketing, how to gain subscribers the right way, what content works and what doesn’t. Plus a whole load more.

Hopefully, our YouTube marketing masterclass and tutorial will give you food for thought, oh and if you want to rank your videos at the top of a search on YouTube and get listed in the suggested videos section of YouTube please get in touch – we are typically able to rank videos within 24 hours of then being uploaded. n.b. if you do want help ranking your video at the top of YouTube then it needs to be a new video, we can’t, unfortunately, guarantee rankings on videos that are already uploaded to your channel as we need to do several things to the video before it is uploaded and made public.

00:00 Intro
00:21 – How do I get 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast?
02:04 – How do I monetize my YouTube channel?
03:25 – How do I get more subscribers for free?
05:09 – How do I get fake subscribers?
06:21 – Can I buy fake subscribers?
06:39 – Why shouldn’t you use fake subscribers?
07:49 – What’s the best way to get subscribers on my YouTube channel?
08:53 – Why does it take so long to get subscribers on YouTube?
11:23 – Is channel engagement rate important?
12:30 – How do I find out how many people are watching my channel?
14:15 – What is YouTube marketing?
17:14 – How do I use YouTube marketing?
17:57 – Is YouTube good for marketing?
19:31 – How do I use YouTube marketing for my business?
22:38 – Is YouTube effective for marketing?
24:57 – What are the benefits of using YouTube?
29:55 – Should I use a specialist YouTube ads agency?
32:01 – Can I set up a YouTube marketing campaign myself?
34:55 – Why don’t many people use YouTube advertising yet?
37:48 – How is YouTube advertising going to affect the marketing industry this year?
38:07 – Are lots of businesses moving from Facebook to YouTube advertising?
42:04 – YouTube marketing and advertising strategy, who’s the best?
44:56 – Can you advertise a product on YouTube?
46:06 – How many views do you need to put ads on your YouTube videos?
46:41 – How do I advertise a product on YouTube?
48:34 – What are the different types of ads on YouTube?
50:47 – What audience should I use to advertise my product on YouTube?
53:32 – Is it a good idea to work with YouTube influencers?
57:09 – What products work best with YouTube advertising?
59:56 – Which industries use YouTube advertising the most?
1:01:34 – How do I build an audience on YouTube for my product?
1:03:01 – You only pay when people watch your videos, is that right?
1:05:05 – Can someone buy my product when they see it on YouTube?

Watch out for more YouTube advice and our tutorial series, marketing, and advertising tips along with many more of our Q&A videos over the coming weeks. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe!

If you’ve got any other questions or topics you’d like the guys to cover in subsequent masterclasses and tutorial videos then please do fire them over or comment on the video and we will do our best to answer all the questions you might have around digital marketing, advertising, anything YouTube SEO or YouTube marketing, frankly ask us anything!


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